Can the CSA help me to see my children?

CSA Answers

  • No, the CSA has no powers (or interest) in non resident parents having access to their children. The Child Support Agency is purely interested in collecting money from non resident parents.

  • Robert Camacho says:

    CSA States” No that they do not help or interest in reuniting a parent. with their children. I believe it’s a contradiction to call yourselves Child Support Agencies yet you, will with no good cause or without the welfare of a child as your responsibility and within your power you would refuse to reunite a father and his children due to the mother kidnapping a Mans (my) children. You see as it turned out the mother took the children out of the state and when the FATHER (ME) the week before the fathers visit. When he went to pick them up for his court mandated visitation scheduled weekend she had disappeared with the kids with not trace. You see this father(me) did everything by the CSA and Family Courts law and the police and he was given all rights as a parent with joint custody yet during this kidnap these agencies did nothing and furthermore, they even made it impossible for the father(me) and denied assistance yo the point the father was given the final recourse to stop the search for his children or he would be ruined financially.
    As it turned out decades later, just this year my daughter now 21 confided in my other daughter that her mothers older boy from another relationship was molesting my child (daughter). Horrid that was the reason she just mysterious disappearance with my children. These agencies all let this happen.
    What could I do to condemn these family DESTROYERS!

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