How can I reduce my CSA payments?


  • Dougals R Godwin says:

    How do you deal with this organisation?

  • antonybarker says:

    iv worked all my life and now thanks to csa i have to give my job up
    because i only get £6.15 phr 900hundred pm be4 tax then you take 300 pound ,
    time i pay rent by some food pay to get to work i have no money left
    soat this time i have to steel from work to eat cant wight to get court
    its the frist time in 25 year of working iv had to do this, when you can say it your chose sorry i have no chose my xwife and you you shoud look at things .
    people have to live pay bills spend time with your kids
    no job working
    rent paid pay rent
    70.00 pw pay 300 csa
    free time work 37 hpw
    and watch people behappy go to corut because you cart pay your
    so you tell me how to stay in work and not go to jail becase iv had enuf ok she said she wood destory me and she is thank you

    antony barker

  • Zux says:

    you would be better off going on benefits – JSA would reduce your rate to 5 a week and if you would be able to get free house from council = no bills, free healthcare, no problems
    if you decide to keep this job you could apply for ESA or working tax credit but unfortunately your ex will get a share of this too.

    sad law that is trying to destroy families struggling to survive.

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