Can I still claim CSA money if I remarry?

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6 thoughts on “Can I still claim CSA money if I remarry?

  1. In response to “can i still claim csa if i remarry” it begs the question “Why would you want to?”

  2. Well i pay and unable to have a life of my own.

    Ex wife has remarried and they have two homes, new car, work transport and plenty money to go on holidays twice a year and out three times a week

    Country need to focus on men and women who are going through what i am currently going through

    My ex and her family all the time since i split, turned my kids against me(bought them), as i could not afford to take them anywhere and were in a one bedroom bedsit, crying for the first two years. So see why suicide occurs in weaker people.

    So she is happily married with everything and getting richer through this joke csa set up

    Sorry but fathers for justice i am a big supporter of as some of us are overlooked

    My kids i child minded for ten years, whilst at the same time i went to work full time on the middle shift(she were part time from 22 year old0(and all i can say is for what as lost the lot

  3. I have three children and my ex wife ripped me off
    When we were married. She had debts over £40,000
    Emptied my kids account and joint accounts and
    Ripped off a charity and my Daughters playgroup.

    We split up after I got her out of the mess and
    We don’t get on since she had a new partner.
    She has now gone to CSA and the based the claim
    On last years wages £26,000 and I only earn £21,000
    So they are taking way to much that I can’t afford
    To live. How is it they can allow the mother to have
    A fantastic life style and the farther is on suicide watch.

    Csa is one sided and a totally joke as I would prefer
    To provide for my kids and not give it to the mother.

  4. I totally agree with this comment and I think many fathers are going thorough this problem. I have been already stressed out to why I am paying money to the mother who is saving up my money and spending less on kids. Also I agree that the money should not go into mother account even if it is going to a mother account there should a way that mother should provide prove of spending on children.

  5. Just received a letter from CMS. Apparently I owe £1500 to these people for something.
    Never heard from them before. Phone then up and because I don’t know some 7 digit password they won’t speak to me.
    All it says in the letter is pay is or we take legal action against you with a breakdown of costs for deduction of earnings orders and liability orders etc.
    What else can I do?

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