Do I have to pay the CSA?

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  1. Hi, for the last 12 months i have been the parent with care for my 16 year old daughter, i made a claim for maintenance trhough the CSA 12months ago and heard nothing at all. The claim was made against my x wife. My daughter has now decided that she cannot live with me and my partner and has chosen to live with her half sister (not my child), this is against my will. Her half sister has now made a claim for csa against me not their mother.
    My question is;
    Will i have to pay csa to this person who has made the claim, noting that she is not the parent, and it is totally against my will and do not approve and why isnt the claim made against their mother?
    Thank you. Note: I really hate the CSA. They are so biased against the father/worker it is untrue

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