Can I make a private arrangement and avoid the CSA?

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2 thoughts on “Can I make a private arrangement and avoid the CSA?

  1. Yes you can make a private arrangement between yourself and your ex partner so that you do not have to use the CSA. However, you should be careful about how you go about it. Make sure that you have a signed and witnessed document detailing how much you will pay, and when. Also, make all payments either by cheque or by bank transfer so that there is a record – never pay by cash.

    The CSA should be informed as well – both parties should notify them by letter sent by recorded delivery, and request that they confirm receipt of the letters.

  2. its ok to have a private arrangement but just be car full if you lose your job u lose yr child and that,s bad the mother of my husbands daughter did it he been paying for 6 years and he lost his job and he not seen his daughter properly since and she said when he starts to pay again and all the back dated money then he can see his daughter its not fair that a evil mother should break the bond they had all because of money and in the courts eyes it should never be aloud she doing it out of revenge and not thinking about her daughter sad woman if you ask me

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