What is a ‘variations form’?

CSA Answers

  • A variations form is a form provided by the CSA that allows you to list any expenses you may incur when looking after your children as a non resident parent. It can include travel costs (such as petrol) and costs for food and entertainment for the children, but it doesn’t include costs such as your mortgage or rent, car payments or anything for yourself, even bills.

    The costs you pay to have contact with your children should then be deducted from your earnings by the CSA before they calculate how much you have to pay – although the information on the form will have to be confirmed by the parent with care, and the CSA usually ensures they are aware that any costs agreed will mean they receive less money. This often leads to either arguments, or the PWC refusing access to the children just to keep their CSA payments up.

  • ray says:

    wife walkwd out I had 2 kids for 6wks with no payments she still rercieved everything she got rehoused with new furniture our house got repossesed and I am left with all the debts and homeless but I have 2 kids 3 days 1wk and 4 days next wk alternate with my ex they stay at my parents when I have them but I am not given a penny for their keep or treats,my ex works receives child benefit/tax credits and wants miantenance for the half wk she has them

  • jon says:

    I have lots to say, but think, whats the point!! the system is so unjust it stinks. So I thought there may be a little bit of good news with the ‘Variations Form’ only to read it has to be agreed by the parent with care?? there’s absolutley no chance she will agree to this, I have been split with my sons mum for ten years and have recently had twins with my wife of 5 years, thought my CSA payments may have gone down, but because I’ve just got a new better payed jon, which incidently I have layed out lots of my own money by way of training courses, travel to and from, accomodation etc it has gone up and back dated!! I could go on and on and on but it’s driving me insane 10 yrs of hell and another 6 remaining at the least…….

  • Chris says:

    I have been stooped seeing my son for 6 months now, my CSA bill has gone up because of this, this means i no longer have the funds to pay legal fees to get the 6 years of contact I’ve had previous to see my son again,,,,, how the hell can anyone with common sense see this is unjust, unfair, damaging to the child. The laws in this country stink, my 2 options are to go on the dole and not pay so much/get legal aid,,, or untimately flee this sh*t hole

  • William says:

    I just received the CSA forms this morning, which is sad as I have paid the agreed £400 a month for the past 4 years without fail. I believe my ex is a benefit cheat who works off the books, do the CSA check on her at all?? Probably not..

  • Bella says:

    Would they take into account a joint debt created by my partner and his ex which my partner is paying back because she works less than 16 hrs per week and claims full benefits so the debt company won’t chase her to share the payments?

    She sends the kids in the clothes they come in, with nothing for during the stay, sends party invitations for our weekends where we have to buy presents for them to take, sends them unfed at 6pm on week nights, refuses to send things like swimming costumes and goggles etc so we have to provide everything, even if they are coming to us for the full week’s holiday. We have to buy shoes etc as she’ll quite often send them in wellies or dressing up shoes which they can’t wear all weekend. We buy absolutely everything for when they are with us as well as the money we spend entertaining them.

  • John says:

    I understand we have to pay the travel costs if it is under £10, but what is the official calculation for mileage variation of pence per mile cost by CMS?

  • Ive just found out that while the ex was paying £40. A week for 2 boys for three years he didnt disclose hisplace of work ive just found out the ….. was working as a crane operator on the oil rigs & what i should of had was £800. A month he never bought a toothbrush for these boys while he was avin 2 & 3 holidays & i couldnt even get his kids an icecream & theres apparently nothing i can do i’m absolutley shocked that csa cant or wont help me its made me ill..

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