CSA Falkirk

Falkirk (Scotland and North East England)

If your case was opened before March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 713 6000

If your case was opened after March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 609 0042

Textphone: 0845 713 6804

Fax: 0845 713 6134

Postal address:
Child Support Agency
PO Box 20
EH91 5BD


  • VINCE MCKEAN says:

    i have been on the phone to the csa most of the afternoon mostly nice and helpfull apart when it comes to getting information to the CSA, you have to fax or post things down THIS IS 2012 no-one has fax machines.
    i am trying to get my accounts to the CSA and by the time i post this and they recieve this and it “goes through the system” which usually takes months. Which i will end up paying more csa than i need to until things get processed.

    not on get it updated folks

  • Michelle Brown says:

    I asked c.s.a to get involved with my daughtets absent father in 1994, a year after her birth…. I STILL AM waiting 18YRS for this case to be resolved.. I have wrote countless complaint letters spent hundreds in phone calls and it has also contributed to two mental health breakdowns…. This sytem is a big fat f***ing joke!!!!

  • James McPherson says:

    Why the hell should I still have to pay my ex partner for my daughter who is living with me full time and still continue to try to support my daughter who arrived at my door with nothing but the clothes she was wearing?
    All because the mother ‘said’ it was a temporary placement and AGAIN her word is taken over mine. AND will not be getting a refund of this money once it is proved so she is receiving money for a child that she doesnt have and I still have to look after my child so in effect – IM PAYING TWICE.

  • alexander barclay says:

    why does the CSA only take one side off a story but never listen to the other side
    are they only one sided

  • Diane Mackenzie says:

    I had nothing but continual problems with the CSA. My eldest sons father was a well know musician and travelled the world with his band, made cds and played at numerious locations but the CSA only managed to pay me approx £5 per week, We got a postcard every so often that really helped us finacially. Well to top that when I split from my youngest sons father I was receiving money every so often but not regularly. Well he called me one day saying he’d pay it directly to me and so he did that was regular but I didn’t have any idea that he had his own business and the CSA didn’t inform me of this. In fact I personally believe they most likely told him to contact me to arrange to pay me himself so he didn’t have to declare how much he was earning!! I do not have any faith in the CSA! They are meant to help parents bringing up children and insist that fathers pay towards their childrens upkeep!

  • ROSIE says:

    my x partner refused to give them his new employment details or his new address. I phoned up on numerous occasions and asked them what would happen since he was not providing them with this information. They said nothing! however in the leaflets it says that you must tell us of changes to employment, income, address etc.!!
    They also took 8 months to do a review on his wages and this was when they knew his address and job. It has now been 11 months and i am still waiting havn’t seen a penny of the arrears yet. Also when i found out his address i provided them with it hoping this would help them track him down and they changed my bloody address instead!

  • alex pink says:

    the csa is shockin,a complete waste of time and money.unless the non resident volunteers he inform and money to them you’re stuffed.In ten years they have only managed to get £2.50 a week from him as he was claiming the dole,then after a few months they dcided to move our case to a special office where they dont hav computrs and deal with everthing on paper.This meant they cancelled the claim without telling me,when i noticed and rang them they told me id have to start all over again,why why why!.that was 2 years go and still nothing.He works as a carpenter and kitchen fitter whilst also claiming benefits,drives sports cars and smokes like a trooper but no one ever seems to do anyhing about it.He just ignores them or says he’s not working and that’s that,meanwhile i’ve worked myself into the ground to support our son with no help from the benefits system,it’s an absolute bloody joke!

  • Jax Hill says:

    I cannot begin to explain the problems i have had with CSA, first got them involved 13 years ago as the ex husband just stopped the pittyful payments he was paying. They have caused me so much stress over the years, after all this time.. 3 visits to the local MP, countless letters complaining, countless phone calls, countless times passed around from pillow to post, countless years they’ve just ignored me, a fair few nervous breakdowns! THEY STILL HAVE NOT ASSESSED MY CASE PROPERLY!!
    The father has deceived them, and paid a pittance in maintenance compared to his earnings due to his lies, and has been allowed to get away with this. The CSA don’t seem to know there ar**s from their elbows and many times i have wanted to or just given up. I take time out from them to recover and then i have to continue the fight once i feel better, as you aren’t just fighting for justice that the father pays his way too, you are fighting against a VERY POORLY RAN SYSTEM. I found out recently they are going to charge single mothers for the service… ABSOLOUTELY SHOCKED AND APPAULLED.

  • tommy murphy says:

    i have been stuck on hold for 2 hours and it is starting to get me down i took a day of my work to resolve my situation but they cant even pick up a phone all you get is rubbish music and a irritating voice telling you to hold the line you are number 1 in line.

  • Susan Connolly says:

    you have been fantastic in my case thank you

  • Julieann Doherty says:

    Nvr had any problem with csa well done

  • Martin Owens says:

    I met someone over 9yrs ago and she separated from me 6 months after we had a child, I have alway’s been a big part of my daughter’s life 9 yr old and alway’s gave money for holiday’s etc also passed on large amount’s from grandparent/s and paid for school meals/uniforms.

    NOW FACING IMPOSSIBLE FIGURE,’ for 1 child monthly £188 DEDUTION apparently I have arrears and yet they defend this by saying You need to keep receipt;s but never heard from CSA before and just met an old primary school highschool friend and started a relationship.

    The CSA jump’s in with no factual truth the hole assessment is mental heading to Falkirk soon who is the chief their?

  • claire black says:

    the father of my child doesn’t want to see my child but pays csa and I want to stop it as he moans about paying for her! it will be easier as he contacts my about it all the time

  • David says:

    I think that if I pay for my kids via CSA and my X is claiming benefits the money should be put into the welfare pot and not given to her as the government is already giving money to her when she receives the money it does not affect her benefits.

  • Scott says:

    Csa is a complete joke.was with my ex for 7yrs paying for my children.but according to the csa because I didn’t keep receipts and can’t prove I did and it’s my word against hers I’m now having to pay twice for my kids.backdated to when they were born.csa is a complete joke and they should start living in the real world.

  • Ash says:

    Csa closed down my case as of 5th july, but still have deductions coming of my wage over a month later (no arrears). After speaking with Human resources, im told she cant stop the deduction untill csa authorise it.
    So i contact csa, only to be told they have sent a fax to my work. No fax received, requested a written letter be posted, request denied.
    Only alternative i was give was that HR contact Csa.
    HR contacts csa and csa refused to speak to them because the closed ‘case’ doesnt concern them???
    So now im paying csa still, AND CHILD MAINTENENCE (collect & pay- 20% extra). Ruining my life

  • Kylee Ryers says:

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