What if I can’t afford to pay the CSA?

CSA Answers

  • Simon says:

    Simple one really

    My ex-wife refused to accept my maintenance payments for my children as paart of an access dispute. A year later, through the court process I started to try and get access by, she made a CSA claim for maintenance, even though she originally refused my money!

    Anyway, getting to the Point, the CSA have now made their assessment and I cannot afford it due to my other financial commitments (I’m not talking about a lavish lifestyle, just rent, food, essential bills).

    What do I do, where do I stand? I know the CSA comes first, bit this now leaves me about £300 p.m. short. It Does doesn’t seem fair that they just base their assessment on how much I earn. I earn a good wage, but because of where I live, living costs are high. I have arrears of £900 which they agreed to spread over a year but even without the arrears I cannot afford the payments.

  • Emma says:

    Hi, my boyfriend is having a similar problem. He has no issue paying the csa, however taking into consideration cost of living the payments are far too high. His ex has never wanted money off him before but all of a sudden has got the csa involved and now he owes back payments. But same as you even the basic cost is going to cripple us financially. We’re renting atm and i’m not sure we’re going to be able to even afford that anymore, let alone buy somewhere eventually loike we’ve had planned. Just wondering really if you sorted this at all?

  • Amanda jones says:

    Hi csa said I had to pay 40 per cent of my wages which I couldn’t afford I was behind with all my bills owed money everywhere I was suicidal they wouldn’t help me at all I eventually had my house repossessed and moved into a tiny flat still paying csa most of my money I was on the edge of ending it all I begged and pleaded with them with no sympathy at all from them , I eventually had to move back in with my parents at age 45 . I have now remarried and csa just kept putting the payments up putting a strain on my new marriage I eventually gave up my job I had trained years to do and which I loved and now have no income and my husband supports me it was the only way to get them off my back ..I had shared custody of my kids and because he was unemployed he lied and said I only had them one day a week just to get money from me they believed him not me even though I sent receipts for payments I made to him csa shoud be ashamed

  • michael says:

    were do I stand if I have had a week of sick,im struggling to make monthly payments as it is but next payday I will be about 400 short so I know I cant make the payments due to other bills and mortgage payments

  • David Bourne says:

    I’m knee deep in arrears with this shower
    Because of chargers which is not child support just the administration of …
    They have put me in debt I’ve paid asked to pay direct to my ex who refused ok deduction of earnings in 11 months they have taken £3200 and still want more
    No food no way of getting to work
    I love my kids and if I had the a descent wage money would me no object
    But I live in Britain that is corrupt for money council tax water tax TV tax road tax mot tax food and tax on petrol not only a child tax for profit ???
    How is it in the best interest of the country to punish men biological parents who want their children in their lives
    Be abused by a goverment agency for profit it’s just a scam to exploit money from the poor or low income workers
    So kids don’t need homes toys food by the discriminated parent no just we are a bank
    To give to controlling cocersive ex partners who think that they have a right to abuse us and our children
    The law should be changed on all sides to make what is best for our children’s future
    Not just to steal money right now
    Oh we’ll take your car home
    Again how is that in our children’s best interests
    Child support my be lawful but taking garnished wages is unlawful

  • Ben senior says:

    Hi o really need help on a few issues please I’ve broke up with ex and child maintenance are involved and they did an assessment on me based on last years tax return coz I’m self employed and I was earning good money last year with a company I worked for for 11 years but at end of last year they went into liquidation and had to find new job which now I’m earning half the amount I was but still I’m paying the same n I feel I need to quit my job to stop my arrears building up coz I have my kids twice a week so the little money I have left over I spend on then on food nappies etc and coz I’m self employed my wages vary up and down all the time one week I cud be working the next I’m not and also I’m down has living at my mums but I spend most off time at new girlfriends and she has two children and I help her out if I can so will they put that into consideration even if I’m not down has living they thankyou your advise would be greatly appreciated

  • Simon Bolt says:

    I could really do with help/advice/cyanide pill, any one of those will do at the moment. I’m in £27k debt, which StepChange are trying to help me with, my income is less than my outgoings, i have a 3 year old Son who’s being assessed for Autism/Aspergers and our Landlord won’t renew our tenancy, won’t tell us why and so we have to find somewhere else to live….
    I have two children with my Ex-Mistake and this new CSA firm are screwing me over massively. I was currently paying £300 a month with the old CSA but this new firm have turned up, flexed their muscles and all of a sudden they now want £500 a month from me!! The reason?…. HMRC have me earning £39,000 a year. Yeah i was, last April, but that company has gone into liquidation and i’m now scraping £32,000. But these scumbags don’t care, they have ‘Information’ on my £39k so they’re using that. It doesn’t matter that I have a dozen new payslips here, telling a different story, or about my money issues in the opening paragraph. Paying that much will cost me everything, my current relationship, my Son, any chance in affording somewhere else, everything! I thought my Ex and I were on OK terms, but now i’ve seen the real greedy, selfish, spoiled her and i’m glad we’re apart. This new CSA have FAR TOO MUCH power, they take nothing into consideration (ie, my debt and problems or the massive amount her partner earns) and you can’t turn to anyone for help or to argue against them. It’s like screaming at a brick wall. I don’t have the amount of money they are asking for and you can’t get blood out of a stone. But they are certainly going to try!!

    If anyone has any advice that can help me i’d be grateful. I obviously want to pay for my children, but i need to keep a roof over my other one too!

  • claire says:

    just read the other comments and me and my husband are in the exact same position, old csa charge us 135 a month and its now gone up to 180 a month! my husband has explained im on maternity leave and we are struggling to get by as it is! he was told that child maintenance is like council tax it has to be paid despite this most likely causing us to lose our house. i am beyond annoyed fathers have NO rights at all im starting to think the government are making it easy for some women….have a one night stand unprotected sex, hopefully get pregnant track down the dad, refuse to let them be involved knowing full well court costs and supervised visit fees will cripple them financially and eventually have to accept they cant have that child in their life and youve got a good source of income for 16-19 years! its like a sperm doner that pays you money each month! so angry my heart goes out to all of you people that are going through the same as my husband the system is warped!!!!

  • Jai says:

    If we all pull together I’m sure we can get our voices heard and do something about this? Maybe I’m being naive but they can’t just TAKR money.. or can they!?

  • Gary says:

    Can anyone give me any advice my ex is screwing me over with csa.
    Iv had to go through an IVA to try and sort my debts out because I’m that broke iv offered to pay her £200 a month which is a lot less than I was earning but because I was made redundant I’m now earning half of what I used to earn but the csa won’t listen to a word I’m saying.
    My ex has lied about money iv give her in the past and about me having my kids over night but as far as the csa are concerned is well Mrs Ex says this so we don’t believe you.
    What am I meant to do just leave work and sign on the jsa.
    The system is a joke

  • Sue says:

    I’m sick of the csa, my husband cannot afford to work
    Full time because of the money they want, the council don’t
    Take the money into account and I think they should, for us and his ex!
    I have 6 kids who’s dad sadly passed away so no extra money for my kids, so mine are ment to go without and suffer because his ex is greedy and not even needing the extra income! Her new bloke has no kids to support and is on a high wage!
    We are happy to buy and support his kids but the payments need to be calculated properly and working out rent benefits etc! It should also be classed as a income her end!
    After all child benefit is classed as a income

  • Michael says:

    Hi guys, not going to even explain my case as its the same as all. Paid ex last 8 years now she’s wants more cms or CSA want 385 a month for 1 child. Do they not think to suggest they get a job first. Again no issues paying but be realistic. My son lives far so now I’m not only on verge of giving up work and been bankrupt I also will no longer be able to go visit my son. We need a huge stance outside there office, we need the media. I have some written evidence on CSA and maintenance we need to get them to confess on camara. How do we start

  • John says:

    I’m in the same boat as all of them of you. The CMF are a joke! I have one child I have a a mortgage and am just scraping by, got a bill today which they want me to pay £600 more a month!!! Tried to ring them but can’t talk till Monday. I have never missed a payment in my life but I fear now I could lose my house, and everything I have worked so hard for all my life. My ex doesn’t work, lives in ocean housing, got 2 daughters buy 2 different dads 1 is mine, 2 cats 2 dogs and lives in a ##it hole. Sitting on her backside while I am ripped off time and time again. I don’t begrudge paying for my daughter but the CMF never take into account your outgoings? What am I supposed to do? I can’t afford this, I’m going to loose everything. I’m beside myself with worry. Somebody please help us.

  • Olivia Henry-Riley says:

    Hiya im having the same problem me and my partner have a son and he has a son with someone else (which he never wanted) he told her this from the start she trapped him. Now CSA are taking him to court about it saying he has to paid so much a month. Which we can’t afford. Really don’t know what to do

  • I hate CSA says:

    Basically my ex stopped contact with his children and I never heard anything for a year, I was struggling to pay for my children so I called CSA! They told me he was eligible to pay something! 2momths down the line I have heard nothing and he’s just got married had a two week holiday in Croatia while I am struggling to make ends meat on my 16 hours of work! BUT my current partner has been told by CSA he has to pay £300 a month for 1 child!!! WHAT this is crazy money! I wouldn’t even expect that from my ex!! How the hell do they come up with these calculations! Yeah my partner has a good job! But what about our rent the 3 children who live at home the debts and bills! We can just about live now! I’ve had to leave my baby to go to work just so we can cover food shopping. We are both very depressed now. He’s been paying his way for 10 years for his daughter and all of a sudden his ex has got a greedy cow and wants more so she can fund her lavish lifestyle. His kid won’t see a penny of that. Yet my ex has a lavish lifestyle and doesn’t seem to have to pay naff all!! I don’t understand how all this is supposed to be fair in anyway!!!

  • David Liddell says:

    Just got csa payment on my wage 4 days before xmas
    Definitely can’t afford to live now make £1500
    Per month everything bills wise not including
    Food or petrol .cant live without money or food need
    Petrol to get to work can’t afford petrol

  • Lee says:

    My ex when we split demanded to know how much it give her before deciding how often I could see my 2 children. Cut a long story out. The cms have calculated my earnings 6.5k more than I earn and my payment have gone from £80 to £427. I have my kids Sunday 10 am through to wed afternoon,every week, and 2 weeks summer holiday. I can barely afford to exist as things are. They’re enforcing my missed payment and taking it from my wages.. over a weeks wages now cant get over time and can no longer provide for my kids in any way now. Having to leave work as can’t afford petrol etc.. but that’s ok for the cms even though it was set up to ensure children don’t live in poverty when with either parent. They have it so wrong. Shes not in any need of my money as she has a new partner who supports her. She’s had 7 holidays in two years 6 without the kids. And yet I’ve had none as I can’t afford to take my kids away. Just so unfair..when will women be told to do extra work and provide for they’re children like us men are doing. I for the last 2 years have never missed a payment and for the 3.5 days I don’t have the kids, I work 60 hrs a week. Not I’m losing everything including my children yet again because of an unethical system.

  • Cms biggest fan says:

    jUSTICE from cms lol .. anyway hears my story so for long time I’ve payed about 130 for my two children from my wage and I agree pay for your children so I get them one night a week over and every second weekend so after some time my ex partner .. she such nice lady .. called cms told them I don’t see my kids so got letter email the usual stuff so gave them a call and try to find out what the nice lady said and to cms … so she said I have no contact with them ? WOW for me and I should pay more 300 more lol so I try to tell them I see my kids and they told me it’s what she said that counts if we both can’t agree so no JUSTICE for me now I owe one year areas lol because she lied and I don’t have court order to prove kids stay way me one.., thing she has over me is experience as she had two kids when I meet her and she toke them to cleaners aswell so it seems she knows what she is doing good for her …and she can go for holiday twice a year aging good for her I wish I could just afford one night away lol …. anyway to all you other good fathers out ther just hang on and good luck and keep your head up …. but watch out the child maintenance are about …., or as they were called 80 years ago gastapo … bit of advice don’t try lie to them or hide because they will get you and rennet the world is ruled by money and if she wants it she will get it from you as cms only take there sides so now I live on Tesco own brand and there custard creams are not to bed lol good luck fathers I know how you feel ask for help don’t be proud or big strong guy who knows what’s best coz you will crumble and as for staff at cms ther all bunch of binge drinkers who don’t care about you they just want payed at end of month so don’t ask them for help or tell them your poor me story coz they don’t care trust me they hear our shit everyday day in day out your just a number to them a 12 digit number ….. hope all goes good for who ever reads my add and live long and prosper in 🖖

  • Cms biggest fan says:

    Is there anyone who can help fathers ???????????? If so please we need the help we really do need it and I just wonder what can be done way cms to be fair they need to take into other people outgoing for rent etc someone out there help us ???

  • angela foreman says:

    Hi, im after some advice, my partners ex wife is threatening to go to a solicitor because he hasn’t paid his maintenance for his 16year old son since January he owes her around £1200. it is not that he is refusing to pay her we jst don’t have any spare money and have been going through a really rough period. I wouldn’t mind but said ex wife Has the family home which is mortgage free, my partner let her have it in divorce. worth about £400k, she earne herself about £35k a year drives about in an 18 plate car, his other son still lives at home and earns more than my partner. she is also getting child benefit still has numerous expensive gadgets and has a lot of savings. She is pleading poverty. Should my partner still have to be paying so much to her if any.

  • Danielle antrobus says:

    Surely there should be a protest to parlement if you get local mps involved fight for fair child maintenance I was a single mum and got nothing coz my ex partner was self employed and zero income but iv been on the other side a good farther left in debt becouse of a greedy ex she’s claiming benefits illegally and says her partner who works full time doesn’t live with her we r basically paying for all three children two of witch are not my husbands but because he has a good job she get £40 a month more for 1 than I got for 3 it’s not even going to the child I think if we can get all the letters to parliament they would have to address it get the meds involved so people can’t ignor it and start a campaign farthest for justice worked dad now see there kids

  • Nikki says:

    Im having a similar problem. My ex took my son and he’s not working but claims benefits. I am going through court to get my son back and he wants CM. I rang them up saying I can’t afford it and he did nearly make me homeless. I had to downsize from a 2 bed to a 1 bed and I’m barely affording to live atm. I’m behind on rent and some bills as I was off sick for a few months. I’ve had to ask my manager to increase my hours as I can’t afford to live. He doesn’t pay bills so he’s doing what he wanted and being a full time dad.

    This annoys me so much as Im struggling. Now there taking it out of my wages to which I will be behind on my rent again. I fear I will become homeless if this carries on.

  • Jane Devenay says:

    Why is anyone allowing this to happen? My daughter inlaw claims other benefits so will remain in her nice new 4 bed , while my son has been told he’s got to pay 139 a week plus arrears and the collection fee .
    Of course he understands he has to pay towards there care but he’s a fisherman, living in high rent costal town .
    What foul government department try and rip someone’s life from under them .
    Come on sites like fathers for justice do something 😡

  • Sarah says:

    Can anyone advise on the length of time that repayments can be spread over? We are having problems contesting the figures that calculation have been made on. We are making payments regularly and as agreed but CMS want another £4000. They have said they want it paid back over 2 years but this just isn’t manageable. Does anyone know if it is possible to spread the payments over a longer term?

  • Nick says:

    Amazing that we live in a society where it benefits myself & partner to separate with me having to leave my 3 children and move into a bed sit as I cannot afford the payments to the csa for my son from my previous relationship over 11 years ago. The csa are asking for £348.00 per month.
    Now once I’ve left my current partner & children she will now be able to claim full rent allowance 25% deductions in council tax along with other benefits we are not currently entitled to, even though she is a stay at home mum with no income.
    Now I can live in a property and also get a 25% deduction in council tax.
    My current partner can then put a csa claim in and the money for all now 4 children is 524 per month now my old ex is only entitled to 138 per month to figure.

  • Aaron says:

    Sounds like we are all in similar boats reading the comments but here goes……..first the CMS have had me down for having 4 children since 2017 (I have 3 children that I pay cms for) they told me that I told them I have 4 children and when I asked for theor names n DOB’s 2 of the children had the same name n same DOB!!?? They told me its a clerical error on THEIR part but still want two years of arrears off me nearly 5k!!??? They have me earning less than 2 years ago but my payments this year are more than pervious years?? They want over £450pm from me!! I have a family with 2 children at home and simply can not afford to pay this amount and live. I find it insane that they dont take my cost of living into consideration. They said “your rent isnt a priority bill”……what???? So when im homeless where do i have my kids?? A support agency thats going to cause me to need support?? What kills me is the fact that im strangled by the cms to the point where i cant do anything with me kids when they are with me, i just cannot afford to, it feels like im a rubbish father becasue all the kids do is come, watch tv for the weekend and go. Probley get asked “what did you do all weekend?” And reply “nothing!” I then get slated on social media for being a “s#*t Dad”. Theres no sense here……wouldnt the cms and their mother want me to be a better father?? How can i do this with absolutely nothing left after they have robbed me!? Im sooo frustrated. Shall I give up my job and need supporting by this government myself?? It seems totally ironic that thats how these people have me thinking. Why is there no support anywhere for the absent parent?? Why do the cms just assume Im no good as a person? They a bullies, no wonder suicide rates are so high amongst men, they have the blood of hard working men on their hands. As sad as it is im wishing my childrens best years away as i cant wait for them to be old enough for this to stop! I just hope i make it!!

  • ian says:

    My story is very similar to many above, Initially had one job where quarter of my wage goes to pay CS. I have never had a problem paying. But i can’t afford with my bills such as rent, water, elec, council Tax, i haven’t eaten properly for months and regularly have to go to a friends and ask for help. its depressing and a rolling circle. There is no answer, i work now 2 jobs, but bear in mind a second job is taxed at basic rate, and CS calculate using the total from all jobs so i end “keeping” only 55% on the money earn’t in the second job. i do not go out, i have no contract phone. i am minus each month relying on friends. there is no help for me, im unable to downgrade from a 1 bed studio flat as still cheapest around. i cant share as i do have the children to stay occasionally. there is no saving for emergency costs such as find other transport due to train strikes. or even being able to buy treats for the kids when i see them and i see them every week. I feel like a shit dad because i can’t afford to take them out or treat them not even be able to buy a book. I despair whilst the quality of my life deteriorates, ever hungry working 2 jobs to no ones benefit. the kids are always left disappointed. I hate to think what my own children think of me, always tired I do the best with what i have and i be the dad that i can walking to see them each when ever i can. im tired of it. and after all this…. there is no where to ask for help, earn too much to get help from council or universal benefits. i would actually earn more living off benefits and using the system.

  • Dan says:

    I was coerced into having a kid on threat of homelessness, obviously relationship ended shortly after I helped her move out of a shitty area paid her deposit because i didn’t want my son to grow up in that environment. She basically went straight to CSA and immediately had to give up my flat to live in a HMO as i was already struggling to pay rent and basic bills so can’t have my other kids, I work a zero hour contract job because its the only jobs going in my area so constantly in and out of work, can’t afford anything besides rent and essentials getting more and more in debt that i have no hope of paying off recently became unemployed again and at this point im better off not working more then part time anyway.Im so colossally fucked its funny at this point.

  • Terry says:

    At the start of January I got a letter saying my payment was going up to about £100 a week and also getting charged £10 collection fee but IV always paid monthly plus I missed a couple of payments last year which I have tried to catch up on and known I was £144 in arrears which the letter I received in January said but just received another letting beginning of February wanting to increase my payments again because my ex doesn’t think she is getting enough and I’m know in arrears of nearly£1000 have had no communication with CMS and every time I call on the phone for over an hour trying to get answers and tell them I can’t afford to pay what they are demanding but all I get told is I have to pay even though it could cost me my home marriage and time with my younger kids and what makes it even worse my daughter who is 18 stay at school 5 nights a week and only stays with her mum 2 nights just don’t understand how the CMS can destroy a parent who wants to pay but can’t afford what that are told to pay

  • Steven says:

    Hi can anyone help I’m getting pumped over by my x wife and the CSA I was told to pay 380 a month for the days I had known my x wife had decided that I’m only going to get 2 days a month and now the CSA what 490 pound a month which I can’t afford why is it so one sided I have my own living cosy but that doesn’t come in to it it cost me over 40 pounds in petroleum to plck my kids up and with this new bill from the CSA I can’t afford to collect my kids it’s a joke

  • Darren says:

    Yes they can and will.
    It will stress you upset you and cot you everything.
    So so wrong im therr now
    Pleaded and begged
    But no help i will give uo work its the only way
    I live my girls an have always paid but cannot afford new calculation
    Its wrong but the only way.

  • Richard says:

    The CSA are not listening and they think I can afford £164 a month when I really struggled to afford even £100 so my ex girlfriend agreed to £100 because that was all I could afford but now she wants the full amount and I honestly can’t afford it I will lose my house if I have to pay that much I already have 2 kids living with me as well just feeling like im failing as a father because i can’t afford anything as it is

  • Ivan Reece cowen says:

    I have a mutual agreement paying my ex I have 2 children with, however my 3rd child with someone who wants nothing to do with me but yet still wants my money through csa is so brutal I’m going to have to quit work and claim benefits… as I am getting no help and pushing more in arrears with payments and every day living costs… I live on my own and have my full rent to pay… it’s like paying for my rent twice a month paying csa as well it’s just too much… I have my other Bill’s I have to pay and I’m struggling with everything else! This is putting a massive mental health issue on me… constantly depressed and stressed out as am just not making enough to live happy… in fact I’m working to pay Bill’s and that’s it. Phoning csa didnt help I was constantly told I’m the paying parent and they just work the figures not interested in me at all just as long as they get payments. In which come out my wages before tax so it hits me hard.

  • Anthony says:

    Hi can one help me im in arrears with csa they are telling me I have to either pay 110 a week or 219 a month which I cannot afford I have a partner and a 3 year old son I am the only one that works in the household and I am on minimum wage

  • Marie says:

    We are in the same boat. My partner had an agreement with his ex and was paying a mutually agreed amount every month. Has never missed a payment. We contracted Covid in March and as a household had to isolate. She went nuts when we told her we couldn’t have the children whilst isolation. Now as a backlash reaction she has gone to the CSA. The figure they have come back with is absolutely ridiculous. There is no issue in paying maintenance, just the amount that they are saying needs to be paid. They calculated it on HMRC figures, my partner has changed employment and is no on a lower salary. his ex was also a spendaholic and racked up £10,000 worth of debt in his name. At first she was paying for this as she agreed the debt was hers but now, since the Covid Isolation incidence she has also stopped paying that with the attitude, its in your name deal with it. So not only have we got the maintenance amount to pay but also the debt that although is in my partners name is intact hers. We are just about to send the mandatory reconsideration. The letter is 13 pages long, it also includes a complaint to be forward to the DWP Complaints handling team. We have already decided that we are taking the complaint all the way up the ladder to parliament if we have to and if the are assessment isn’t done fairly we will follow the appeal process and take this as far as we can. We are not taking this lying down. Total bias towards the parent with the children and no consideration for how the paying parent is going to live. Discrimination at its best. If it wasn’t for us being a couple and living together, he could not afford a roof over his head and to feed himself after they take what they want. How can the government justify taking that much money off people that they are forced into poverty. How is the minimum living wage not taken into consideration and protected. Then the maintenance works out on the balance left, if any at all.. Surely as a human right people require the basic living wage to be protected to be able to live.

  • Just another dad says:

    This country is a mess in my opinion. Desperate to see my kids, but constantly missing out and with child maintenance, mortgage and now IVA, little financial means to fight to see them. I don’t get a system that bases everything on your gross earnings, but doesn’t allow for what is affordable. Nothing else is setup like this and must push so many father’s or paying parents into the do do. I’m having to pay £650 a month in child maintenance, leaving me not a lot with existing car loan (negative equity so cannot sell), mortgage and general living costs.

  • Nick says:

    What kind of a society do we live in when theft like this is legalised?
    It is a joke, I won’t give my entire sob story here as it is the same as the rest.
    Two things worth mentioning are – When I first split up with my ex I paid the mortgage and all the bills for the first year and thereafter agreed to pay the mortgage and let her live in the house for free and sign it over to the kids. I was in the process of doing all of that when the CMS told me a case was opened against me. I avoided paying by telling them she was living in my house rent free and I was paying the mortgage which was a similar fee to what they were asking. They didn’t care, they just kept tabs on my ‘missed’ payments and treated me like a criminal that wasn’t paying for his kids.
    The lesson here is never make an arrangement without it being written up by a legal professional, all the texts I sent about the agreement we had made meant nothing!
    So the arrears started. Nothing I did or said reached any kind of sensible ears, and the arrears mounted.
    The other thing worth mentioning is that this April, for some unknown reason they added over £2000 worth of arrears which I have questioned because that’s about 3-4 months worth of what I should be paying, so even if I had made no payment, that amount shouldn’t have accrued.
    I asked over and over again for it to be explained but it was if the person I was talking couldn’t understand simple maths and that it was impossible to accrue so much arrears in one month when I don’t owe that much. They are upping my payments regardless to clear the arrears off which will leave me with £50 a week to live on after all necessary living expenses are paid. And I will have to use that money for food too which some might call necessary as well.
    The next lesson is don’t try to reason with them, it doesn’t work, and it only serves to frustrate you. Accept that they are a law unto themselves and currently answerable to no one. It won’t help you in any way other than to stop you wasting time on the phone with people that cannot hear anything you say.
    I’m getting a part time job, if I earn under the tax allowance and don’t have to pay this ridiculous amount of money I will actually be better off financially.
    I work 50-60 hours a week in a decent job, but I’m not doing it to have my money taken by a corrupt government that supports this corrupt agency that then takes most of the rest of what I earn.
    Where’s the incentive to work and achieve and build a life for yourself?

  • Adriano Camilo says:

    I can not afford to pay chaild maintenance arrears

  • BrokeFather says:

    I am in the same situation. I have been paying £257 per month for CSA. and this year, thanks to coronavirus, income has taken a tumble. So paying £257 was going to be a stretch. Then they wrote to me and said because I earned £x amount last year, I am now to pay £336 per month. This now means that when I get paid, I haven’t got enough to pay all my bills and pay the increased csa.
    I rang them to tell them my situation and the girl on the phone told me “this is the amount, you have to pay it” and when I said I was not going to be able to afford to pay my rent or other bills she said and I quote “not our problem, this takes priority over anything else. If you can’t afford your rent, move”

    So in short… if you can’t afford it, the CSA response is “tough”

  • Csa whipping post says:

    So I have a bit of a problem. CSA are taking deductions from my wages for my son of whom I’ve not seen since before his second birthday. I spent weeks going to the door and standing there for hours. Hearing my son scream daddy but she wouldn’t answer and wouldn’t let me see him it all stemmed from me catching her cheating on me and losing my temper and to my regret knocking seven shades of something out of the guy. A week after I moved out he moved in. A few months later contact stopped with the above. I was distraught. I’m not a well off guy I’ve never had much money and unfortunately I came to the mind set if he wants to come find me when he is older then he can. The door is open. Then came CSA I was in and out of work in the security industry. A night here a night there the odd bit of day work but couldn’t get anything solid. It was self employed and it sucked. So I couldn’t afford to pay what they wanted and afford to live. To my regret I didn’t pay and moved job and moved house and things got in top of me. My finances just put me in ruin. Now fast forward to 2021. I’m in arrears by alot. To the extent, they’re taking £135+ a week from me. And im taking home between £150-£160 a week. I can not afford to live. My finances are swallowing me whole and I don’t really see how I’m getting out of it. I tried talking to them on sooooooo many occasions over the years to which I get nowhere and end up feeling shit about everything. They have never reduced it only increased it. I have a job I really enjoy now and I feel I can’t do it anymore. The financial implications are killing me they’re seriously effecting my mental health. I’m lucky my current partner is so supportive because almost daily I feel like throwing myself off of a bridge. I don’t think I can take much more of all this. Because of the amount I’m paying to them I’m falling into debt in other ways its too a point I don’t feel like can climb put of this hole I’m in, now the sides are collapsing in on me.

  • Paul edwards says:

    My x wife took out a loan and I Guarantor to the loan she has not paid the loan so I pay 400 a month and 100 maintenance
    She has now taken me to the csa what can I do

  • Shane says:

    I’m 26 years of age and a dad of 2. I love my children very much and I have my kids 2-3 days a week every week. Unfortunately I live alone and only on they say living wage. 1500 a month 1263 after tax insurance and pension scheme which is forced on you. I’m having to pay 450 rent a month but then on top of that I need to cover every bill comes with a property and then manage to somehow buy food for a month to live and then pay csa of 170. I don’t know what and how I’m suppose to live. It’s getting to a point I’m being made to feel Im failing my kids and judged for looking for help with the csa situation. If anyone can help or guide me please do as it’s very hard and it’s getting to a point of just giving up.

  • Jay Will says:

    Hi Michael i would like to help. Let me know how we can make contact.

  • Jay Will says:

    Nick I’m 100 hundred percent behind you. I’d definitely do the same thing why the hell would i work hard lime any decent person to be ripped off by a govt agency that is a law unto itself. I think I’m going to go part time as well.

  • Jay Will says:

    Just reading your comment made my blood boil they’ve contacted me and been ringing me everyday and it has caused me anxiety.

  • Jay Will says:

    Keep your head up mate.

  • Jay Will says:

    I’m now in the same boat and fillike shit how can our elected representatives create a monster like the CSA/CMA and not be held accountable for putting good decent hardworking father’s into poverty they do not consider their non residents living costs it’s legal extortion. We seriously need to come together and think of strategies to cause chaos to either bring down the CMA or get it reformed.

  • Jay Will says:

    I feel your pain bro 😪

  • Dan says:

    CSA sent me a letter telling me my payments are changing due to HMRC telling them Im earning more than I am, I believe they have back dated it, they expect me to go from £111 per child (I have 2) to £1020 per child, that’s ridiculous and £2040 is more than I take home. I have raised appeal with CSA still waiting for a reply, they state they reply in 7 days but haven’t, im waiting for 7 working days to pass and if they still dont reply then I will use that in my favour. How ever I have no idea how I am going to pay for my bills, rent, food etc I can seriously see how people end up suicidal from all this.

  • >