Can the CSA take my driving licence?

CSA Answers

5 thoughts on “Can the CSA take my driving licence?

  1. csa are taking my drivers licence awys for 6 months is there any way of appealling this as i will lose my buisness

  2. I think, that if you are not making regular amounts for the upkeep of your children, you need to be hit where it hurst and that obviously is your driving licence

  3. Please may spread the word and please let’s try setup a REAL COLLECTIVE RESPONSE to this mess.

    A protest March for fairness! on FEB 1ST 2014 @ 10 DOWNING ST and DWP Head office.

    Who’s in?

  4. I hope the CSA are happy at taking away my home, losing everything I would be earning which exceeds over SIX year’s of potential earnings £104,000, I’ve lost literary everything because of my Nephew’s threats to kill me after being on the Jeremy Kyle show in 2010. I’ve also lost my remaining cat which had to be put to sleep because of my Nephew’s threats to kill me and a window was smashed directly above my cat. I’ve been looking for work in the last SIX year’s to be blacklisted by the DWP and Job Centres in Cheltenham, Blackpool, Fleetwood and my current address. I’ve also lost three quarters of my home and suffered from a heart attack in Cleveleys in 2016. I’ve had to sleep rough under a disused railway bridge for three month’s because of Ronnie Brimfield wanting his five minutes of fame on national television. I’ve been through absolute fucking HELL including theft from my home where the local authorities in Cheltenham had allowed my ENTRAPMENT CASE KID Stephanie Lorna O’Neill and her family into my home to steal from my home where I did not give consent for the local authorities to let them bastards into my home. I’ve been looking for work and deliberately prevented from seeking employment anywhere and losing over £400.00 per week including my home. I’ve been maliciously accused of sending Ronnie letters from Bristol which I didn’t know anything about, I’ve been maliciously accused of working with disabled people who I have been teaching to swim for many years but was reported to the DWP for being paid by the group when I was not being paid at all. I have been threatened by the ENTRAPMENT CASE KIDS other Father Don O’Neill who never knew about Stephanie Lorna O’Neill being my daughter because of her MOTHER had LIED to me and him and I’M getting rid of everything else because I’ve been asked for personal details regarding a matter which is my business.

    Therefore Stephanie Lorna O’Neill, your existence and your Mother’s LIES along with Ronnie Brimfield has cost me over three quarters of my home, my remaining cat, over £104,000, my reputation, and everything else because of an ENTRAPMENT CASE KID Stephanie Lorna O’Neill. I wish you all DEAD . Because of the way I’ve been unfairly treated by everyone.

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