What is the maximum amount the CSA can take from me?

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  1. The CSA will generally demand payment from no resident parents for children at the rate of 15% of your earnings for one child, 20% for two children and 25% for three or more children. If you have amassed arrears with the CSA, as most claims seem to result in, the CSA will also demand arrears payments at the same time. The maximum by law they say they can take from someone is 40% of their pay, after tax.

  2. Csa have just till me I will be paying 25% for cya and another 30% for my areas that call was this morning

  3. i am writing to say that the csa are taking over 400 pound a month off me in my wages,leaving me with 799 a month to live on which just about covers my monthly bills.myself and my family a struggling to live.this month I had extra pay that my work owed me and they took 1068 pound off me after tax and national insurance and left me with 799 again that is way more than 40% .I originally had an agreement with my exes and was paying them every month but the csa got in touch and said I was in arrears,i told them about the agreement but they didn’t care my eldest daughter is 21 and has a life of her own but they are still taking money for her I don’t know what to do we are so struggling now I need help. thanks.

  4. Marc, the maximum the CSA can take from your wage is 40% in any frequency, however the letter that is sent to your employer with the deduction of earnings order is worded badly. It says something like ”Please deduct X amount every week/fortnight/month, and after this deduction, the remaining wage to be paid to your employee must be no less than (X amount).

    It doesn’t actually say don’t take more than 40%, so when you get paid more for a bonus or overtime or whatever, your employer will likely still take everything over the amount the CSA said you must be left with.

    It may be that your employer has seen the line which reads ”Leave Marc with this much money every week” so that’s all they leave you with whether you do overtime or not. If this is the case, ask CSA to speak to your payroll, or skip the middle man and speak to payroll yourself. They’ll probably want to speak to CSA to confirm but it means you don’t have to…

  5. WOW !! This is one to make you stand to attention. I have being contacted by the CSA who state I owe them £64, 000 for a twenty two man I know nothing about. It would appear to have been the result of a one night stand in 1992.

    To say my world has been destroyed is an understatement !! My current salary is approx £18 K, how much can they take from my salary per month?

    Any help or advice would be really appreciated, as my existing family life has just collapsed !!

  6. absolute joke the csa are. My ex has stopped me from seeing my son for 11 years, he believes another man is his dad and yet she feels entitled to get the csa to take my money.

    This whole organisation just facilitates and allows women to have thier cake and eat it in more ways than 1.

    Abolish the csa, and force people to come up with amicable agreements. Its too easy as it stands for the woman to make the mans life a living hell and get away with it.

  7. My partner has to pay CSA and they leave him £400 a month to live on after failing to recognise he had been paying CSA and she claimed to not have got any money so now he has to back pay… This is ridiculous that is not enough to live on and were stuck in shared accommodation and always struggle to feed his son when we have him stay on the weekends..

  8. My partner pays £128 a week on csa, he only brings home £328 and we have a young son ourselves. It leaves us nothing to live on by the time weve paid our bills, most times of the week we skip meals so our son can eat and i work part time aswell, i think its about time we all join together and stand against the csa and put our cases higher up, ive read that people have actually committed suicide because theres no way out for them!@@@@

  9. Hiy my name is Des Lowndes I’ve got three children with one ex and two children with another ex need some advice how much is the mostrich the CSA can take of me they take 260.00 a month already for 3 children so how much more money would I have to pay on top can someone tell me please I bring just over a grand a month help need advice

  10. When you get made to pay csa the csa come after you and basically tell you that you have to.pay for your children which ok I guess is fair in a way but when they tell you that when the other partner gets the money foe the children they can spend it on anything they want as in like going out drinking partying gambling clothes foe them.selves etc etc and they don’t have to spend it on the kids and they carnt do anything about it but tell you that you have to pay for your kids and come after you form it and then just give it away this is wrong and this service is wrong if your paying down your children then the money should go to them just like if you want to but a bmw car for instance and you turn up and they give you a wheel barrow and say ow sorry not our problem this would be sorted it’s wrong and disgusting service

  11. I’ve just been told by my employer that I am going to lose 40% of my wages for arrears I wasn’t told I was in. I’ve been denied access for 3 years yet I’m the one treated like a criminal. I’ve never missed a payment in 3 three years yet I’m in arrears I don’t understand it I don’t get a straight answer from the csa. I’m beyond suicidal I have to go home and tell my family I can’t support them after these deductions. We’ll lose our home, we will be ruined. I am at the end of my rope and I don’t see any future now.

  12. The truth is Csa makes men lives hell, they set us for a life of failure, I see it as a torture,
    When you are reported to child maintenance which is my case though I have been consistently paying in 100 pounds from my tiny salary,, it is heartbreaking

  13. Well i have to pay £940 a month and im living in my car while my ex wife has 4 bed house a d a new car, something needs to be done with the csa as the are crooks and they make women take advantage of other people

  14. Don’t have children if you can’t pay for them as for spending money on themselves ???? I’m sure ur children are clean ,fed, warm, roofs over their heads ,shoes on their feet . I’m sure while the mother is at home sat on her ass cause children don’t need round the clock care and attention !! while you are out doing what you want if you don’t want to have to pay put something on the end of it , and if you did pay for your children csa wouldn’t be involved.

  15. Thank the lord someone said it! You guys think you can just have kids when your young, relationship ends and you forget about so Called kid! Grow up, buy a house, get married and start a new fam, life all hunky dory. Then boom that poor young lass you got up the duff and decided it was just coz you was young, even tho she been raising, struggling with your forgot about child, for the last 20 year while you grew up, the csa finally decide you need to cough up and your all devas and guna be homeless ha ha what the hell you think we all went through as single parents, trying to put food on table, gas, elec, clothes, toys and trying to pass a driving test and get a sitter while we try and better our selves and kids working! Welcome to parent Hood you fools! Can’t just forget about your 1st borns, if you didn’t wanna pay stop bloody reproducing! Also your new wife’s should be slapping the shit out you, just as I would my hubby!

  16. If yous were good dad’s or mams in 1st place and paid to help your kids each week yous wouldn’t be in this situation! Don’t get me wrong there is the few that have paid privately and been screwed, but seriously yous didn’t keep proof? Bigger fools you!

  17. My partner payed for his daughter till she was 21bit he had 8month of work had cardiac arrest now the CSA say he owe that money he wasn’t working only got sick pay does he have to pay

  18. I am in a care home and the local council takes all my income from my pensions to pay for the care home fees.I have £2.42 per week disposable income.How can I pay £12 per week child maintenance?

  19. Your so embarrassing Donna! The way you write is awful! Your probably a little chav as they say in your language! Please stop with the awful wording your using.

  20. Guessing yiure one of those milking the system get a wage from dads.yiure right,cant affird them,dont have them goes for both dads and moms.dont have them to claim an income from dads.

  21. Yeah cos csa isnt used by many many parents to earn a wage,nothing to do with the child nest interest.

  22. Do I have rights with the CSA as to how much I should be paying for my three children

  23. Yeah, I sent factual proof, hard evidence to cms about how she’s lied, stating I never had one of my girls before such n such date and that I hadn’t paid.
    I proved this to be crap and just her mouth spurting crap with evidence but I still owe a debt ext.
    It states on there letter any info given falsely can lead to a fine of 1000 pounds and prosecution.

    They finally after a year read the info I sent and back dated me some of my case, which means they’ve accepted that she gave false word of her mouth information, where is her fine or court prosecution, they are not fair in any means and only stand by taking good peoples money while the actual scum get away without paying.

  24. No the fact is I’ve proven to csa I’ve had them and paid for them, I love my girls, the back payment is there based on a lie.

    I’m not saying what I done was stupid, or anything as we as adults decided to have our two.
    What I disagree with is that the person making the claim does this out of spite, not love for our two girls.
    Csa take a handling fee, thats money extra I could give them when we go to Cornwall together or just to the park for ice cream.

    My current partner a very decent women, she works in a school helping those less fortunate she has a boy of her own and we have a daughter now together, what do you think she thinks of my ex and would she dare have a kid with a man that didn’t love and support his family….your ill educated and vlearly can’t fathom that there are men and women out there being falsely accused and taken to the cleaners for being decent men and women.

    I struggle but I love them and would rather struggle being honest and withy head held high than a lying scumming taker

    About time miss Laura-jayne hembley told the authorities she had a man living there while claiming benefits and he works full time….your a joker love, sit down and maybe think if ypu can that there are people that are being taken advantage of by those being absolute scum in return.

    And my 250 a month she gets does not go them which it SHOULD

    That’s money she gets extra tax free and if I wasn’t working she wouldn’t get so thats for them not her harvester nights out and buying him beer

  25. Thank you.I’m sitting up here laughing so hard at these comments especially the one right above yours.He’s mad because the woman can buy whatever she wants with the money and she’s living good and he’s not,lmbo.they should be thankful to only be paying CSA and not having the child 24/7????!!!

  26. These comments are hilarious.Y’all cheap mfs complaining about CSA payments that’s only adding up to a food bill when that woman is taking care of that child 24/7-food,clothing,shelter,school supplies,phone bills,entertainment,etc.If y’all can’t afford to feed a child just stop fkn because it’s a possibility that a child would be made and you can’t afford a lil cheap food expense.Y’all mfs are pitiful and jealous because that woman is still maintaininv.That little CSA payment she’s receiving from y’all is not paying any of her major bills so y’all can pump the brakes on this????.

  27. How dare you make sweeping assumptions. My wife left me for my uncle taking my 5 children with her. My only crime was being a caring loving father. My ex wife now is treated by the csa as the victim. I’ve always paid up for my children but my ex wife got caught fiddling her benefits and during that investigation she was advised to take me to the csa without ever warning me first. Because they advised her she would get more. The kids were comfortable and happy there was no need for the csa to get involved. I’m now treated like a criminal. The whole system is appalling. I echo many people comments here. You comment is ignorant and insulting

  28. It’s really really difficult to get a DEO , your ex partner will of had numerous chances to pay previously …. it’s taken me a year now to be able to get a DEO on my ex partner the reason for a DEO is because of no payments or underpayments he’s made , this is a last resort method.

  29. Er hello, there’s 2 sides of the story if u must know Donna kebab, what would you know, u should probably look at a guys situation too, not just talk rubbish mate, typical woman, u can’t just jump to conclusions, trying knowing the situations first

  30. Stupid bitch, get a fuckin job instead of leeching of your fuckin ex partners who had the good fuckin sense to dump evil bitches like you in the first place.

  31. Ad is needed my ex and me had finical agreement in a way that when I needed something we discussed if he had money he would help. However csa have got involved due to his first wife claiming and living saying he only has one child hers. She then lied about his address he received no letters. Net thing you know half his wage is taken. This has left him struggling unable help with our son. As I don’t want him to have any less it not possible so have told him forget our agreement until he is sorted. However csa are not taking is word into our son keep saying they will phone me to clarify. No phone call. And monts now she has been receiving far too much at the expense of my child through lies and she has done this knowingly trough spit. How is this possibly allowed and what can I do about it to help him. I have made complaints everything and each month same they take payments give his ex wife.

  32. How much would i have to pay to csa i have a 3 children one who is 16 and from another mom and 2 children one is 6 and other is 3

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