Will CSA payments affect my benefit?

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  1. I’ve recently gone on ESA benefit which was back dated for 6 months the CSA contacted me about payment for my daughter I told them I was moving abroad and gave them my new address.They have made no contact with me but have started taking over half my benefit (I would think in order to get back the £5 per week back dated) this has left me with not enough money to live on,can they legally do this without trying to take out a re- payment plan with me first?

  2. i’ve been paying the csa for my daughter, the mum isnt working, living off benefits, child tax credits and free rent. How can i see my daughter legally. And does her benefits get effected if i’m paying the csa.?


  3. hi i have been split from my ex for over 2 years.i have never recieved any money for them,but as he was buying them clothes, shoes ect every month.he now has a new baby and my kids r geting lesss and less spent on them.i was wondering how i would go about getin csa off him and if this will effect my benifits?

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