What percentage of my salary will I pay in Child Support?

You will pay 15% of your salary (before rent, mortgage and other bills) for 1 child, 20% for 2 children and 25% for 3 or more children.

CSA Answers

  • David says:

    hello ppl i no how u feel about these scum bags i nearly commited suicide last march they were demanding all sorts of me saying i owed them money how can that be possible if my ex works full time and i paid her 100 quid a week into her account which i set up the deal through the csa and they all agreed to then they said i never paid her a thing i have still got the bank statements she got over 4700 in 8 months when i worked in england shes selling the house for 350.000 she got money from her uncle when he popped his cloggs she sold my car i lost my job and now there tryin once again to do me over i will shot myself at there hqs if they do not f off she chose that path not me she lied they lied the courts are corrupt just like the government and the scum in it if ppl like us stand up to the government and demand them to justify what they are doin we might get somewhere i also think that 20% from your weekly income is is a bloody discrace if u dont cooperate ul be taken to court lose your house car licence passport they get ur bank details and f knows what else think about it ppl c ur local mp and sort these scum bags out once and for all thank you take care

  • i started paying the csa four months ago, the first payment was £800. after that i pay £370 per month. if i finish my job voluntary is there any action the csa could take. before paying my ex csa they were running about in old bangers now i am paying through the nose they have bought, an all singing and dancing chrysler cruiser. they do not need a car like this he only uses it for work, around trip of 20 miles. i have looked up the specs for the car and it runs at 28 mpg and over £200 road tax, i dont feel like i can go on working.

  • Elizabeth says:

    David, im sorry to hear that u r paying so much, but look at it from a mothers point of view, you have to pay 3701 a month, that DOES NOT EVEN COVER what a child costs to feed cloth keep a roof over there head, keep the house warm and everything else growing children need, i agree that maybe they dont need such a big car, but i have 4 children, which i have had to buy a new s-max, as im disabled and need the room for my wheel chair.
    How ever if you do just give up work, then you will still have to pay maintanence, and if you ”job hop” which is what csa call it, thyen you WILL loose ya passport driving licence ect and if you build up any arriers when you start work again you WILL loose 40% of your wage, a friend of mine has just been given jail time for 2 missed payments which were not even his fault, his mother lives abroud and she was dying, so he went over to spent the last of her weeks with her, due to this he took unpaid leave from work and came home to find a warrent for his arrest.
    What parents oftern forget in this process is the affecxt it has on the CHILDREN, to the first David, you are pathetic if you would rather kill yourself than pay the csa, i’d hate to be your poor children, how do you think that will make them feel, oh my daddy killed himself rather than pay mum some money towards our upkeep, what sort of parent would say such a thing?

  • Natasha Tasker says:

    What a thing to say…surely if you helped bring these children into this world you should pay your share…. 10 years later and I am still waiting…..its only your kids that will go without you selfish man!

  • j says:

    ‘What percentage of my salary will I pay in Child Support?’ – ALL OF IT?

    Seriously though, tell me Natasha, what exactly is “…your share…”? –

    “Natasha Tasker on February 19th, 2013 4:30 pm

    What a thing to say…surely if you helped bring these children into this world you should pay your share…. 10 years later and I am still waiting…..its only your kids that will go without you selfish man!”

    As for your scathing comments Elizabeth, – “Elizabeth on September 7th, 2012 – to the first David, you are pathetic if you would rather kill yourself than pay the csa, i’d hate to be your poor children, how do you think that will make them feel, oh my daddy killed himself rather than pay mum some money towards our upkeep, ”

    How about ‘my daddy killed himself because of the crippiling and unfair demands from a state organ that was out of control’? Do you know how many dads have killed themselves as a direct result of the csa intervention? Over sixty! Were they all ‘pathetic’?

    Its not just men who are affected, women who are NRP’s also get hurt by this filthy disgusting organisation!

    When I got divorced (2 kids, one each) my ex who was working gave me nothing and the csa did nothing to help me but when my eldest left home and I got a job they took more and more each week until I was better off out of work! If they had just taken a ‘reasonable’ amount I’d have stayed in work.

    So when some people ‘hide’ behind the mantra of “its your kids that suffer” blah blah blah, just remember that the csa put people out of work, THATS why kids suffer!

  • Caroline says:

    I am disgusted at any man (or woman) who refuses to pay child support – or who begrudges it. Twelve years I’ve been fighting for a bare minimum of child support from my ex husband who has tried every trick in the book to hide his money and his assets around the world just so that he could get out of paying to help with the everyday upkeep of his three kids. He earns over £70k per year and has assets worth over £500k – yet he did everything to not pay money. Although I worked hard (80 hours a week some weeks) trying to make ends meet, my kids and I were made homeless when I became seriously ill and had to give up work – my ex conned the CSA for years until I threatened to take them to court for ignoring evidence that they had failed to collect money owed. We didn’t live in an expensive house – a former council house which I bought when my marriage ended – I didn’t get a penny from the divorce because I was threatened with physical violence if I tried to contest anything. My ex just left the town where we lived without first telling his kids – charming bloke!

    Anyway the upshot is that I finally got the CSA to seriously chase him for the minimum amount required and he still refused to pay it – until they threatened to prosecute him – even now his paying back of arrears is at the minimum rate and each month they have to chase him for a payment.

    To those dad’s who complain about having to pay for the upkeep of their kids you sicken me – it is not a luxury it is money for essential living costs. We were made homeless and my kids nearly ended up being taken into care simply as a result of him not paying what he was legally required to. My health suffered immensely because of the stress of it all – the people who were most affected by the situation were my three kids! Any man who believes they have been hard done by because of the CSA are nothing more than self-pitying, uncaring moronic fathers who clearly believe that they owe nothing to their children and that the rest of the world owes them!

    My kids have gone without food on the table at night, clothing for school, heating in the house and on top of it all, they’ve had to watch their mother dying as a direct result of the years of stress and strain of trying to make ends meet just because their dad is a selfish, self-pitying pig! He now is being forced to pay a suitable amount each month plush some of the outstanding arrears of over a period of ten years – to date he owes over £30,000 and that’s with the CSA still not taking into account all of his assets.

    However, I have the last laugh – whilst he is wrapped up in his own self-indulgent world of meanness, his three children are here with me living a happy life without him – as one of them said to me ‘he’s brought it on himself and has lost all respect from his three children who now want nothing whatsoever to do with him as a direct result of what he put us through!’

  • T says:

    I personally believe the children are both mothers and fathers responsibility! I understand why men feel the need to give up their jobs/ job hop as they call it, as who wud really want work their bollocks off and only get a small fraction of their wages? It’s a disgrace when fathers run away from their responsibility, but the ones who are willing to pay a reasonable amount do get done over by the csa! There are mothers out there that also take the mic, by claiming benefits, working cash in hand and sub letting part of their property! So ppl there are rights and wrongs on both parts just depends on ur circumstances xx

  • harriet says:

    It’s all very well paying CSA from an income where you have enough to hide stashes around the world. What if you are a woman paying CSA to a father who is malicious to the mother. The mother earns minimum wage or just above and the father earns over 40,000 a year, lives in a house with the daughter who adored her mother but is scared to go against the father’s feelings. I’m afraid it’s never cut and dry. Many father’s are having to live in bedsits in order to manage financially while the mother is is a highly paid job and has property. Is the father being punished for the break up of the marriage. Or in the case of the woman I am referring to why should she be persecuted by her ex and her child and her in – laws and the CSA?

  • John says:

    Why does the person with the children get the money. The Money is for the children, Clothes, food etc. So why is the money given to the parent who has the children. And anyone who thinks or say “The parent would not spend it on themself” is talk C**p. Seen it and had it done to me.

  • Tim marther says:

    To all the pathetic women, who go through CSA.
    Your all money hungry cunts. I wish that you’d all die a slow painful death…. Fuck you.

  • blah bloobah says:

    All woman on here moaning, are scumbags nuff said

  • Sick of the Csa says:

    You know what , he is not pathetic I am a woman myself and believe that bitter nasty women do use the csa as a tool to screw their exs over. Heard plenty boast about it. If you didn’t have kids you would need a home, electric, gas, your car, food and to pay your bills anyway, so wtf should the nrp pay a percentage of their wage to you money grabbers for? It doesn’t cost a percentage of a wage to bring up a child but yes they should pay , and were some women not so deceitful and sly a mutual agreement can usually be made! The women of this day and age think once they trap a man with a kid , the man owes a living to them or the rest of their life. He doesn’t! You decided you wanted those kids too so pay your share yourself. It costs around £50 max to being up a kid so stop begging and sponging and have some self respect! Then your ex wouldn’t hate you and be less inclined to help you!

  • David says:

    The csa take £350 off me a month for 2 children. I am left with under £900 a month to pay my rent, bills and feed and clothe my child with my new partner.

    I am going further and further into debt, my overdraft is at its limit and I have to make a choice whether to pay bills or buy food.

    I can’t live like this. I’ve spoken to the csa who have told me tough shit.

    Meanwhile my ex partner goes for weekends away all the time and spends all my money on going out drinking while my children are dressed in rags and fed on tesco value microwave meals.

  • Marie says:

    Some of the comments on here about mothers being money grabbers by going to the CSA are totally wrong. My ex and I had a mutual agreement for the first 6 months which went fine him depositing our childrens money every week, then all of a sudden for some reason he decided to go to the CSA himself and he ended up paying more!!! (His problem) now 2 years down the line he is trying to do a runner from them. (Silly man) I know I will get my money as the Csa are working hard to locate him but can’t understand why he is doing this. My ex left me for someone else. The money he pays is a very small contribution towards my rent, council tax, heating, food, clothing, school trips, pocket money, school dinners. I work my a*** of working full time so that my kids don’t miss out on any of the stuff that me and my ex could provide them both with whilst we were together, and his money is really just a bonus but why the hell should he not pay it. It takes 2 people to make a baby so why should just the mother provide for them!!! He also doesn’t wish to have contact with the girls despite them writing to him on a regular basis of which he completely ignores.

  • john says:

    all you women cliam all the benefits thats avaliable to you and call csa cause you are angry your man left you cause you think you deserve everything from him you are using your children for money and nothing else my mother raised me and three others without my father or his money and we did fine. get part time work when your child is in nursery lazy women no wonder you r getting fat but things are changing now with benefits so its a good thing.

  • kerry says:

    Csa are hideous. . I have been with my partner for 10 yrs we have 2 beautiful children, however before we got together he had a little girl with his ex.
    He came home to find she’d took off with his little girl ( baby at time) , he was at the time working a yts and pary time job to pay for their home.. once things hit a low he was travelling to her mothers house 10mile if not more just to give her a bath before bed.
    He sank into mega depression and she told him she wanted nothing from him but she wanted contact stopped.
    My partner adores his girl and wanted accsss via the courts each time she was no show, when she was questioned she then made up he was violent.
    After yrs of him having depression he met myself and we have 2 beautiful children and in 10 yr he has never been violent!
    We did split for mutual reasons and then after 10 yrs csa decided it was ok to take over 1000 a month, he never did not want to pay for his girl he always offered and her response was NO.
    Now after 11 yr she decided to go csa so weeks before Xmas they took majority of his wage.. leaving him nothing 200.00 he had to give up his home and come back with me and children, he couldn’t afford his home, gifts for kids , he was devastated.
    My family had to fund our xmas, it was horrific.
    So after writing to local mp he got to visit his daughter aged now nearly 11, he was so nervous but I told him “be your self” & he travelled miles to see her and they got on great, he explained she had a brother and sister and she was extatic ..it was decided she would visit a couple weeks later, so I told my kids they had a sister. .next thing police said we harrased her mother ..guess what nearly 2 yr later majority of his wage is going to his ex who lives in a 1.1million farm, we are in a 3 bed flat and csa thinks this is okay? ??
    He has suffered all these yrs through your corrupted company how many more men have to suffer at your absolute joke of a organisation?
    I’m seeking legal advice because we can not afford to live, but she can take his wage and live in a million pound farm? I’m seeking justice!

  • k.fletcher says:

    Ok CSA,,,could anybody please tell me if the csa say it costs x amount of £s to keep a child,,,then why do the government only give around £20 a wk child benefit ???.I am in dispute with the csa as they take £95 pw from me,i pay them more than I pay in rent,(can’t afford to have my own house as they would only take it away),,please all bear in mind I am NOT on the birth certificate no dna has ever been done (she refuses to have one).the child is now 16 and part time at collage and working at a well know fast food chain,and I still have to pay,
    I am in the process of 1,comiting suicide 2,giving everything up and becoming a dole waller,i have worked all my life and now all the csa want too do is destroy everything I have ever worked for,the csa should be lined up and the men allowed to destroy their lives as they have ours,
    I do not disagree with making a sensible payment but all they want is THE money from us,to all the ladys that are going to say well you have to pay this amount,,,,what would YOU do if the tables were turned on you,answers please I,d love to know,,,,,

  • k.fletcher says:

    when you talk to these scumbags at the csa say to them what they say to you when you ask them a question SORRY DATA PROTECTION ACT,i,m not allowed by law to tell you the information that you need,and listen to what they have to say,,,,also tell them when there done with you that you recorded the whole conversation ,,,,,they will go nuts,serves the wankers right,,,i did it and played it back to a solicitor,

  • G macdonald says:

    I have paid for my kids for years clothes, holidays cash for stuff etc, I pay 320 direct and they take 170 direct from wages, now they are wanting 1150 a month!! Which means I can’t pay my bills let alone live, Csa is a joke of an organisation which target men to rake in billions for the government

  • neil says:

    Greedy robbing cunts csa not out to help you there out to ruin you.

  • Aishah says:

    Maybe you should have stayed together to bring up the children. I’m so glad that there is child support y ex never gave a cent for me of the kids during our thirteen years of marriage. I can wait to get child support.

  • fuck sluts says:

    Women that condone this shit are ridiculous pieces of shit. lazy cunts, what happens when you trap a man by lie to him about birth control? and why does he not get to have say in the abortion but you get to have say in how he will spend his earned money fuck you and your kids men don’t give a shit any more you treat us like pieces of work meat no wonder men are killing them self’s left right and centre fucking blamed for everything and expected to make up for everything. you should not have power over any man I bet if you did not you would not be getting your self’s into the situations you complain about so fuck you sluts

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