Can the CSA touch me if I leave the country?

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  1. Can the CSA touch me if I live abroad and have money in foreign or off-shore bank accounts?

  2. They can if you continue to work for a UK based company but not if you work for an overseas company.

  3. a little help here please.

    after a 1 night stand about a year ago i got a letter from the csa naming me as a parent. after doing a bit of digging i found out that the girl that had the kid has had many misscarriges and had been trying to get herself pregnant for many years to a working man to get the council house, benefits, and the fathers money. when i asked her about this she laughed and admitted it and said there was nothing i can do about it anyway. nice girl! i filled out the form saying i dispute being the parent and im waiting for them getting back to me asking for a dna test. anyway ive been offered a job in poland and what i want to know is do i have to inform the csa that i have left the country or do i just dissapear? and if i do contact them should it be by phone or letter and how much information should i give them? as i havent yet had the dna test and i dont expect it will be done before i leave could the PWC still enforce a REMO on me? oh, and having seen the child in passing im 99% sure its mine so the dna test is more of a stalling tactict on my part.

    many thanks in advance.

  4. several Asian countries are full of English teachers that have changed their lives due to CSA/Family Law hounding them out of their own country (usually the UK).

    Who could blame them?

  5. I am planning to move to canada in june (forever) what happens if i ever move back to england? will there be arrears owed? and should i notify the csa that i am planning to leave?

  6. get it to the min first then run pay 250 a year then you have payed ha use expat shield for internet

  7. By my experiance.Go out of work.Get assessment to minimum payment.Then leave.dont come ever back,untill the child is 20.Do not go to anywere in the european union or AUS or NZ .Mimimum payment is £6.80 a week.This will incur for up to the child is 19.Or if the child is at further education end of term.IS £6718 plus what ever increase in the minimum payment is.Plus any interest they put on.If you ever come back from time to time,Go straight to the jobcenter and sign on.They can still only take the minimum from your benefit.At no time work. Always keep your money in other country.You can always then use your ATM,For extra money.If you wish to return to uk,20 years later and work.your bill will be no more than,at a guess.£25000.But at that time,You will be getting £200 a week jobseekers.The minimum wage should be £17 an hour.And you,l have to live on porridge.A portion of chips will be £5.If you have skills this is the way.If not go enrol as student,student is excempt from CSA.Study somthing that is required in middle east..A teacher of english in thailand £500 a month.You have to do course over there for i month.you do not have to speak thai.South KOREA pays big money for same,but not know how to go about there .JAPAN same.OH hard to get a leg over in korea.Thai you pay,Japan will get you a drink.Make a plan,and go for it.

  8. i am a mother of 3, my partner has one other child who lives with her mother, he travels 200 miles every other weekend to visit his daughter ( who is 7 ),… the petrol cost 150 a month for him to see her … he has done since she was 2. he has always worked and payed child support, but the csa calculated the payments wrong and told him he was to pay 400 a month instead of 100 to pay back what they got wrong !! hey told us they take all of my child tax credits/child benefit ( for my 3 kids) into consideration and his wages but not his daughters mothers and her husbands, they both work full time and dump my partners daughter on her registered skitzofrenic nanna every day so they dont pay for child care … so they must be on alot … as for us … me him and my 3 children, we get left with NOTHING to live on but they dont care!!! yesterday he was paid 1000 minus 400 csa … leaving us with 600 to live on! our rent is 550 a month … and our bills are about 600… then there is everything 3 kids need ( 9 8 and 3 ) so how the hell are we supposed to live ? we got intouch with the csa who basically said theres nowt you can do about it, and our local mp who couldnt help either ! the csas responce was ‘a family of 5 should live on no less then 580 a month ( which barely covers our rent) ???? where the hell do they get that figure from ?? it has lead to me being very depressed and i have lost alot of weight, i have to basically beg for food of my mum just so we can eat …… something needs to be done.!!!!!!

  9. oh … also …. my partner is the farther of 1 of my children … the farther of my 2 eldest is not worthy of being a farther, he has never bothered with them … i get 1.30 a week for my children off him !!! WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Manda i have just been struck down in the same way and planning to take action are you any further im at my witts end

  11. Same here, they should look at income of parent with child living with them as TBH in my case that parent has much higher income than our household, meaning my that in the grand scheme of things my child has to go without, holidays etc when they go abroad every year.

  12. Manda – if the csa is on CS2 (opened after 2003) the CSA will base the maintenance calculation on the NRP’s income and the PWCs income is not looked at – they can take CTC paid to the NRP or the NRP’s partner, but they cannot take Child Benefit as income. The NRP will also be given an allowance for any children living in their household whether they are the NRPs children or not, so your partner will be getting an allowance of 25% for the 3 children in your home.

    If your partner is travelling to see his daughter he can apply for a variation for contact costs – he will have to provide evidence of his journey and petrol costs.

  13. Hi, I need some helpful knowledge asap. Basically I have quite a bit of savings which I built up over a long time and now my gf is pregnant and the benefits that we may be entitled to are based on savings. The reason I saved was for retirement time really, to enjoy myself a bit when I’m old so I want to keep them all.
    My question is if I move them to Australia can the UK government touch my savings at all?

  14. I have just entered my pension after living and being married 45 years in the Netherlands. I received 2 letters via the UK from Switzerland demanding maintenance for a child which was apparently from me. The first letter was in 1980 and the 2nd end of last year. This all occurred in 1978 and there was always a dispute whether the child was from me or not. (which I’m sure it wasn’t..which is irrelevant now). Unfortunately there was no DNA Testing then. My first question ist, must I pay maintenance (including pay-back)?. Second. Which country would be responsible for taking it? The reason I ask is because I received a letter today from the Department for Work&Pensions (International Pension Centre). Details such as my Bank accounts, marriage status etc are asked for, meaning, could this be forwarded to the Swiss authorities and would they have access to my “minimum” savings and pension? Are these details confidential, meaning only for the DWP?

  15. Can the CSA touch me in the name of a third country (Switzerland) if I have been living in Holland for 45 years and now into pension?. Would my details (Bank Account etc be forwarded to the Swiss authorities from the Department for Work & Pensions?
    The child born 1980 is disputed, alas there was no DNA then

  16. does csa define a uk based company?
    If the company is American but has offices abroad in various countries including the uk then does that mean you can be touched by the CSA.

    Say you work for a company like that but based abroad on a local salary package?

  17. If you are resident in the UK, work in the UK, draw a salary/wage in the UK then you are liable for child maintenance if the child is resident in the UK.
    The origin of the firm you are employed by is irrelevant.

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