CSA Dudley

Dudley (The Midlands)

If your case was opened before March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 713 1000

If your case was opened after March 2003:

Telephone: 0845 609 0062

Textphone: 0845 713 1707

Fax: 01384 488 341

Postal address:
Child Support Agency
PO Box 36
B99 1DW


  • stephen austin says:

    could you pass on to bolton please………i emailed you 2 weeks ago regarding my daughter gemma elaine austin leaving college in january…could you please update me as you said you would put a search on child benefit?many thanks s austin………wm573430b……..07908214865

  • 13th June 2012

    Dear sir/madam,

    Please find listed below a copy letter that was posted recorded delivery & email dated 30/4/12 for which i still have not as yet received any information on.

    On the 26th march 2012, I called CSA to give them information on my children’s fathers’ whereabouts’. The information provided was his name, address and his date of birth. During this conversation, I was informed that the case would be back-dated from the date I called in and this could take up to 12 weeks in back pay if the case was not fully completed from the date I called in.

    I then called on the 26th April 2012 out of curiosity, just to see what is happening, and as I was informed by Colin Strafford that my children’s father was contacted on 18th April 2012 and that’s when the effective date will start from. I then informed him that different information was given to me on 26th March 2012 which assured me that payment would take effect from that date. Mr Colin Strafford informed me that all conversations are recorded and that if I could let him know the actual phone number I called and the time, then he will be able to speak to his manager (Sharon Buckley) who will get the recording and listen to it. The information that was given to Colin Strafford is now listed below and he promised to return my call the following day as his manager (Sharon Buckley) was not in.

    The details provided was:-
    Time of call: 26 March 2012, 13.08pm
    Number dialled: 08457133133
    Duration: 16:31

    Colin Strafford then returned my call on 27th April 2012 to inform me that he had spoken to his manager and unfortunately they do not have the recording?

    I still have not received any documentation from any-body. The only information I had to request was my case reference number which is: – 323287440560.

    Can some-one look into this for me and let me know as to why I was told one thing on 26/3/12 and something else on 26/4/12.

    Many thanks


  • chall says:


    For your own peace of mind, I would ask admin on here to remove your phone number and maybe even you CSA case ref number.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Chrissie says:

    Would somebody please explain to me why it takes 14 days for a payment to be processed? Your organization took CSA payment from my ex-husband’s bank on 1st June and it is still not in my bank. I rely on that money being in by 13th each month, it is now 15th, and our situation is desperate. On a day when Iain Duncan-Smith is appearing on national television with child poverty statistics, this is just not good enough. What are you doing with MY money for two weeks? Where is it??

    I called yesterday about this but after going through the ridiculous automated service still hadn’t been answered by the time my £8 of credit ran out. So here I am, wondering how my kids will eat tonight. Thanks.

  • Chrissie says:

    Just to add, I’m going to contact my MP today and ask for transparency on what you do with our money. Are you gambling with it on the stock market? Creaming interest off the top by holding it for longer? Is that to cover MP’s expenses???

  • chall says:


    You need to directly contact the CSA.

    Follow this link https://www2.dwp.gov.uk/csa/v2/en/contact/index.asp you will be able to send an email.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Karen love says:

    I rang the csa today to try to reopen a case with my exhusband of which i losed down cause i was sick to death of nothing being done and my ex just laughing in my face.as after many false promises by him to pay i thought i would give you another go in hope of anything happening only to have the phone put down on me by someone called michaela as i could not pass her security check on the last time i dealt with you or what bank i was with.i am absolutely appalled and have no wonder that nothing is ever done if that how you treat people,how am i supposed to have any faith.

  • Sarah says:

    So, mine is a similar case to Karen who posted comment on August 10th, 2012 9:18 am.
    I wanted to reopen a case, and had the phone put down on me by some woman who said I hadn’t passed security!
    I’m pregnant and emotional……..she made me cry out of anger!!
    The details I gave her were correct as I found out when I rang back amongst my tears of rage and spoke to a very helpful “Matt” who said, “Don’t worry, you’ve passed security with me”.

    What is it with this organisation? They’re trying to obtain thousands of ££££’s from my husband which he doesn’t even owe, and yet, all I want is an extra £10 or £15 pounds a week from my ex and they put the phone down on me!

    They are a disgrace!!

    A big thank you to Matt though, who assured me that my case will now be dealt with.

  • teresa says:

    has anyone the adress of csa dudley?id like a NEW ASSESSMENT

  • wilf says:

    PO Box 36, Birmingham, B99 1DW.

  • Lienu says:

    My case is to be dealt with CSA in Birmingham, PO Box 36, B99 1DW. Can anyone provide me with an email address so that I could contact someone an recorded or keep tractk on my correspondences.

    I called to find out on 08456090062 but the line was cut-off on me twice.

    Thanks to all.


  • Graham says:

    I’m not sure on how much or to what standard,most of the people who work for the csa are trained to… i’ve been making phone calls for over 6 months now i must have spoken to 10 differant people,how hard can it be if your looking at the screen at my pending case or claim..to read the information you can see,every time ive called i’ve been given a diferant story everytime,then when i call back and sat “well last time i called Craig said “..they tell me it’s not on te system,so where has the info come from..must have cost me £50 in phone calls so far and my case in no nearer completed or is it ..i don’t know for sure neither do they i think.. all this from august 1st 2012…….

  • Aaron young says:

    hi all im a homemaker with two girls
    not because im lazy or dont want to get a job but down to all my money goes to my girls gas eletric food cloths and so on i have had my daughters since 12 march 07 and rang the CSA and thay did get back to me saying im going to be getting money from my ex every month since that date i have emaild or rang them to no avail my latest letter states all the back dated payments that will arrive in my bank 4/02/13 yeah right i can see that happening thay have also put a deduction on my ex partners wage so i desided to calculate all the money i have had in the 6 years here it is now dont laugh £ 25.00
    wow im going to retiar on that i spend that in a week on tooth paesed lol
    but it not all down to them there are many problems like exs/ comunication between staff.

  • Michael Third says:

    I have over payed, three months ago the csa told me they were going to pay me 351pound back but still waiting? ??????

  • Chris Derby says:

    I’ve been lied to by the CSA in Birmingham In particular a worker called Karen Holland. I am a parent with care but also an absent parent, and my ex wife hasn’t payed maintenance for our son but the CSA deducted mine from my wages. So i went to a tribual appeal and won. I was to recieve compensasion and my payments reduced, that was in July 2012 I am still waiting. Now payments of over £500 are to start again, who can survive this day with that much money going out of their wages. How am I to tell my 14year lod son he cann’t have the things he wants because of his mum and the point scoreing scum of the CSA. How can the Government allow organization’s like this carry on destroying people’s lives when all they want to do is put the past behinde them. My life is going down the toilet again thanks to CSA…………………..

  • wilf says:

    Chris:- The CSA is a government organisation.

  • Chris Derby says:

    yes its a government organisation and I vote for a government but not to get shafted by one

  • j says:

    ‘Chris Derby on February 28th, 2013 11:28 pm ‘ – ” … yes its a government organisation and I vote for a government … ”

    There is the problem then. The LibLabCon no longer represent what (I suspect) a majority want. Too much sucking up to global corporate capitalism. (actually capitalism is dead but thats anoother story)

    There really is no need for the csa as far as child welfare is concerned, the problem lies with our society and what its become. I’m pretty sure the majority of NRP’s (mums and dads) are happy to make a ‘fair’ (and equitable) contribution to the upbringing of their children. I’m pretty sure the real ‘absent parents’ are a minority who could be dealt with severly by the courts.

    If it was just ‘child welfare’ the csa wouldn’t exist. It does however provide employment for another 7,000 plus DWP staff in areas of high unemployment.

    Maybe if the whole divorce/separation process was also a little more ‘equitable’ then there would be less need to argue.

    There is no ‘one size fits all’ remedy, each case is different but we can have some statute led ‘safety nets couldn’t we – a ‘minimum’ payment in law measured against a state benefit (which the csa was originally supposed to replace/reduce) and any further payment agreed through mediation based on reality – living costs, new family, income etc. Add to this a contact linked to payment (wherever possible) element and we get rid of the children being used to get more from he NRP by a greedy PWC, after all contact is the right of the child but the csa are just a debt collecting agency. (so the child welfare element gets diluted then)

    No none of what I’ve said is perfect, yes there are probably many other options but in most cases the ‘best’ parent is BOTH parents, a factor apparantly forgotton by the legislators when framing the csa.

    I’ve been looking through some ‘old’ material about the csa. It originally seemed to be about child welfare, then about saving money for the state, then about employment for DWP staff etc etc.

    Perahps the state has got too involved in peoples private lives, perhaps there isan argument for it all to be back in the courts.

    When people (like me) who want to work are treated so badly that they just give up their jobs and dont contribute to the economy and the csa fight losing battles in the courts for the odd pyrrhic victory then its very existence is self defeating.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the csa will eventually be shut down as not fit for purpose (the signs are already there) but people will still be avoiding paying. The real concern is how bad will our society have become when that eventually happens.

  • Selina says:

    My partner who wants to be part of his 16 year olds life – though via her mother she doesnt respond to any contact and laughs in our faces when he knocks her door with gifts! My partner never claimed any of the house equity, took on lots of debts his wife had him sign for and Works full time on £15,500 we live in my small house and I have two disabled children. He has to pay £45 a week. Crazy and because my children (not his) are disabled we get more tax credits so even though they are in my childrens names for thier needs his daughter gets a bonus because her dad found a women with disabled children – system is stupid.

    My x partner and his current wife and baby – live in (my x) a £350k house he drives a white merc with personalised plates and she drives a new BMW with plates. My x still runs a business a started with him 10 years ago – and at that point the business was still growing and we were both earning £80k each a year profit it was set to grow and looking from his car you would think it had! However he has told the CSA he earns £16k a year and his wife keeps him – however on looking into it in actual fact his wife is 50% partner of his business (my previous business)
    It really is a joke – We send him presents cards, emails and still he doesnt bother with his two kids (now 6 and 10 years old) both disabled. LOSER HIM AND CSA

  • fuk u all says:

    you all bitch is and doragy and ahlcolic and chip just wating for free mony u not evan sowet for it and rip of the all the man( i hoppe and my wish is all of u with my kid mother go to hall ) i love my kid and tham mom bout this banifit and free chsh make thm ewl bastrd

  • Hannah Hall says:

    I as really sadden to read these messages!!
    I agree however, the signs are there. They can never manage their case loads as their understaffed. No matter what time of the year its always, ‘we have a back log’ it is ridiculous. We don’t ask for much, generally, just whats deserved!!

  • Jason smith says:

    I hate how most workers at the c.s.a talk to you like your a piece of s**t however the lady I spoke to today spoke to me like I was a person and not a piece of s**t and why on the other hand why do the c.s.a always leave it so long so that your in arrears why not sort it out sooner?

  • ANNETTE lee-Ray says:

    i have two children that I am claiming Csa for, this as been going on 6 years now, my ex was taken to court about a year n a half ago and ordered to pay £25 a week- for two teenagers!! As he pays it the normal amount he should pay £66 a week is still being added each week so now over the years the total owing is just over £11 grand!! I find this disgusting, and I’m fed up of being told rubbish each time I phone the Csa, ‘they need to do jobs in order’ I.e look into bank accounts, apply for bailiffs etc, it’s pathetic, all they do is go round I circles…… Get the exs (like Mine)-that refuse to pay the proper amount back in court!! Makes me so mad!

  • Angry dad says:

    CSA is a bunch of scam bag. I hate the way they are arrogant. I feel the organisation is run by divorcees itself. The way they are rude to fathers i hate them. Iam a very responsible dad who unfortunately my women have taken advantage of. Those women came to my life not because they loved me, simply because they wanted papers and kids so that they can create a situations so that they can claim free house, free benefits etc and free money thru farhers.

    Iam a responsible dad, I love my kids and i have loved them since they were young. I pick my kids when they are on school holidays(full) and every weekends friday, saturday, sunday and on top of that i do shopping for them clothings shopping, food shopping and when the have parents day at schools i attend and even when they are sick i attend their appointments.

    We had regular payments in place but the women decided they needed more than that. If i keep my kids more that half of the year why should i pay them?? A woman works at night, keeps kids in some fany friends(risk for kids), claims their benefits, and gets money from me still CSA treats me like i have committed a crime to be a father. I dont get this to be honest. I thought the aim of CSA would be to build good relationship btwn fathers mothers and the kids. Why denie fathers right to activities with their kids by demanding too much money from fathers!! Dont i have the right to enjoy life with my kids? When i take my kids holidays or do shopping for them iam told that is luxury!! Who the hell got money for luxury in todays life?? I wish they would put activities fathers do with their kids which aims at building these kids to be better people when they grow up. I wonder who is incharge of this scambag called CSA which is wreking fathers lives

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