Ex CSA employee offering advice

September 27, 2011

I worked for the CSA for 2 months as a caseworker and have come on here to try and shed some light as to how they work. Now before I go on I feel i must tell you I never obtained money off an NRP or completed a case so that money would be taken, as simply I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I went there geniunely and niavely believing I could make a positive difference to both the PWC and the NRP but that simply was not the case. I quit 4 weeks after my training for the purely because I couldn’t bring myself to destroy peoples lives. I would love to be help everyone on here with advice or tips but I have a very limited knowledge of child maintenece law.

I knew nothing about child maintnence then and alomst as much now, you will find thats the case with most caseworkers as most come from either Customer Service or Credit Control backgrounds which is why you’ll find caseworkers being ruthless over the phone, but the the job is advertised as Customer Service Advisor so this is the exact effect they are hoping for.

Its a very disorganised enviroment to work in, peoples cases can be outstanding for years before they are worked on. The caseworkers most people will deal with are targeted on what they bring in indavidually and what their designated team brings in, THEY ARE EVEN TOLD TO NAME DROP THE NRPs CHILDS NAME WHEN ASKING FOR MONEY, comments like “its for little bobby” are not just encouraged but given as training.

The only 3 bits of limited advice to those having to deal with these vultures is…

1. I would encourage any NRP where its possible to contact the PWC, advise her/him if these payments carry on then you will be forced to give up work and she’ll/he’ll get next to nothing and try and sort out a more realistic figure, now I realise a lot of people wont be able to do this but if my memory serves after 13 weeks of the case being dropped then the arrears can be dropped at the request of the PWC.

2. If self employment is an option it may worth be looking at the options that it opens.

3. Not to many applicable for this but IDENTICAL twins who dispute parentage don’t have to pay child maintenece as there is no way of proving who the father is.

I wish all those affected by the CSA and its ruthless streak the best of luck for the future and truly hope you can get things sorted for the best.


  • Sophie says:

    Thank you for this information.
    Could you tell me if its possible to stop CSA payment, by signing over the parental rights and facilitating adoption on the fathers side?

    A little bit of info: My partner has a child with his ex girlfriend. She stopped taking her pill, but took it out of the packet so it seemed she was still taking it. She was extremely abusive to him and he only stayed to try and look after the child and be a father. As soon as the child was born she kicked him out, and got the CSA on him. I find it unfair for him to pay for a child he was raped for, sustained an abusive relationship and now denied access to the child he didn’t even want. We saw her publically the other day, and she sarcastically thanked him for getting her pregnant and was shoving her new phone in his face. Laughing because the CSA money paid for it.

    Thanks for any help because I think this whole situation is disgusting and very stressful on me and my partner.

  • Vic says:

    Thanks for posting this and it is reassuring to know that there are real people at the CSA who are uncomfortable with their illegal activities and target chasing, life destroying madness. And doubly reassuring to know people with grit and compassion who would rather resign than continue to persecute are still around. Well done you a beacon to us all. You stand for something and that is INTEGRITY!

  • karen bedford says:

    I think you are disgraceful to encourage people not to pay i.e. the NRP – if you worked for the CSA – like you say – you would be also saying how many NRP’s dont financially support and dont want to financially support their children and not tell them how to get around the system. There are many PWC who have been left to pick up the pieces and put them and the children in poverty. Shame on you!

  • joanne shier says:

    Can you help, we were issued a deo for over 600.00, for a child where child benefit has stopped, we offered to pay the arrears which is 2000.00 or so in one lump sum but they also want money to support her for the next year at nearly 356.00 a month? Funny thing is the lady at the agency was the one who gave me the dates when child benefit fraud stepped in and stopped the payments as I knew my daughter had moved out, they had this info 2 weeks ago yet my deo hasn’t been dropped or reduced like I asked it too. They have also assessed me as a single man when I have 2 children under the age of 10 living with me and my partner its leaving us in hardship. I’m on cs1 rules and never been sent an ima form so how they worked out my payments I just don’t know. Thanks, and well done for having some morals.

  • joanne shier says:

    And Karen, I was a single mum, and Ive seen it on both sides, my ex has never paid me a penny and that’s going through the csa, they even told me that they can’t chase him as he’s that non-compliant….this was the main reason why csa was set up to chase the nrp that has no interest in their children and now the otherside, my partner didn’t even know csa involved until this year, he had a private arrangement with his ex going on for years, had them 4 times a week and left her the home and thought nothing of it, bearing in mind his children are 21 and 18 now, csa came at him with no warning and slammed a deo on him for 600.00 a month, leaving the kids here with nothing, they even assessed him as single. What baffles me is that the case has been running for 12 years, yes 12 years and they have even admitted through complaints that no letters had ever been sent, but all been nil assessment anyway, he started a new job last year with what I’d call good pay, worse mistake ever! Think what the ex-employee is trying to say is that they chase easy targets and forget people that had a case like mine. Needs to be a huge shake up with the whole damn organisation, as its clearly not working on finding the right people, so its not helping kids anyway.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Good post.
    It appears you saw the light before you became native and left after 4 weeks.
    Well done!
    I am sure you will never regret this.
    Fancy talking to the media?
    Are there any other CSA workers wishing to join you?

  • steve says:

    i pay CSA for by 2 boys havan seen them for 5 years, yet she wont let me see them. can anyone help.

  • Ex CSA Worker says:

    Sorry folks just seen whats been happening. Now remember I’m no expert but I’ll try and help.

    Sophie I’m to sure what you mean when you say sigining over the his parental rights but if he is the biological father then from my limited knowledge I don’t think he can stop the payment, he will still have to pay 15% of his take home money, if he has doubts over parentage then he can request a test whcih he must pay for if it comes back positive. Unfortunately the CSA don’t take into account the appalling behaviour of his ex or what she is wasting the money on, but remember he does have rights to access and although he may need to contact a solicitor to sort this out providing he is not considered a risk to the child he can sort out some sort of visitation. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been of much more help and wish you the best of luck sorting things out.

    Joanne Shier If the PWC is no longer in reciept of Child Benefit then they can’t take this money, speak to your payroll department at work to see if there is anything they can do to help, as i remember a company gets upto the folllowing month to make payment to the CSA so it may be a case that the DEO will stop. Any money you have over payed you are entilted to back although the CSA aren’t as quick giving it back as they are taking it. Again sorry if not much help and best of luck to you.

    Karen Bedford You call me a disgrace but don’t seem to see the big picture, yes there is NRPs out there who don’t give a toss about anyone but themselves and couldn’t careless about their children, and are more than happy to destroy peoples lives to get what they want but for every NRP like that there is 100 decent honest people who want to make sure their children are well looked after, does that mean they must give unrealistic amounts of money???? Should they be forced to part with in some cases 40% of their monthly wage???? Should these people not be given a chance to rebuild their own lives???? Shouldn’t they be able to provide for other members of their family???? Do you think they must live on the bare minium and some cases less???? Lets not forget Karen this system “I’m telling people how to get around” is set up to support the PWC not the NRP.

    KMcQ80 I’m not to sure about speaking to the media, when I got the job at the CSA I had to sign the official secrets act and I honestly don’t know if I legally could????
    Most of the people that I knew there have left, sorry.

  • tom says:

    As usual, a blinkered and bias opinion by Karen Bedford!!!!

    Its reassuring to know that some individuals who have or are still are working for the CSA have a balanced and unbias view of the circumstances of NRP’s and feel it inhumane to indiscrimately destroy their lives for being such.
    Well done

  • John says:

    Are arrears just invented to fill up the government coiffeurs?

    The only people who are putting people in poverty are the CSA! I believe that they are acting outside of the law, particularly, where arrears are concerned.

    The number of articles on this site where NRP’s are being stitched up with arrears, gives the CSA game away. They are using those who pay, to hit their performance targets, because it’s too hard to track down the people who don’t pay or those who use accountancy methods to evade their resonsibilty.

    The Serious fraud Office should raid CSA offices, gather evidence and make arrests. let’s see how the CSA like it when the boot is on the other foot!

  • joanne shier says:

    Ex-employer thanks, yes his boss is looking into it through his solicitor…shouldn’t of messed with a millionaire of an employer, and I know they shouldn’t be taking this money but do anyway, its corperate theft in my opinion. do you know what the non-finance department means because that’s where our case is? again thanks for your advice, feel like our case may be getting somewhere through all the mistakes they have made and keep making.

  • rach says:

    i find it very disturbing that you were made to sign the official secrets act however i think you talking anonymously to “whistleblower or panarama is in the interests of the public as this farce as gone on too long

  • joanne shier says:

    also, what about the freedom of speech act? fair enough you have to protect the identities of individual clients…not what the csa do under the data protection act! surely if csa can break the rules so can an ex employee’s anonymously.

  • Vic says:

    So the whole ethos of child welfare in the UK has descended into employing bullies with draconian powers to extort money from ordinary citizens by all means necessary, irrespective of their current circumstances and responsibilities in respect of new families and children. It almost seems like the CSA have become a bunch of inhumane debt collectors, with fascist powers but target driven poorly educated staff with no morals told to set upon families by bullying managers.

    This is an agency of the government that has abandoned human rights, UK law and european human rights because people can’t or will not pay without EVER looking at the reasons for this non payment. The Henshaw review in 2006 and all subsequent ones have focused on collection at the CSA which is why the current state of affairs exists. The arrears are massive and rightly so given the lack of connection between access and financial responsibility. This disconnect is never mentioned all you hear of is deadbeat dads, arrears and failed IT systems that leave the PWC in destitution.

    There used to be the courts who heard evidence based upon all the arguments who decided upon a reasonable amount of maintenance based on all the issues. How nice would that be in the face of the absolute disaster that the CSA has become!

  • Ex CSA Worker says:

    Evening folks

    Steve providing you are not considered a risk to you children then you do have access rights but you may need to contact a solicitor to get this done I’m sure someone on here will know a good solicitor to speak to. Sorry couldn’t be of more help best of luck.

    Joanne Shier the Non Finance are the people who make the intial assesment based on the information they are given once the assesment is made its passed to finance who will then preform an account breakdown and claculate the arrears and the amount of money that will be requested based on the NRPs income, the caseworkers are told to use 4 methods to get payments et up and arrears cleared.

    Step 1 Ask for the full amount to be cleared and regular maintenence to be paid (15% for 1 child 20% for 2 and 25% for 3 or more).

    Step 2 Ask for part payment of Arrears and best offer for to clear the arrears within 2 years. usually 30%

    Step 3 With no payment of arrears 30% – 40% based on the amount, (they always try to clear arrears in 2 years)

    Step 4 If NRP is non compliant then DEO is to be set up normally 40% until arrears are cleared, although the caseworker does have discretion to make it is as low as 30%.
    I really hope you get things sorted and hopefully this solicitor is the man to do it.

    Rach it sounds far more sinsiter than it actually is, the CSA is part of the DWP and they use a system called CIS which is an information system that holds information on everybody in the country, from past jobs to past relationships, how much you earn, NI number, when you may have claimed benefits ect ect .The system is closely monitored and you can only make searches on the people who are involved within the case but the information that caseworkers view must be kept in the upmost discretion.
    They even have a department for celebrities and politicions and the people that work in this department are their most trusted employees.

    Joanne Shier If its legal then I’m willing to discuss things with media related people but I would need to find out first.

    Vic I couldn’t agree more, As I said earlier for every sterotypical dead beat dad there is 100 people being chased for money that are decent honest people who just want the best for everyone without having to live in poverty, unfortunatley the CSA treat everyone with the same ruthless contempt, the system is just not balanced which is why it will never work fairly.

  • joanne shier says:

    How can non finance do an assessment when we have haven’t sent no info to them as the IMA form which we have asked for never gets sent, my partner on cs1 rules. And deo has been issued, put him as non-compliant even though there is proof on his file that no letters have ever been sent, they are taking 40% for a child who no longer lives at home. we have requested a reduction to no avail and to pay arrears in a lump sum when we know the figures are correct of course….yes really non-compliant ain’t we? its been a nightmare

  • Ex CSA Worker says:

    Joanne Shier If its been passed back to non finance it means there has been a change in circumstances that they will deal with. It sounds like your having one hell of a time sorting this out and when you ask questions and ask for facts they consider it non compliance, to much of a common theme I’m afraid people ask for answers and help and just more intelligent than the caseworker you are dealing with and its considered non complience. Best of luck with it.

  • joanne shier says:

    thanks again for having the time to reply to me, yes we are having a hell of a time with it, no can see that we are right and frustrating having to go through all this hassle, received a letter today to say that the complaint we had had been resolved, this was on the 16th, they have had a new one since then, like child benefit being stopped, and no action with the deo still standing at 40% how is that resolved to us, email them everyday if I have too….if you ran a normal business like this you will have no customers and go bankrupt…too many chiefs and not enough indians….or properly trained indians anyway!

  • kath whitbread says:

    I am trying to help a friend who’s daughter is 32 he paid the mortgage and helped his ex out as a private arrangement. When he took on a second job he found the csa taking money from his wage (this didn’t happen with his first job) He now only has the one job as his main job ended. If he works more than 16 hours the csa take it. This went to court and he was told he had to pay this money back and the private arrangement was not taken into consideration I have only just found out about this he is just about to give up as he can’t afford to live on just 16 hours and any extra hours he is offered they take from him is there anything I can do to get this sorted as he did support his child he kept a roof over her head. Any advice would be appreciated thank you

  • h8mmer says:

    Karen Bedford – you are either a troll or a poor excuse for a human being. Your anti-male vitriol is so full of bile that I suspect you must secretly hate yourself for all the ulcers you have, your face must look like a squeezed lemon you sound so bitter.

    Try taking a hard look in the mirror and perhaps you’ll see the type of person you’ve become but I doubt it, people like you convince yourselves that the crap you spout is correct despite the opposite being the case.
    Just shut the fuck up and crawl under a rock while the reasoned adults talk, theres a good shrew.

    ExCSAWorker – good on you for trying to help people, both PWC and NRP, please ignore the utter toss that idiots like Karen spew.

  • John says:

    See you dodged my question.

  • Ex CSA Worker says:

    Evening folks
    Kath Whitbread if the money he owes is to the government and not the PWC then he will have to pay it back but if he has paid money does he have reciepts to say that he payed the mortgage or any bills? This money can be taken into account and could come off the amount owed. Could his ex sign a letter saying that he payed her this money or any proof that he did, I don’t know where that would leave her but if she was recieving money illegally and not declaring it then it could be benefit fraud. There are solicitors out there who specialise in dealing with the CSA and it may be worth speaking to one of them. The only other thing I would say with regards to work is if its possible speak to his boss about going self employed he would still owe the money but they couldn’t just take it, sorry I couldn’t be of more use best of luck.

    John many apologys I thought the question was just open for everyone to debate I will always try and answer questions directed for me. Arrears aren’t fabricated but they aren’t always accurate, the reason they are so high is that the CSA can take up to 4 years to “work” a case, what tends to happen is the NRP will make payments but not have any proof that the payments were made the only way round this is for the PWC to sign a letter or make a statement to say so, unfortunantley as I’m sure your aware many PWCs wont do this beacuse they know the CSA will chase the arrears and they are entilted to it all and if its for the government well they wont drop them. The target bonuses are based on what comes in not on the amount of people who pay, the only way I’ve seen people not having to pay is self employment, unemployment or job hopping, but the arrears are still outstanding. Unfortuantely what they do isn’t considered illegal, but its clueless and imoral and the system really needs either scrapping or massive wholesale changes, they need to get people in there to sort things out, people from an accountacy background who actually know what they are doing would be a start. Best of luck to you.

    h8mmer thank you for the words of encouragement I will try and help where I can.

  • Craig says:

    @ Ex CSA worker,

    Well done you nice to know some people have morals unlike many of them who work there they know the damage and misery which they cause
    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1288504375#!/pages/Child-Support-Agency-Corruption/138094386286954 come and join this group on Facebook that way people will be able to inbox you

  • joanne shier says:

    I don’t know why Karen even has to be on here, on another post she has boasted getting 17,500 in advanced payment….then go and enjoy it love as somew of us on here have real problems with how the csa is run. A lot of nrps want to pay, but not dictated to by going after huge amounts on their wages with no means to fight it. I’ve been a single parent with two children and I went to work, I didn’t struggle and knew it was me who provided for them, to some pwc’s where’s your self respect, can’t you see what this agency is doing? I’m now a struggling nrpp, with a partner who did everything for his kids, didn’t know csa was involved and has no proof of what he has done….children are people, not tax returns or there for financial investment, just enjoy what you have.

  • John says:

    Ex employee ~ Thank you for your answer.

    The problem that I seem to have is that, I am in the system, and because of an error by the CSA, which was something to do with child premium, they dumped £6,400 of arrears on to me. I attended a tribunal and represented myself, where I found that the adjudicator was being paid by the CSA. He summed up after 45 minutes, by saying that he had no jurisdiction regarding arrears and dismissed my appeal.

    The CSA then put a DEO on my income, even though I had paid what they had asked of me, in the first instance.

    I am concerned that even though the CSA are taking money from me at a level now including the alleged arrears, they may revisit my case (my income levels have not changed), and dump yet more arrears onto me! I have until 2014 to go!

    Also, I have a son that I have not seen for 4 years. I believe that he may be in further education, but don’t know how many hours a week he does, because I believe that afffects my liability. I have no way of finding out. If write to the CSA and inform them he is no longer in further education, would they investigate?

    Can you please advise. Thanks!

  • John says:

    Just a little more info for you. I have been through all avenues over the years, because the CSA repeatedly botched my case up. I have a damning letter from my M.P from 2008, and that was before the CSA stitched me up with £6,400 of arrears.

    My M.P. supported my case through to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, but the CSA, my M.P. the ICE and the Ombudsman all closed ranks. The Ombudmans office said that the CSA had no case to answer, where I had suffered prolonged, continued and severe maladministration for 9 years.

    I have written to Cameron and Clegg, twice. CMEC twice. Duncan Smith twice. None of them want to know. I have also asked the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg to investigate the UK government and system that employs that I believe breaches UK citizens right to a private family life. They asked me to take it through the UK courts before involving them, but I know that the UK courts will just shaft me!

  • Ex CSA Worker says:

    Afternoon people

    John after reading what you have already been through I’m not to sure I can help but I’ll try. I’m not entirely sure what the child premium is, but it sounds like the arrears are payed to the government and as far as I’m aware its not something they will/can drop. If your son is not in further education then you can get the CSA to look into it, if your son is in “non advanced” education for more than 12 hours which excludes meal breaks, or if he is 16/17 and is registered with a qualifying body like connextions the PWC can still claim child benefit. If the PWC is claiming child benefit and he is working more than 24 hours or isn’t doing anything to find work then she isn’t entilted and could well be commiting benefit fraud, this can then be traced back to when this started and you could be entilted for the money payed to the PWC for that period back, although they are more likely to just knock it off the arrears. As everything with the CSA it may well be a drawn out process. If you are able to find out as much info as possible and can provide any sort of proof this would be a huge advantage.
    As for more arrears I wouldn’t expect they would be able to ask for more, I can’t think of a reason why they would review your case unless you inofrm them of a change of circumstances.
    The only thing I would advise with the DEO is speaking to the CSA, I assume being on a DEO they are taking 40% of your net income? Advise them you can’t pay your bills and are struggling with other debts and may well be forced to give up work if this carrys on and so forth and that you would be willing to pay 30%, obviously it will just spread the payment over a longer period but if they were to do it it would allow you a bit more money every month.
    John I wish you the best of luck sorting things out, I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help I just hope you can work things out for the best.

  • joanne shier says:

    Just to update you, our case is in the hands of the parliamentary complaints department, not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, she agreed that 600.00 was a high amount on our situation and our case was not even looked at….watch this space!

  • John says:

    Ex employee. I am grateful for the time and trouble that you have taken to answer my questions. I will take it all on board and try to sort the mess out.

    Thank you.

  • John says:

    To Joanne Shier.

    My case went as far as the Ombudsman and they did nothng to help. I would be grateful if you would post the outcome of your case on here.

    Thanks. John

  • John says:

    To ex CSA worker.
    If the PWC is on benefits they don’t keep the cash that the CSA collects. The CSA keep up to £10 per week, which is known as child maintenance premium.

  • Mike says:

    I have been paying CSA for my son for 3 months now (I am not allowed to see him thanks to his mother.. but that’s another story), I sent them 5 of my wage slips and a letter asking them to take into account that my hours go up and down due to busy season’s and quiet periods (working in a bar).
    My partner has an 8 year old son who I have taken on as my own, she has recently started work becoming the main earner in the household.
    I started paying around 12 pound a week, then it went up to 14, then it stayed at 16 pound a week for 2 months.
    I contacted CSA and said I was happy to pay but wanted to know why the figure kept changing. The lady said that they had not previously taken into account my working and child tax credits (at this time I was the sole earner of the house) and that 16 pounds a week is what it will now be…
    Then yesterday I received a letter from them saying my payments have gone up to 33 pounds a week, from an income of 250 a week.
    My earnings have always averaged at around 140 a week. Our joint working and child tax credits are around 120 a week..
    I called CSA to explain that I don’t earn 250 a week and that the lady last time assured me that the payments were sorted and he said that they had recalculated my tax credits as it was done wrong. He also said there were a lot of different calculations on my case.
    After explaining that my partner is now earning more than me now he mumbled about having to re calculate my payments and said that my payments will be 33 pound a week for now and that they will contact me for evidence to show my partner is the main earner.
    The thing that gets me is that the 33 pound a week is now dating back to April, meaning they will be wanting a backdate.
    I have paid on time, and happily gave them all the info they needed.
    Are they going to keep upping my payments? 33 pound a week sounds like nothing but I am on a low wage with my hours going down due to the winter months.
    What should I do?
    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated

  • Ex CSA Worker says:

    John from the sound of that I assume it’s old rules, I believe from 2010 a PWC on benefits keeps the full amount and full benefits which is yet another encouragement for people to use this agency. Good Luck

    Craig I am more than happy to help anyway I can but I don’t know if using my personal Facebook account is such a good idea, the CSA I’m sure monitor this and Facebook pages dedicated to their inabilities, I will try and sort something out next week where by people can contact me, unfortunately I wont have time this week as I’m snowed under but I will try to get on here either tomorrow or Friday and advise if I can.

    Joanne Shier that must be good news so best of luck with it I really hope you get everything sorted. Good Luck.

  • carl says:

    ex csa worker
    i have arrears of £5000 from 2006-2009 ive sent the csa my bank statements that show i paid nearly £2000 direct debit to the bitch she hasnt admitted it, and thay have me on an assesment of £51 per week, im self employed and have got my info off my accountant, on a £51pw assesment i pay £2652 a yr !!! my total taxable income is £6950 so 15% of that is £1042.50 thay wont take that into account, also thay have a order for sale on my house im stuck dont know what to do, i didnt even know i was dealing with the csa till 2008 and i was paying for my daughter even though the ex was dealing with the csa and thay say that i knew and that they wont change the assesment she took £6000 from buying her out of house now she will get the house sold HELP PLEASE

  • carl says:


  • Craig says:

    Hi Ex CSA, that would be very helpful open a pseudonym account and inbox us/ me
    many thanks

  • John says:

    To Mike. Like most responsible non resident parents, you want to provide for your child/children.

    In my 12 years experience, I would advise you to obtain everything in writing. from what you say of your circumstances, you all ready experiencing CSA incompetence. Do NOT believe anything that they say OR do!

    I have had a disgraceful service from this ‘shambolic’, ‘not fit forpurpose’ quango for 12 years. Most recently, they stitched me up with £6,400 worth of debt because of their mistakes.

    Please take my advice. Should you suffer prolonged and continued maladministration, you must complain to them and the Independent case examiners office. if it gets worse go to your M.P.

    Good luck!

  • Joanna says:

    Hello there Ex CSA. Firstly I’d like to express my admiration for what you are doing here. I have 12 yrs of experience of dealing with the CSA as both a PWC & now an NRP. Theres so much I could discuss but for now I’d just like some advice on the following if possible pls? If I were to marry/co-habit & my new husband/partner was on for example 35,000 a year & paid maintenance for his own 2 children & I was on a very low or nil income, would he be expected to pay for my 2 children aswell?

  • Ex CSA Worker says:

    Sorry not been on for a while guys been a bit hectic with work.

    Joanna As I remember a partners income and savings can be taken into account and be classed as your joint income, but I would get further advice from a solicitor who specialize in dealing with the CSA.

    Craig I now have an email address I set up for people to contact for any help they may need, I would prefer not to post it on here as I wouldn’t want anyone from the CSA to get it.

  • joanne shier says:

    Hi ex csa, if you are on facebook, feel free to add me Jo shier with a message and I can pass emails onto Craig, be great to get your help on board as so many ppl in need of help. Kindest regards xx

  • Craig says:

    Stop the CSA/CMEC from creating NRP and NRPP financial hardship and poverty

    Please sign this petition

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    The CSA/ CMEC are responsible for creating financial hardship and poverty to the NRP and NRPP and their children. They take so much money with no regard to other financial responsibilities. They also take some of the child tax credit from the NRP and their family. The CSA/ CMEC are creating poverty they rob Peter to pay Paul. Fairer and sensible, reasonable affordable, child maintenance payments must be negotiated with the NRP. A fairer system must be installed and prevention of the PWC using the CSA/ CMEC as a tool of vindiction. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/20375

  • laura says:

    I am unfortunately one of the few who has the deliberately non compliant pwc. He jumps jobs , takes paycuts, won’t answer phone calls or letters and has paid a couple of times in a very low assessment off a few minimum wage payslips he sent in six years ago. The case has been going for 14 years. What I was wondering is what action is supposed to be taken after the csa issue warning letters for non compliance . He has laughed at myself and the csa over the years because they have never followed up in his non compliance . The only reason he paid when he did is because he,was on good money and didn’t want them to reassess him at the time.

  • Tony Booth says:

    Hi, could the writer of this post please get in touch? You could literally be the key to helping us bring down the CMS. I was part of a tv programme this last week with Amm Widdecombe, Richard Tice and Noel Wilcox.
    Please get in touch.

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