Does the CSA have procedures to follow when issuing a DEO?

CSA Answers

  • R says:

    Does anyone have any idea about this? My partner has been issued with one despite paying by private arrangement for over 2 years without fail and suddenly they are insisting on this. What are the procedures so we can ensure they are being followed?

  • chris freeman says:

    same has happened to me, but the first i heard of it was on my wageslip, so ive lost the 7 days you get to appeal it!

  • billybear says:

    I know this is an old post but had this myself back in 2008 I was paying by standing order and I suddenly had double the amount come off my wage one month and they took the standing order as well. it was a week later I got a letter off them telling me it we going through a DEO. No reason for it either.

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