The system has allowed CSA to financially abuse me!

December 20, 2018

I have in my eyes been unfairly treated and subjected to financial abuse by the child maintenance service, i have 2 cases one direct pay no problems i pay 168 which feels steep on my income then a second which was changed to collect and pay on request of mother, this is after she with drew my access as she was only getting 85 a month due to me having my son 5 nights, now im lumped with a 209 payment so this is a total of 367 a month then they was taking a further 75 in arrears 423 a month on 2 children leaving me around 800/900 a month to live off, i lost my home got MP involved as i could not afford to live i was refused befit help as they do not take non resident parents payments in to consideration, i just get fobbed off and told they dont care if im on the streets, i have been suicidal over this in the past, something needs done and soon, i have not seen my son in a year as i can not afford to go to court, now im told my case is classed as sensitive what does this mean?


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Robert

    I read your post with some interest. There is not enough information to give you effective advice. However, in relation to the amount you pay, it should be commensurate with your income. If you are struggling, there is a way to get the CMS to consider your circumstances.

    In regards access to your children, you need to regularise your contact with them and this can be done through Mediation and failing that, the court system. There is a way to involve the court without it costing you a fortune.

    I have 12 years experience in family and CSA/CMA law and can help you if you need assistance. Send me a brief email at [email protected].


  • Wendy Edwicker says:

    Robert, You need to build a support network to help you deal with the inhumane system that is the CSA, as well as the emotional conflict that is going on between you and the Mother of your Son. Not seeing your son for a year is detrimental to all three of you but especially to your Son. Please start building your support network by getting in touch with David who has offered help and also myself. There are means of raising necessary funds available to help solve this issue. Contact me: [email protected]

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