PWC claimed we had never paid her a penny when we paid every month

February 28, 2013

My poor partner recently recieved an attachment to earnings notice with his employer for some ridiculas amount! Basically his ex lied through her teeth about the amount of time the boy spends with us, and claimed my partner had never paid her a penny when he had always paid her every month!

He called them and quieried the stupid amount of arrears they were claiming and also the crippling amount of money they wanted to take each month, even though they have decided to believe all her lies the new amount was much less (still more than she is entited to and more than we can afford) yet when he recieved his payslip today he discovered they took the original amount, this has now left us, after paying our rent and rent debt with £90 to live off a month! we are glad and grateful that we at least recieve some tax credits for our 19mo but we still cannot cover all our outgoings!

We have no idea what we are going to do or how we are going to get through the next few months! Its so unfair that he works far to hard for his money only to have almost half of it taken away from him by his ex wife who is working while fiddling the benefit system! we would be better off on benefits ourselves! we have no issue with paying the money just not at the high rate they are demanding! The poor man now has to work till 3am tonight then get up at 8am to call them and try and get down to see the CAB! How is it fair to punish a hardworking family in this way?

CSA argued I made the mistake

February 28, 2013

In april 2012 my lad started work full time. I inform CSA. payments are still been taken by DOE uptill october when CSA tell me on phone my case is now closed and Ive overpaid my arrears are paid off and no more maintaince to be paid.I recieve a cheque for £400.

One month later they tell me I owe arrears of £300 and are taking it by a one of DEO. I argue they have made a mistake. They look at case again and tell me the original is correct and give me the 300 back. Then the contact me again and say I owe £2000 and are taking it at £100 amonth by DEO

They take one payment from me then send me another cheque for £423 as Ive over paid and have no arrears. then tey tell me again I owe £1800 and are going to take arreas by DEO again.

Now all i am getting is you owe £1800 and we are doing a deo. though in december 2011 i had only £1600 in arrears and thay have now been pain off. they cant explain why they have suddenly appeared and were come from. then another department tell me i owe nothing and will be getting yet another refund
I need help and my MP is trying his best but getting nowhere

The CSA told me employers don’t have to pay their DEO orders

February 28, 2013

After 14 years of intermittent payments calculated on the CSA maintenance direct scheme (CSA work out how much NRP should pay and then gives it direct to RP) I worked out my ex was about £500 in arrears for the previous year and over the 14 years approx. £1500 with the missed months here and there when he was a bit skint!

As my son turned 18 I penned a letter asking for the £500 arrears for the previous year and if he paid those in full I would not pursue the other £1000. I explained that as I was unable to go through the family Read more

The only one getting hurt is my daughter

February 27, 2013

Good morning, I am expericing difficulty with my ex parter who I have a daughter with who is 5 years old.

The mother has never made it easy for me to see my daughters using her as a pawn or reason to get her own way, The mother 3years ago decided to move to jersey uk to live with her partner which has stopped me from getting access because of the locality and extreme difficulty to get to Jersey it was costing a fortune which got me into extreme financially difficulties.

I have now settled in Ireland with my wife and have a little boy, but I am trying to come to agreement on access and payment for my daughter but her mum will not meet me half way on this and wants me to pay for all flights to the uk this is not possible is there anyway to get this agreement in place without the courts as this is costly for both parties hope you can help also she travels back to the uk 2times a year to see her mother who lives in Manchester.

I recommended that she contact me with prior notice so I can arrange flight to bring her to Ireland but she is not agreeing to this and want everything her way. This is a mess and the only person getting hurt is my daughter. I just don’t know what to do for the future.

New payment rate from CSA is less than I offered my ex direct!

February 27, 2013

I have always paid my child maintenance payments to my ex at an agreed rate.

I got re married and had another child.

I fell on hard times and had a period of unemployment and my debts got out of control and have ended up in serious financial peril, but, i did get a new job and started at the end of 2011. The CSA then got involved when my ex decided that she wanted more money! They contacted me and then my employer and then told her what she should receive, as this was an amount i couldnt afford because of the debts i was paying she then told the CSA to take action! I received a letter on the 5th February 2013 to tell me that i had acrude and arrears and that they had tried to contact me via my mobile phone number (which they had down wrong) so when i got paid yesterday 22nd February 2013 i found my paycheque to be £970.31 less than normal!This was going to be the case for the next 3 months!

I have just got of the phone to the CSA and found out that they had my phone number down wrong and that they hadn’t taken my 7 year old child into consideration and that i should have been able to set the disputed arrears amount myself! I am waiting for a call back monday morning to see if i can get any of the £970.31 back and hope that it changes in the future.

The irony is that i have now been told that my new payment rate is going to be less than what i offered my ex! Oh how revenge is sweet from a distance!

What’s to stop the CSA making up more arrears further down the line?

February 27, 2013

My husband & I met in 1988 both had failed marriages i had 1 child he had 2.We religously made “cash maintenance payments”(big mistake) to his ex.We had his children overnight 3-4nts week in a 1 bedroom mobile home.We helped her pay bills buy furniture,clothes,shoes,school trips etc for his girls.

He was advised as full & final settlement to ex to sign house over to her which we did (he came out of marital home with 1 carrier bag clothes.We married in 1990 had our son in 1991 & daughter sept 93. The csa came into force in 1993 & overruled everything saying they would take nothing into account that we had struggled to pay for the last 5years. They assessed,we paid although there were times when my husband had no work, so yes sometimes they were missed.I was told by a c.s.person that i should never had had 2 other children if my hubs couldnt pay for the 2 he had. Considering they were both born before the csa what was i supposed to do “send them back” i asked her.

Well years have gone by many years 19 in fact.We last had correspondence from csa in dec 2003 stating a zero balance.His daughter now aged 27 who works for c.i.d in police force.In aug of last year 2012 we had a letter with a D.E.O attached 3 days later they took £400 from my husbands wages so we havent been able to pay our mortgage. We rang then wrote to them very unsympathetic said the money isnt for his daughter but for the treasury to claim back arrears from 93/95.My husband had read that for them to claim back money from this date the c.s.a. should have applied for a Limited Access order-c.s.a. say THEY DONT.

Does anyone know the ruling on this claiming back money from 20 years ago-its a complete farce how can they get away with treating people like this.You have no letters/phone calls for over 10 years (& they stated zero balance)then 1 day get a letter -no chance to negotiate or appeal as they took money couple days later. Whats to stop them when we have cleared this balance £2227.56 from popping up in another 10 years to claim some more that theyve decided we owe???

We do not want an attachment of earnings – we pay direct

February 26, 2013

I have raised a complaint 1 week ago on the 15th February 2013 with the case worker. I haven’t received any confirmation that this complaint has been acknowledged or is being investigated and wanted to clarify that this has been logged. As per your complaints handling procedure you are supposed to confirm you have received my complaint within 2 working days. This is stated on your complaints booklet.

My complaint was in regards to a number of concerns starting with the attachment of earnings that has been put in place on my husbands earnings, I have stipulated on many occasions that I did not want an attachment of earnings and we have been paying directly out of my bank account via standing order every month. I was told last Friday by 2 of your Read more

CSA contacted me after I appeared in the newspaper

February 26, 2013

I had a relationship with a girl when I was 14yrs old. We were very young and stupid. Well you can guess the rest, she fell pregnant. But, before I knew this, several months intact out relationship dwindled out and we split up. She concealed the pregnancy from me and her family until not long before the birth!

She had a baby girl, I tried to be three etc but the fierce dominance from her family drove me and my family away. Not before I was ambushed and forced to sign the birth certificate!! We stopped seeing each other,and within weeks I had the CSA harassing me for income details- at 15 now I had none!!!

Many years past, nothing came from the CSA or either mother/child, until recently where I was featured in a newspaper for doing well at my job. Funny I had a CSA form within weeks. It took them 5 months to calculate everything and slap me with £96 pw bill and arrears. She’s 16 now, and although the carers allowance has stopped I’m being hit for more assessment than actual maintenance needed!! Further more, when I contacted CSA to say my wife’s wages had decreased due to maternity payments went down. I contacted them to say my wife was not being paid at all, it went up by £30!!

It’s just wrong!!!!!! And yes I know, at that age I should not have been doing that. It’s something I regret everyday of my life!!!

Does the CSA take into account the cost of living for dads?

February 25, 2013

My wife left me for another man whilst I was in hospital seriously ill.

She has been horrible ever since, she pushed me out of our home and moved him in, i toke nothing but my car and clothes, I’ve had to start again from nothing. Her new partners son has been bullying mine and she has lied and said it’s not an issue.

But she has been good about the children, I have them in total 30 HOURS a month more than her, she gets the family allowance and I get tax credits, she works pretty much full time, she is now going to the CSA for mainteance payments. I’m am angry and worried, do they take into account cost of living and other commitments, can she really get any where?

CSA forged legal records to make their debt stand

February 25, 2013

The CSA told me there was an outstanding liability order against me from June 2001.The total amount of the order was £18,100 so they say. I questioned this because back in 2001 i was never summonsed.

The CSA insist that the liability order stands and they have a copy on record. I contacted my local magistrates court and asked them for a copy of this liability order.

Sure enough they have sent me the memorandum of the hearing which clearly shows that the liability order was granted and that i was in attendance. The trouble is, i was never summonsed to court and never attended this hearing! Forging legal records has got to be illegal surely!

I find this very alarming. I told my local MP who said it was my word against theirs!

The moral of this case is “We are all [email protected]#ked!”

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