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Plymouth (South West England)

If your case was opened before March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 713 7000

If your case was opened after March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 609 0072

Textphone: 0845 713 7217

Fax: 0845 713 7016

Postal address:
Child Support Agency
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PL95 8DL


  • R.D.SHARPE says:

    my nitemare started 22 years ago , after a breif relationship with an older women. after paying the courts what i was orderd to pay by the judge,which was £20 per month, once the csa got involved in 1993 my life as been hell. not only mine but my wife and children have suffered too.i have struggled, i have paid only what i could afford over the years in order to provide for my family on a low income. my wife doesnt work as she was retired from the nhs due to illness, and although the child in question is now 22 and i have never met him, the csa decided in sept 2010 to go for an AOE to recover the arrears of over £7000. my life and that of my wife and children is now a living nitemare.we have no quality of life and no money at the end of each month.i begged the csa not to do this to us, and to allow me to continue to pay what i can afford. THEY DID NOT WANT TO LISTEN.

  • duh says:

    that comment makes no sense at all!!

  • Tri says:

    I’m glad they made u pay that seeing as u have never gave ur own flesh n blood ur time!! Then u should pay every penny u got!!!! Shame on u

  • John says:

    Hi all
    My son died five years ago. When my ex and I split in 2000 she had all the money from house and life insurance. That was the agreement….stupidly not in writing .
    In 2002 she decided she wanted money again….for my son and another child not even mine. The CIA got an attachment of earnings and started to take £500 per month for two children. After months of hell I got a solicitor involved and requested DNA test for other child.
    She admitted he wasn’t mine and I didn’t get a penny back from paying for two kids. He then came to live with my wife and I for two years then went back to live with his mother.
    He died of drugs overdose due to his mother and brothers using drugs and alcoholism. My wife and I paid for his funeral when he died which was a small fortune.
    Fast forward to 2017 now got a daughter of five. Letter from Csa saying they want 1500 from 2002? I asked them if they knew my son was dead they said yes.
    So here I am on a low wage family to support and they want money for my dead son even though they owe me money.

  • Gav says:

    So when I was 19 I found myself in a relationship. I was young and stupid and didn’t really know where my life was heading. Between drinking and party’s I got my short term girlfriend pregnant. She wanted to keep the child and I was dead against it. However after a lot of consideration we had a daughter and I stood by her. We continued the relationship however I did not love her and found myself getting in a very awkward situation. After trying I finally plucked up the courage to tell her how I felt and we agreed to separate once she had found a place to live. In the coming weeks she was very loving and looking back enticed me into the bedroom.. I was 19 and very dumb!
    Well she got pregnant again and had our son.
    I really tried to make a good dad however after a few months again found myself looking in the mirror feeling very confused..
    I was working at the time and struggled to pay all the bills. One day she asked me to leave saying that she knew I wasn’t happy and that she would then automatically get a council house..
    I left and moved in with a friend which gave me a few weeks to get my head together. About a mouth later I went to see the children only to find that she had moved and had changed her number. Nobody wanted to talk to me and my family turned against me.
    Over the next two years I flurrished. I really got my head together, found a good job and met a lovely woman who I married. I was happy but still had no contact with my ex, my children or my family.
    My wife and I then moved away and had a son together. From the moment he was born I promised I would be next to him my whole life trying to make up for the children I had lost.
    2 years later I was contacted by the CSA. They told me a claim had been made and I agreed to pay what ever was needed. Over the next ten 12 years I paid, never argued and was happy to pay. This totalled around 72k.
    These payments did however have a massive effect on my home life. My wife and I constantly struggled to pay all our bills and feed our son. In 2015 I was contacted by the CMS and told they had now taken over my case and would be re assessing it. They increased my payments by 50% and I found them a nightmare to deal with. I contacted them and told them I had never missed a payment etc and asked why it had gone up?.. I also explained that the increased payment should would put a massive strain on me and my family. They told me to contact my ex and come to an agreement. So after 14 years I had to find my ex? How? I eventually got her number via the csa after she agreed for them to pass me it.
    I then telephoned her and engaged I the most awkward phone call ever.
    We spoke, she told me that she was now married, very well off and all the money I had paid over the years was sitting in a trust fund for the kids?? I felt a bit peeved but thought it’s not my place to get angry at this.
    I asked her about setting up a direct payment to which she refused saying that she didn’t want anything to do with the claim and that I must go with whatever the CMS said. Just like that.
    I have now paid over 80k into a trust fund for two children I lost 18 years ago. I don’t mind paying but it is painful when my wife or son asks me for things we can not afford. When we argue the CMS payments always come up, I nearly at the end but would lying if I said I hadn’t contemplated suicide. The CMS processes is cruel, if you are just going through this get some help, I done it alone and it is so tough.

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