Will the CSA take my new partner’s earnings into account?

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  • gary says:

    do i have to pay my partners ex csa. am work with minimam wage my partner doesend work she has got 3 kids with him 2 that stay with him and one that stays with us as well as my own one

  • matt says:

    i have split up from my wife and have paid child maintance my point is we all move on and by ‘screwing’ me for it when i am trying to move on with my life and new partner is wrong she has my kids, I have to work to live she gets full benifits live with no worries with her new partner while i have to scrimp and save to get by! it should be done over what you can afford not 15% etc… i feel for dads/mums who have had this burdon on them i think MY money that i EARN should be spent on them how i see fit , my kids are always dressed dirty and it upsets me to see them in too short cloths and filthy whuile she has 3 horses that are spotless!
    my point is rather than trying to ‘DO’ your ex over try to understand it from there point

  • Michael says:

    Hi, I have a couple of questions I’m wracking my brain over. I am living with my new partner and am in court battling to see my children. The PWC has made a claim. I do not work and the CSA want to take about £40pm. I don’t understand as I have no income.
    1) Can the CSA take money from me if I don’t earn anything? (I’m now £300 into an overdraft and it’s getting worse every month)
    2) I know my new partners wages are not taken into consideration but are her WTC/CTC? (both our names are on the claim but it goes straight into my new partners account)
    3) If my partner gives me an allowance to do the shopping and keep the house and car with, will that be taken into account?
    4) Lastly, does anything change when my new partner and I get married and/or have a child of our own?

  • Mike says:

    I am an NRP living with my fiancee for 8 years. My CSA case goes back to 2001.
    I was made redundant 3 years ago and struggled to find work since. So it was decided between my fiancee and I that I would study to gain the current knowledge and experience. i.e. no income. We haven’t claimed any benefits. My fiancee earns royalties from writing work in Europe and has a recent inheritance in The Netherlands that supports us whilst I get back to work.

    My fiancee is a Dutch national, holds Dutch residency and all royalties come from NL. The CSA called today stating they they need her income details. She refuses, even I don’t know all her financial details and nor do I want to.

    Thre CSA stated that is is legislation for them to ask for it. Does my fiancee have to provide details? The CSA refuse to write to her directly.

    If I don’t find work, then I will be a stay at home Dad to our new 3 month old daughter and my fiancee will pursue work in mainland Europe.

    Help please?

  • Helena says:

    Hi I’m a parent of 2 boys 17 & 15 they both live with there dad he has recently after 9 years taken me to csa for £300 but the money is going into his account and not giving my boys no money is this right ?? As i feel I’m working to pay for him and not my kids please help 🙁

  • mo says:

    My husband and I r going through a divorce.we have been seperated for 2 years now.he has not paid any child maintenance so told him to take him to the csa.he said of I do he will take me instead… is this possible. I have 2 children.he is selfeemployed and said i won’t b able to get any off him as he juzt tell csa he doesn’t earn much. I know he is not giving real figures to Hm revenue as a lot of jobs get done cash in hand…..will I get any csa and can he claim it on me…..

  • monique says:

    my husband has 2 children with weekly access to them both and he pays around 200 a month csa to his kids. my childs tax credits is taken into consideration and we dont get help with any bills and dont qualify for working tax credits. i have 3 children and were struggling with bills so i want to get a job too but will i be liable for maintenance as well from my wages ? help is needed

  • Sam says:

    I’ve been married now for 8 years, and all of a sudden his ex wife has popped up, now I knew he had kids and made it clear from day one I’m not paying for something which isn’t mine, simples. Now CSM are involved and now want £225 pm , his child is 16 and still in school till June, what happens then ? Does he still pay ?
    Also I think I’m right in saying the CSM do not take my wages into account ? Because I’m certainly not giving any details on that one, also we rent this house we are in no info has been given to the CSM , so what bills do they take into account ? Need info as can’t ask anyone else. Thank you

  • Josy says:

    My ex husband (self employed, declares he earns pittance, but pays mortgage , holidays new cars etc etc out of business so not declared as earnings to c.s.a.) has paid bare minimum for his 3 children for the last 10 years, the eldest son has just turned 18 but is still in full time college, however he has stooped paying, how can I get him to keep paying and will he need to backdate it ?

  • Michelle says:

    I have 3 kids and there dad is a waste if space, we made an agreement that he would pay 300 a month but without fail every other month he would give me an excuse that he couldn afford it. So I went to the csa and they said he should b payin 320 a month plus arrears with takes it to 400 a month. I work full time and provide everythink for the kids 2 being teenagers and a 10 year old these can be very expensive as they want wat ever the friends have, I try my best work full time to do as much as I can and get them wat I can, with the 320 a month like he pays this give the kids less then 30 a wk which I give to them as it’s there money but my ex complains every time that he pays to much. I’m disgusted as if it was me paying for the kids I would do it without moaning as I would want them to have the best but he dose not. However he is having 2 holidays this yr, I am struggling to get a holiday for me and the kids but he just swans off I’m so angry and disgusted that they can expect them to live with wat he pays. Yes I work full time but I don’t have a whole house to run on my own bills and I hsve to run a car to get the kids to school. I hate the fact he is living a good life he dose not bother with vists and he dose not have the kids or even but them any birthday presents. My question after my rant (sorry) is can I make they re calculated or force him to pay more as it’s clear he can afford more and he didn’t pay a penny for many years as I felt sorry for him and let him off.

  • Sally says:

    Hi – lots of interesting info here – my questions are :-
    1… I am NRP and pay every month direct to my ex-husband – my children are 17 and 16 – Am I correct in understanding that I have to pay CSA until they are 20yrs old ( if they are at Uni or they work more than 12 hours a week), ?? also ….
    2. I am planning to re-marry – will my new husbands income be taken into account – we will be selling his house and he will be moving into mine.?? hope someone can help / advise many thanks

  • Sally says:

    and another question – sorry – when my children leave home to go to Uni – can I pay them the CSA money direct ??

  • sarah says:

    Why are the questions no longer getting answered?
    I really need to know if I marry my partner will my assets be taken into account for maintenance payments.(order made in 2010) N.Ireland

  • Bill says:

    CSA have not looked a partner’s income since CS2 started in 2003.
    Only those people still on CS1 ( introduced in 1993 ) have to declare a partner’s earnings to determine protected income for assessment calculation purposes.

    When a QC goes to university child maintenance is no longer due.

  • Twizz says:

    Really looking for some advice please. I am a mother with 2 children aged 20 and 16. My ex husband pays privately for my two so this is all good
    I have remarried (5 years now) just over a year ago his 2 children aged 12 and 8 came to live with us on a permanent basis as their mum didn’t want them anymore basically so we are now a combined family of 6
    My 2 step children’s mum now pays us £80 a month for them both but she has recently moved in with her new rich boyfriend and there are conflicting answers as to if we can claim maintenance through his wages also as she is the non resident parent and her new partners children are grown up adults and moved away

  • Bill says:

    Twizz- You can only claim against her income her partners is not relevant as they are not his children.

  • Steve says:

    I pay the Csa for my 3 children and always have. I recently settled down with my fiancé and have now got ourselves a house but Csa payments are proving difficult to pay due to my outgoings. If I rang Csa to explain this would payments go down + would they take my fiances wages into consideration and put them up? Bit confused.com

  • michael says:

    need help please,

    I have a five year old son with my ex, payments are going through ok.
    But I am now paying a mortgage and getting married next year with another child on the way. Money is very tight at the moment due to the mortgage and bills.
    question is, will the CSA start taking more money that there will be my partners income as we will be married? and will they take into consideration that I have a mortgage to pay as it is in my name not my partners?

    many thanks

  • Bill says:

    Michael:- As your case opened after 2003 they will not look at a partner’s income or mortgage payments. They will however make an allowance if there is a child resident in your household.

  • Peta Wilson says:

    My partner is paying so much maintenance because he works that we can’t afford to put food on the table for my 9 year old child and so I’m for ex to degradingly rely on food vouchers on which I’m told you can only get help with twice and that’s it the system for struggling fathers is all wrong and they don’t give a flying F because it’s a money spinner for the gorilla run government we have

  • zss says:

    hi everyone.
    i’m not sure if this helps but ALL csa payments between now and 2017 will be moved to a complete new system. that system is the child maintenance service (CMS)
    as you will see from my previous posts I have had much difficulty getting an answer like yourselves however after recently making a phone call..everybody should soon be on the same page.
    good news for us wives/ partners of NRP and also the amounts taken are set to be more reasonable. although if you have more than one child it will get more expensive but there is an online calculator to work out how much you will be paying.
    you can ask to switch to the cms straight away before you get letter ( I belive this will work in your favour).
    it will cost the resident parent £20 and for however much you pay them, CMS will take a certain percentage.. yup..they’re still greedy but nevertheless, the payments are more realistic…hopefully causing less suicide rates for the NRP and being able to live realistically. all that being that yes, im sure you’ll probably have to cut down a bit but hopefully because all of the old rules being completely scrapped and new rules are same for everyone, it might make it a bit easier for people to be understood rather than being tossed from pillar to post, losing their jobs, homes, familes.
    ive been keeping up to date for some time now. look forward to your responses, Good luck to all of you NRP and wives/partners
    kind regards,

  • Holly says:

    Hi my partner has 3 children aged 9, 8 and 6 with his ex girlfriend. They were together for 11 years they split up three years ago and she has contacted the C.S.A saying that my partner owes £7,000 in arrears (this was from a period where he couldn’t afford to pay due to debts and having to pay a morgage on his own. She is on the morgage as joint tennant but has never paid a penny towards it) For the past year my partner has been paying maintenance directly into his ex’s bank which is what they have verbally agreed. I myself am now 9 months pregnant with my partners child and fear that we can not afford to pay back the £7,000 arrears. my partner has asked for a breakdown of the payments from the C.S.A. I am at a loss as to what to do as never been in a situation like this before.

  • Maria says:

    Ok, I’m feeling rather fed up & cannot get my head around the csa’a logic. I have 4 children, all under the age of 18. Their father and I seperated several years back and we have agreed amicably an amount he pays me in child support (he would be paying a lot more if I went to the csa). However, I have since remarried and my husband has a daughter (now aged 18) from a previous marriage. He is not amicable with her mother and subsequently pays for her via csa. What upsets me is that when working out how much he should pay they use my child tax credit, for MY children as part of the income figure! I don’t work so how can they justify taking money for my kids to pay for his? We are paying for one child double what I receive from my ex for all four of mine! The girls mother has also remarried and they live very comfortably with no mortgage and several holidays a year which I feel my kids are basically paying for. I’ve worked out via the csa calculator that if my husband wasn’t with me he would be paying over £100 a month less than what we pay now! I would understand if I was working but I am not and it really gets to me that my kids go without to pay his ex wife.:(

  • Andy. says:

    Hi All.
    Just the usual story of life…With all the hatred out there. I am a father of two…having gone and still not finished my ex partner has decided to call in the CMA. I am not living in the house I moved out due to the environment for the children.
    Having undertaken the cost of paying half the mortgage currently £275.00 and contributing a amount of £240.00 support for the children and this was not a CMA calculation just a amount offered by me to comply? I now have to bear this in mind. Firstly I am still a joint owner of the house and secondly will the CMA still demand any payments or other as back pay whilst I am paying a mortgage and contributing to the financial support as stated before.
    I will say this her father has been the driving force to this end and a friend of mine has commented that your marriage was doomed right from the start of 14 years by the way.

  • Andy. says:

    Apologise I pressed the submitt button.
    All I need to know is can the CMA support such a claim if I am still paying half the mortgage and on this note I have been informed that if I directly speak to the CMA they are approachable and will take this into account until all financial decisions are finalised.
    This is new to me and I will just give you a insight to the types of family I have stupidlgot involved with. 6years ago her so called idiot father sent a letter describing how I was not right for her daughter and other suggestions such as if he had his way he would of changed the locks and all the rest of the crap that can be written. Then recently he writes again also his daughter mx soon to be ex… Basically both are behind the issues raised but it will turn nasty.. Has any one got any advice in my support as at present it seems all is in favour of the ex wife and as for me nothing.. Am I going nuts here.I do still see both girls so no loss but this may change…haha.
    Any ideas,,, please…

  • Nath says:

    speak my Mind!!!!!!!

    Hi i am a Dad, but my Daughter lives with me and has done now for 7 months, what i can’t understand is why i am still paying CSA to my ex wife while she laughs at me every month and the CSA are such a bunch of twats, i have just about had enough of them, why is it so hard to sort out. when i spoke to them for the 22nd time i got the good old classic. Im sorry Sir but the department you need don’t take calls I’m afraid sir. Why that????? Be cause they don’t.

    I could go on all night about the CSA and how rubbish you really are, not once have the CSA asked me if i want to claim CSA, why because I’m a man,

  • Chris says:

    The CMA have disclosed by letter a breakdown of my salary to my wife which I have been separated for the last 2 1/2 years. Are they allowed to do this?

  • Dineo says:

    My ex doesn’t pay maintendance and my child is 13 yrs old I don’t. I don’t have his details how do I go about making him pay the maintendance ?

  • Dineo says:

    How do I get my ex to pay maintandance for our 13yrs old I don’t his details?

  • jason says:

    I’m looking for a bit of help from ppl if us can! I live with my partner an 3 children in Scotland. I only have 1 child with my current partner the other 2 children are from a previous relationship. I stay at home an care for children while my partner works. What I’m wanting help with is my ex partner,whom is the ‘mother’ of my other 2 children. She as since married an had another child with her husband. However getting finiacial help from those 2 is like pulling teeth! I am wondering if it is worth me going through cms to try and get help to get some kind of maintenance. As far as I am aware my ex doesn’t work but her husband does,but that’s not to say she working on side!I can’t prove that though.do cms take her husbands wages into consideration for payments. All help greatly appreciated.

  • Ben says:

    Having seen all the above comments could somebody please confirm for me….

    CSA will take into account my partners earnings (NRPP) only if my case was before 2003?

    As my CSA case was way after 2003 then they cannot take into account my new partners earnings.

    I am worried that my payments could increase now that I have remarried. From what I can gather above I should not be worried as my case began after 2003 ???

  • Andrea says:

    My husband is on ESA its a joint claim and currently pays 5pound a week to his ex wife for 1 child, iam thinking of starting work as my husband cant, so if i did he wouldnt have any income. Iam i right in thinking that csa cant take my earnings into account. his case began after 2003

  • zss says:

    Ben, under csa1 they can take earnings into account, under csa 2 they cant take earning into account for your partner but they can take any tax credits you may have as it comes under an income.
    has anyone on here joined csahell on facebook or csa rip offs on facebook? I have joined and since found out lots of information. csa ripoff admin team are lisa Roberts and pete Roberts. they’ve helped loads of people who have come up with mysterious arrears and bullsh*t figures from csa.
    I recently had some advice… move out of your family home for a few weeks and ask your current partner to move you to contact cms and ask for payments via them. once the case has been opened any previous cases will be moved from csa 1 or csa2 to cms, making it 1.easier to understand(as everyones on the same page) and 2.payments should be more fair, and they cant take any tax credits from your partner or your kids that live with you into account.
    its really worth looking and joing the facebook pages. lisa Roberts is brilliant

  • dave says:

    glad its all over for me, i was hounded by them even when over 900 pound in credit.and when my son came to live with me and i rang them to claim the other way they would not even return calls so had no help. sexist i think so.

  • RS Man says:

    I am a contractor operating a Ltd company as Director. When I dont work (sickness or holiday) I dont get paid. Despite sending records to the CSA confirming my unpaid time they still wanted paying for a 5 week period when I recieved no income. How does that work?
    My ex is getting £900 a month (CSA2) for 2 children off of me whilst pleading poverty & screwing every penny out of local charities and council departments for every benefit and donation going claiming benefits and not working/ earning a penny for herself. She even had the cheek to get a charity to buy her a new cooker and washing machine despite my payments.
    During this time she wont let me have the girls overnight as this would reduce her income from me and has rejected my application for variance (reasonable travel costs) as i have to drive 140+ miles each way to see them. I just get sporadic daytime only offers. I am considering signing my company over to my wife (NRPP) and drawing a minimum wage. Is that a) legal & b) going to reduce my payments. I have no leverage at all for my ex to agree to a contact order. She has refused mediation and rejected a contact offer from my solicitor. Taking her to court is going to cost £1000 in fees and costs that she does not have to stick to. Her bitterness is stopping my daughters having a relation ship with me.
    I hope to give her money tree a shake as the CSA dont care abiout the NRP what so ever.

  • Andy G says:

    I can only conclude that the NRP is left to rot.Yet as you all notice,CMS promote themselves as a equal and supportive agency…what a load of crap..
    you loose your house.you loise your job.not worth having a job anyway..
    CMS then hound you for any earnings you get.you are accused of abuse court orders and costs that are implimented for you trying to see your kids for about one
    hour a week..then after all that ex changes at will any contact..
    back to court only to find the judge supports the mother as she puts on a award winning performance infront of the judge….and it goes on…
    so in essance to it all dont get a job.live off benefits..
    the kids will loose out but she will only reduce contact any way..the winners in all this are solicitors..just see it know, shall I write another letter to your ex..yea great,thats £100.00 please…
    Is there any true forums for challenging CMS..
    I read all the supportive forums for dads etc and basically they are all a load of crap…

  • marion says:

    It works both ways. My ex moans of paying a percentage of his earnings to support his two children. We divorced , he cut his payments due to claiming he was supporting his girlfriends two kids even though they get supported by their fathers through csa & this was allowed. So even though his gf kids are already provided for , he can take of ours to give them even more. It makes no difference theirs is a two income house & mine is only one. His is top wack wage mine only minimum. I’m a working mum which all of my income goes into providing for our children , how can he moan only part of his does ?? I left him & as I couldn’t afford court he kept our house, pensions & now spends them on his gf soon to be wife & his own children get less because his gf has two kids how is this fair. Its definately taking off my kids to pay for hers when hers are also being paid for by their dads ??

  • kelly says:

    my partner pays 207 month including arrears… He recently had a fulltime job and pays that’s much.. He doesn’t see the child at all because all his ex cares about is money money money…. We all know it’s goes on fags and £1 microwave meals for her child she recently had he child taken off her but then had her back few months later of social services… We had to move house to a cheaper one because we couldn’t afford all this on one wage.. I think it’s horrendous to think ctc is taken in to account when it’s your own hold money my husbands e’s child is nothing to do with me or my kids she had her own income support and her own tax credit … csa is one fucked up company single mums with kids r Laughing on benifits and getting an extra couple hundred a month .. that worst thing is she doesn’t claim of there other ex for the other child she has even tho that dad doesn’t bother .. its mad they only claim of one dad and not the other kids dad…. utter jeliousy I think…

  • Alan says:

    Csa or cmo should take into account the nrp rent or mortgage, fuel, food, utility bills! I am all for fathers supporting financially but they should not be left under financial strain while the pwc has handouts left right and centre and way more than they need! I am 33 and if I was single I would have to live with my parents until my kids were 18 before I could have a place of own! Sick!

  • ang says:

    I would just like to know if my partners earnings will get taken into acct when i calculate what weekly maintenance i pay to my ex? I cared for my son for 16 yrs and battled with my ex over maintenance he shud pay every month/yr. This yr my son wanted to go to college where his dad lives so weve agreed to let him stay with his dad for this period. Now his dad wants the same level of maint as he gave me in the last yr which is nowhere like what he paid me in 10 yrs and as i am only 16hrs working at min wage, the maintenance service calculater says i shud pay £10 a week. I actually pay this already and extras up to £60 a month. Im under the understanding my partners earnings wont gettaken into consideration as it is after 2003 and its a private agreement but i need to be sure as my ex is a total unintelligent bottom dweller that wont stop at anything in making my life difficult despite me trying to be fair for all of us including my son.

  • Amanda says:

    I don’t understand how NRP or their new partners have the cheek to moan about child support payments. Just because you’ve decided to abandon your original family doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore! You feel you’re being punished for ‘moving on’ but why do you believe that moving on should be easy? You were happy enough to make the children but then don’t want to be responsible for giving them the best life possible. If you had stayed with their mother/ father you wouldn’t HAVE to find money to pay rent or a new mortgage or for the support of you new children with someone else. People should work on their relationships and stop jumping ship whenever the feeling takes them. Learn to love the person you’re with instead of always looking for better around the corner. The only reason to leave a relationship is if you’re with someone who is violent or physically abusive. Other than that people should be given help to work on their relationships for the sake of the children and couples with children should be forced to go to counselling and held accountable for their part in the problems in the relationship. Then we wouldn’t have all this trouble. It’s pathetic

  • Sara hall says:

    Well in answer to Amanda 11jan 2016 u obviously have not been emotionally abused for nearly 20yrs or tried for the same amount of time to work at a marriage, or then have to cope with the feeling that you have failed because you spouse is a control freak, and that nothing you do or have ever done is going to be right. And when you do try to initiate marriage guidance you are told its in your head making you again question your own sanity abuse isn’t just physical. And even after divorce still continues to bully/ intimate and emotionally abuse you whilst preventing access to children and throwing wild untruthful accusations about enough to make an emotionally stable person want to run for the hills. It’s not about abandoning the”original family” or being “punished” for moving on its about staying sane and alive because there isn’t anything else unless your lucky enough to find a second chance at happiness or would u denied this to someone who has had 20yrs of hell. Moving on was hard but not as hard as living in a nightmare marriage that was controlling abusive lonely scary and loveless!!!

  • Ruby says:

    Whilst us full time parents are under strain to support are children , working , providing why should the other parent not legally pay us what are children rightly should have ….both parents bring a child into the world .and having a child is financially hard so when your saying its a strain for the other parent and it’s unfair the CSa takes what they do from your wages remember the stain of the full time parent and there outgoings to provide for that child , that’s part and parcel of having children , your mortgage surprisingly doesn’t come first your child does so you should consider that when looking into houses , rent or whatever .exactly like the full time parent does .

  • katie says:

    My ex parter at uni works 16 a week I was told 12 hours or more he said I’m a full time student and work 16 hours so he don’t have to pay is that right

  • elzabeth mckechnie says:

    im a sinlge mother who up until October of last year had virtually no problems with obtaining maintenance payments from my sons dad. apart from a couple of bumps regarding payments and contact we managed to keep things civil enough. due to him getting into drugs he lost his very well paid job and has been in and out of work ever since. i have no sympathy for him but what angers me is he lives with his ex partner, thier son and her 13 year old son to another man who pays maintenance for his son but when calculating what my son is due from his dead beat dad csa include his ex partners son in this even though his mother works full time, she and my ex are not married and and his father already pays csa for the boy. also if this boy who isnt his son is taken into account regarding my sons payments then why isn’t her earnings took into account when deciding what my son is due. i do not want or need her money but find this extremely hard to deal with. the worst thing about it is a FATHER should want to give their kid(s) the best of what you can afford not the bare minimum the law says you should pay. i pay for everything for my son EVERYTHING with no help but at least i can look bak through all my financial struggles and know that i did my very best for my son….can dead beat dad say the same?

  • Pam says:

    I have a 17 year old daughter who has never received maintenance from her father, firstly as he has never been interested in her well being and secondly he does not yiink its his responsibility to pay for her. I left the relationship when my daughter was quite uoung due to his violence. I have since worked hard to find my feet, but have struggled through. My daughters Dad decided to move to my neighbourhood 5 years ago, with his partner, flaunting his 7 bedroom house ( worth £750,000) 2 flats in London, ( worth £1000000) two brand new cars, while running his own business. I have begged him to pay me maintenance as i am really struggling to cope, but he refuses. The last straw came in desperation when he said he would pay me maintenance if i worked for him. Being so very desperate i agreed and for the last year have worked at his company earning minimal money a month, working full time for him. I finally left, as everyone was telling me that i was being very foolish and that he should be paying his daughter without me working. He has now blackmailed me and said if i didnt work he would not pay for our daughter. I have refused and he has stuck to his word and not paid our daughter maintenance and has catagorically stated that i need to work for him to get any money for her. This man is the lowest of the low.

    Please help me someone, getting really down about this, as i now have no income and my small business is no longer making much money. Please advise if i can take him to court etc????

  • Tracy Thomas says:

    The system is a joke,one that punishes genuine parents who want to take responsibility and does jack about those that dont,

  • Mr A says:

    I’ve been there…. It’s a joke, have a court order in place, but it isn’t enforced, contact was denied, so I sought police assistance, not their worry, get the court involved (another£1k) received a crime reference number.

    I take my daughter back home late 1 Sunday, only to be threatened with legal action from the same police station, as I’d not adhered to the court order. I was stuck in traffic, ( i called to inform) like you, I do all the travel 2hrs40mins each way at my cost.

    she couldn’t possibly afford to contribute on the £3k a month she on (CSA and benefits) The whole system is corrupt and out of date with the times, we are all equal, women are far from like they where treated as decades ago…. You’d be better off selling up and going on benefits, then you’d get legal aid, like my cheating lazy EX. Scum.

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