Another case of pass the buck

January 31, 2014

This is an update from my recent comments. My son received a letter from the independent case examiner who informs him that they cannot touch the case for 6 months as it has to be considered by the CSA what a joke, it seems that my son has not yet received a final response from the CSA so ICE have sent his letter back to the CSA another case of pass the buck what a shambles the CSA is, never mind I still have a few more bows to my string.

Ill keep you posted, as for the gentleman who has been to court and got nowhere keep on hounding them and make a fool of them write to all and every big wig you can think of let everybody know that you do not going to stop until you get justice good luck

They’re forcing me out of work

January 31, 2014

Csa say I have to pay 50 pound a week when I come out with 170 a week and when I ring them them to dispute it there obnoxias and rude to me,there forcing me out of work and it seems there is nothing I can do about it

They say they contacted me 2006 as to which I didn’t receive correspondance as I moved around quite a lot if I would of received letters I would of asked for a dna test cos I wasn’t in a relationship with this woman,I don’t know where she lives and when I ask csa they won’t help any advise would be much appreciated I don’t think they should be allowed to be like the nazis

I have to pay £400 a month because of their mistake

January 31, 2014

Hi I broke up with my ex in April 2013 cause she was cheating on me again . And then two months after that I received a letter from csa saying to pay regular payments which I don’t have a problem with I have a 2 year old son, as I looked through the letter I contacted csa for further advise and they told me how to pay and what way I could do ect, all I had to do is wait for a calculation and when it would be set up so I waited a few month I had nothing back from them so I contacted them again and they said the paper work is still in Peterborough

So I waited an waited they never contacted me and then I called them again because I was getting so much grief off the ex saying I can’t see my son till I start paying so I contacted them yet again it was now December 2013 I spoke to a woman an she said they made a mistake an she also said it’s all back dated and I will have to pay 400 a month to catch up. So now I can’t pay my rent And on the verge of losing my job because of there mistake is there any help please

I’m being pursued and threatened, but the father is unknown

January 31, 2014

Hi, i have been having alot of trouble with the csa i hope someone can give me advice.

An ex partner contacted me out of the blue in 2010 saying she was pregnant and it was mine.. this just didnt add up so i disputed it when the first csa letter landed in. They sent me letter after letter and i called them back every time. They stopped for about 6 months by this time i had moved to england for work where they tracked me down to say i didnt show for a dna. I explained i had moved and did not get that letter. They basically said tough i had to pay money for the child or face imprisonment and i had to pay for my own dna. It was going to take me a while to save the money up for it.

Meanwhile they told the mother if it was proven i was not the father she would have to repay me. After hearing this she dropped the case. A year later a different csa rep contacted me saying the were going to take payments from me and said they had no record of what had happened before. The mother has told them she doesnt know who the father is but they continue to threaten me and basically to say the payments will stop once i pay for my own dna which i cannot afford. I am so stressed out about this and i really need some help and advice. Can they keep pursuing me and threatening me with jail when they know the father is unknown?

I’m flabbergasted at what we have to pay

January 30, 2014

Csa Are a nightmare. My husband has two children from previous relationship and the come to see him, he was seeing them regular,chis ex stopped contact, he went to and is still seeing a solicitor for help to get access, his ex them decided to go to csa and I’m flabbergasted at what we have to pay and cannot get my head round it.

I don’t work and receive carers allowance as my daughter is in receipt of disability living allowance and I get child tax credit and child benefit for my two children who reside with me. My husband only works 16hours a week and gets paid 4 weekly, his wages totally to £400 per month so due to low wage it gets topped up with £51 per week working tax credit. We are having to pay £200 a week. We were horrified and went to local pm who could do nothing, why you ask.. The csa take MY kids child tax credit into consideration, my husbands wages and the working tax credit. I can’t get my head round it at all. I get money given to me for my children that the law says they need to survive, and we get working tax credit to top the ages that the law says we need to survive, yet as come and swipe this from us. I have two other children though one is an adult who don’t reside with me that I help financially as well. I don’t know where to go from here

Every week my husband collects them and rakes them home which tots up 80 miles in fuel costs every week plus we provide for them here, and I treat them the same as my children with the amount I spend on Xmas birthdays etc. we are struggling financially and I do to know what to do. Any advice would be gratefully received.

My daughter’s money shouldn’t be taken into account

January 30, 2014

I married someone with a daughter from his previous marriage.he has always paid child support but when his hours were reduced and he had debts his lawyer advised him that on earnings of under 200 pound a week he should not be paying 75 pound a week for one child at 16 yrs of age and he had no choice but to go to csa.

He has paid 30 a week ever since but now his daughter who lives with her gran and is 19 yrs old has gone to csa to get MORE money.they have taken my daughters child tax and child benefit into account and he is now having to pay 40 pound a week.They said they gave him a reduction for our child living with us but they are actually taking MORE now than before we had our child.this has caused our relationship to break down and I am now considering calling them to arrange maintenence for our daughter but don’t no if they would still take my daughters money into account still for his other daughters maintenence or if it would be reduced since he will have to pay for our daughter also.i have always worked but had a lot of health issues in the last two yrs and been unable to work so my husbands wage is what we all live on.

I don’t no if me n my daughter wud be better or worse off if I go for maintenence because do t no if they will INCREASE his other daughters money because he no longer has a child who lives with him which would make me n my daughter worse off or if the maintenence would be reduced because he has two children to pay for.His daughter is lying saying she is in college but is not and we told them this and they said they don’t check with college but just take her word for it!!! This has all now resulted in my daughter being left without a dad.The mother has also lied claiming child benefit for her that she’s not entitled to but because she has lied about being in college they are still paying her mother.his daughter even told him she was doing it because the more money she got the less my daughter would have!! This has broken up my family as we had no problems and only thing that ever caused arguments was his daughter as she tried to break us up, told lies about me n when that didn’t work she done the same to get mother and her partner.i understand a parent having to pay for their child but it’s disgusting taking my daughters money into account as his earnings to give to a 19 year old when my daughter is only 18 months..

Consent order and UK court means nothing

January 30, 2014

The CSA are about to bankrupt me by collecting from a deduction from earnings order. I agreed to total split from my ex wife and have both signed a Consent order in court. I though it was case closed… then I began the long and sad attempt to have access, which I won in court but have still not seen my kids in 6 years (Dads will understand what blockers the Mum can create).

Little did I know my ex wife had called the CSA 4 days prior to signing the consent order and opened a case against me. The CSA refuse to accept this Consent Order which gives her essentially everything of value between us and a solid monthly income through a rental property. It has taken the CSA years to attach this order and I have always assumed common sense and decency would prevail in the end and to hold tight and stick to my guns.

The CSA say the case is still valid because it was raised prior to the consent order and when they call the Mum she says the case should still be open. Of coarse the mum will say that… if someone called you and said ” how about I give you free money and make your ex miserable at the same time”, what woudl you say.

The CSA are agents for the devil without the ability to read. I am about to suffer badly and unjustly. I cannot survive if the CSA continue to prosecute me this way.

The less you see your kids the more the mum makes. I can see few choices – kill her or kill myself being two of them.

Someone help.

The experience has caused me to develop anxiety and panic disorder

January 29, 2014


Please help. I have a child from a one night stand with a girl called Kelly who has been diagnosed with Multiple Personality disorder and Mental Health Problems which are made worse by her alcohol use. I am not allowed to see the lad but she sought out my family and has now attempted to come between my family and myself and made a troublesome family history even worse.

Kelly, enjoys spreading trobule around for me which falls on deaf ears mainly when she approaches my friends. Anyway, I’m digressing, apologies, I’m just massively stressed out. I earn at maximum around £10,000 a year as I am self employed and can just about pay my rent and travel across the UK when I have jobs to attend or be interviewed for. I received a letter through the post explaining that I owe just over £4,000 and must pay £75 a week yet I have other letters sent a few weeks agi explaining I need to pay £10 a week and one minute they are nice and affable then the next threatening and menacing. I am finding this really difficult to cope with as the whole experience has caused me to develop anxiety and panic disorder.

Whenever I call them they are really difficult and extremely threatening and have called me from private numbers threatening me with prison. I called back one day and ended up snapping so they called the police on me who were actually massively understanding and could see the distress this is causing me. I feel like I am being made out to be a criminal and this is frightening. I have unfortunately in my past been imprisoned for violent crime and it has taken me since 2003 to find and settle into a good life with a good lady and now this is happening. Don’t get me wrong I have shared cells with intense prisoners and thought nothing of it but this is actually really stressful and fills me with dread. I have absolutely no idea what to do and really need some help and advice. What can I do? I’ve stopped communicating with them out of fear and stress and have also developed stress related seizures and fits which frightens my current girlfriend of five years, a girl who has supported me through what is a hugely difficult, stressful and distressing situation.

I get threatened off the CSA then threatened with violence from her and her boyfriend and all I want is a peaceful life. I cannot afford the money they want and am frightened they’ll get me banged up or something like they have threatened. I feel alone, isolated and feel like topping myself sometimes although luckily I’m a lot stronger than that mentally and can take a beating from life. These people WILL NOT listen or attempt in any way, shape or form to be reasonable and helpful, they just want to rinse me of my money and rinse me using menaces. Can anybodty give me a helpline number or an email or somewhere to go and get help? I am terrified and cannot sleep or think straight sometimes. I feel I am getting stronger in my ability to deal with this but this is hard and I cannot express my empathy enough to others in my situation. I hope that this story, in some way, helps others out there. I am not a bad person I just fell in with a frightening obsessive who has also turned up at my places of work causing merry hell and who then would try to get ME arrested which actually worked a few times until one day I had independent witnesses who came to my aid and helped me out. She was then told to deal with me through the CSA and by god has she. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME.

Can I take out an injunction against the CSA?

January 29, 2014

I’m about to become employed. As I was previously self employed. The CSA keep coming up with fictitious figures that they claim I owe them. They took me to court. To try and secure the debt. They advised me not to go. I went anyway.

When I appeared they dropped the matter and said they would contact me. That was a year ago. I want to start a new job. With a bit of security. I want to take an injunction out on the CSA, to stop them from taking any money from me or my future employer. And to discuss the case properly. Before any monies change hands.

I’ve been done up like a right kipper

January 29, 2014

Hi, can anybody help me with this. I seem to have been done up like a right kipper!!!
I have just had a deduction from my wages of £130 for Csa.
I rang them up and after being humiliated on the phone and being patronised like I was a criminal I finally found out that I have over £8000 to pay as my ex partner has said she hasn’t had a penny off me since we parted in 2006.
I tried to put my case across that we didn’t actually part until 2009, did it get me anywhere NO.
So to make a real long story short I have to pay £130 a week for the next year!!! Just to bring my arrears up to date.
I will be handing my notice in at work as that is way to much to pay back, and at the minute will be looking for somewhere cheaper to live and am feeling very down and angry.

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