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  • dermot allister says:

    forget parity, gender equality and the welfare of your children…

  • Mr. Angry says:

    It seems I have to pay no one can get them to take a dna test if they refuse but I still have to pay to the Child support agency. Looks like a job for my MP to take on this is sense less Wrong and unjustifiable STUPIDITY, WHAT THE HELL DO I DO. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY

  • Tom says:

    Who is interested in getting together and make a claim as a group?
    I have a strong case and lots of evidence, but a few people together can fight back and defeat them, I have some resources

  • shock222 says:

    its not illegal to get reiatives to pay the baliffs thats why they used the lies and threats against you hoplng she will pay its not unknown for baliffs to go to an adress
    thats changed hands and still press for a payment from people who have nothing too do with the debt scrotes and scmbags

  • Andrew B0411 says:

    I been cutting peat from 8am till 9 pm just for a meal in my belly for the last month not scared of the work but I feel the state and other peoples ie police Scotland had fraud robbed not once but twice homeless criminal damage done against my property again not just once but on many occasions bank of Scotland for not doing anything about the bank fraud but surmising everything ok and ignoring it socialworkers who said I quote we don’t help people like you we help the lesser off people those who cant speak English or refugees and good old lawyers who want money up front to help me all wankers

  • markburtonmark says:

    CSA to CMS
    Thousands of you out there are appealing your child support payments as your being transferred to the ‘Child Maintenance Service’ before the 2018 deadline. Also many disabled people have also been challenged by the new CMS when incapacity and DLA changed to ESA and PIP.
    In our case we successfully proved the children were not attending further education over 11 hours a week and therefore CMS payments are not payable.
    We also proved fraudulent claims for child benefit when one child didn’t even live with the mother!
    We also successfully proved the grandparents had care of the children 5 days of the week and overnight stay, thus the mother was only entitled to 2/7ths of all child support payments made since 2002.
    The CSA flatly denied the grandparents contribution, as their a THIRD PARTY! However justice has now prevailed and out of £13,000 CSA arrears, we now only have to pay £2,000 to close the case!
    We now have to address the CMS £87.50 collection fee arrears when I have only ever paid my ex-wife directly via standing order since July 2015. The second tier review team referred these false arrears to be cancelled, way back in November 2015, unfortunately nothing ever happened and they still ‘incompetently’ appear on his new August 2016 review payment schedule.
    Yet again on the 15th August 2016 the CSA no longer have the old arrears case file, neither does the child maintenance service despite a payment normally due on 18th August 2016, we have no new payment details from the CMS after the court hearing, on the 28th July 2016!
    I don’t want to say it but the CMS is nearly as bad as the CSA was! When the decision notice came through form HMCTS it failed to include / declare any of the other agreements CSA / deals made at the court hearing. Consequently despite the mother agreeing to stop £7 a week CMS payments, I have now received a new payment schedule!
    It’s ironic that after contacting the CMS three times since the court hearing on the 28th July 2016 despite the court hearing and a legal judgement / agreement that my ex-wife agreed to stop CMS payments, the incompetent staff at the CMS are holding out for the 1st September to check with the child benefit agency if my ex-wife stops claiming “child benefit”.
    ERR! Doesn’t an agreement in a court of law to stop child maintenance payments “out rank” the authority of the CMS? Or the child benefit agency.
    Apparently not! And isn’t it true to say my ex-wife doesn’t have to claim CMS, irrespective of claiming child benefit anyway?
    So much for the procedure manual trained CMS staff, who only do what they are told to doo, if it’s not in their training manual CMS staff don’t think and make decisions themselves, (common sense).
    I suppose my CMS case file and court decision notice lay in a big box in a back office yet to be processed because the CMS don’t have enough staff to process it yet and the new computer software to process it is in turmoil?
    I have subsequently written to the court for the ‘decision notice’ to be ‘corrected’ yet more unnecessary incompetence from the staff at HMCTS and the child maintenance service!
    I suppose as I don’t have account details to pay my CSA arrears into, I’ll get an enforcement notice to appear at court so I can prove I couldn’t make any CSA payments because the CSA and CMS haven’t got my CSA file, and the unsolicited CMS “collect and pay arrears”, that don’t apply, as I’ve always paid directly by standing order into my ex-wives bank account?
    Let alone the new August 10th payment schedule that I shouldn’t pay as my ex-wife agreed at court to stop payments after the 28th July 2016.
    It’s an absolute “CMS fuck up”.
    I have now received a copy of the minutes of the hearing and there is no mention of the Judges recommendation or the CSA / CMS officers’ discussion over the CSA arrears and the £2,000 deal!
    I would therefore suggest everyone to make sure you ask it to be noted down in the minutes, otherwise it will be totally ignored and nothing will happen about it as we only have the honesty of the CSA / CMS officers word!
    Make sure all hearings are “recorded” correctly! As this incompetence could course paying parents a miscarriage of justice!
    Selective Report Writing
    Is the scurge off all public sector authorities, it leaves “inconclusive, unclear, open to individual interpretation, contradictory facts and misrepresentations”.
    True accurate report writing, is virtually “Word Ver Bateum” with a start, middle and end of a full clear and defined conclusion which is not open to individual interpretations.
    Selective Report Writing
    Open to individual interpretation, “The cat rested”.
    Accurate Report Writing, “The cat sat on the red mat and then laid down and went to sleep”.

  • jimgsd says:

    I’ve been paying CSA for near on 19 years, Only ever missed one payment due to the CSA incorrectly calculating my payments, This was sorted pretty quickly (less than a month) a DEO was set up which was fine, everybody was getting paid, nobody had any issues, Then when the CSA shut my case they suddenly sent me a bill for £12k….with the reason “This is the amount of arrears that you built up under your child support agency case during a period when the parent with care in your case was receiving income support or income based jobseekers. When this happened, we transferrred the money owed to the secretary of state, rather than the parent with care, this was becasue the parent with care was paid benefit during that period”…….I’m abit confused to say the least

  • rebecca parker says:

    took my childs father to csa they sent us for dna tests but he sent a lookalike to take his sample it obviously came back negative, I appealed to the csa and they sent the fraud department to see me, (it was her first case),and she agreed that the photo wasnt him she went away and after trying to contact her for about 6 weeks she told me the case was closed because there was a slight resemblance from the fraudulent photo there is nothing i can do now. i have contacted him and he said if i contact him again he will take a restraining order out on me.

  • Brian Jamson says:

    How do you beat the CMS lies I have sent appeal in yet they get refused the prove is on the paper yet they continue to lie and blame me for not telling them circumstances had changed had arrears bill for 8000 any body out there willing to help

  • Carl says:

    cms still saying I owe £25000 got documents No way.

  • daveyjones says:

    I have had yet another letter, every year, this giving me a Standing order to sign and I owe £21,000. I had a voluntary arrangement with with ex partner and agreed by the court. How can the CSA or DWP or whatever they are called now say I owe £21k.
    They say my ex is aware but when I ask her she says she hasn’t heard anything and surprised as we had an arrangement

  • daveyjones says:

    Can someone please give me some advice.
    I had a tribunal hearing in about 2008 and my ex and I agreed a voluntary arrangement and was agreed at the court. For the past 3 years I get a letter July/Aug telling me I owe money and each time I reply saying I have a voluntary arrangement agreed at xx Magistrates court, so how can I owe any money and please provide complete breakdown of how you come to this figure. They never reply and this year I get two letters, one saying I owe £21k and the other one to set up a standing order. How can I stop this, my ex says she knows nothing about this, which I believe as we have a good relationship now.
    Can I ask for a full disclosure of my file, or have they “lost” the agreed voluntary agreement.

  • Bikeman67 says:

    HI Can anyone help. Got home tonight and I have had a letter. MANDATORY RECONSIDERTION NOTICE. Decision. Supersession made to Sept 21 to May 2022.what does it mean. Ta

  • ruthcsx says:

    Hi Davey. I’m having a similar situation where cms advising I am due £19,000 to my ex even though they advised years ago case was closed. It has occurred after the csa moved to cms. Please can you advise whether you have managed to have the debt written off as fixatious?

  • Bretth81 says:

    Why do csa be so harsh lost 2 rented property s I can’t afford to work take home £2100 rent £937 for hmo csa £1001

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