What if I can’t afford to pay the CSA?

CSA Answers

  • Ayodeji Ayodele says:

    The motherbof my child wants me to give her 300 pounds per month for nursery cost. I explained l can only pay what l can afford due to the amount of my wages that l earn. I have to live as well pay food electritc clothing, and also travel as rent. My rent costs me 350 pounds amonth. I think she become money hungry and not understanding. I used to give all my wages every month when our child was born till March 2022 2years of giving her money she doesn’t remember that.

  • Luke says:

    Reading these posts just hits home that the system is
    Broken !!

    I’m being hounded for 20 grand back maintenance even though I’ve paid nearly £80 grand in maintenance’s!

    Tried to explain till I’m blue in the face they just don’t care and listen every time I make a payment there saying I should be paying double even though I physically couldn’t afford that ..

    I’ve already had a liability order for 5 grand against me I paid and it nearly broke me to earn do so…

    How is this even fair or legal ? Surly they have to take your outgoings into account .. but no .. joke .

  • H says:

    Am in exactly the same as you I earn alot less not even scrapping 21000 but they seems to think I can pay 300 a month I’m barely living I have no money after one week of been paid and I have my daughter staying with me 152 days a year so how am I expect to feed my daughter the gov a wrong and should look at your out going. Thing is my ex has signed an agreement that I have written out she sign and I have so surely she can get done for a breach of a mutual agreement

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