How do I complain about the CSA?

CSA Answers

  • Mr Average says:

    In 2003 I was told that I would soon be moving to the new fairer scheme of the CSa in which I paid approx 15% of my net income for her upkeep against the current 33% i have and am still paying.
    However, I am aware 64,000 people have been moved over to the newer scheme meaning there seems to be a 2 tier system and that additionally the excuse of a failing computer system is just that an excuse, the Government and most importantly the CSa have no plans to migrate anyone, hoping the amount of people involved will be reduced over the coming 5 years.
    Can this be clarified.
    I’m sure having 2 people in the same position but each paying against different rules goes against article 14 of the Human Rights act on discrimination.

  • chris jacobs says:

    what are your complaints procedures??

  • Mark says:

    I’m sure having 2 people in the same position but each paying against different rules goes against article 14 of the Human Rights act on discrimination……. Can i use this quote with the csa and would it stand up in a court of law ?. I have always paid for my son who is now 16 so i am on the old system. My money grabbing ex has contacted the csa saying that I’ve been doing more hours. Yes i have and the reason i have been is to pay off some debts and to cover the £250 csa so i can live a little. Why can they take into account my over time as my payments now look like it might be as high as £570. If this is the case and i do more overtime to cover this then i would be screwed again if my ex told them i was working more, it’s a no win situation. If i was on the new system then my payments would be £285 so how can they justify me paying double than someone on the new system, this can’t be right and should come under article 14 of the Human Rights act on discrimination

  • Mr Todd says:

    hoping someone can help
    the csa have contacted me after 1½ year after my case was completed saying I owe £202 after they have made a mistake, this after they said I owe £700 plus only for the to say sorry we have it wrong and you owe £146 which I paid.
    How can the come back now and say I owe this and after I have already paid the final payment twice, and now this morning they have rang my employer to try and do a DEO even though I not missed a payment or had a schedule, they have also not responded to my letters and I am still waiting on £25 finansion redress they promised over a year ago

  • Mr Todd says:

    Can you also tell me who the director is of the CSA and his/hers email address

  • A Roberts says:

    How do I make a complaint and report csa ?

  • R Jones says:

    The CSA complaint system is broken.
    The CSA system is broken by design.
    The CSA hate males.

    Anyone can put in a application as long as you are female and willing to put ANY male down as the father, as the CSA will never check or allow this father to go against it. This male person will never be allowed to complain and we will make this male persons life hell.

    If you are a single father with the children 100% living with you, well hard luck your application is refused as how dare you ask the mother for money for the children or the mother to have a DNA test. We will thou allow the mothers application even thou she has no children nor the CSA checked her application and you the single father get nothing even thou you have
    children and supplied proof they live with you 100% of the time.

    I asked them also for a copy of the complaint process, a year on, still waiting.

    If they do write back to you expect it six months later and thats you chasing them up all the time. It all be wrong, it won’t be about your complaint and they do a cover up and threaten you more if you don’t do what they say and you to pay them what they say.

    DNA tests are a joke too, don’t expect it to be at your GPs and they make sure they send it somewhere else so it all your fault your never took the test and they declare your refused so now lost the case to defend.

    Don’t expect them to tell you who the applicant is Mother and children as they can not tell you as it they say they can not under the data protection Act, but you still have to pay the CSA what they say.

    Your rights according to the CSA – none.
    Your rights in law – you have lots of rights, so take the CSA to Court.

    If you are female – the CSA will say you win, without ever checking her application.
    If you are male – the CSA say you can’t not defend, if you do the CSA will lie and cheat and cover up – and you will always lose.

    The female applicant puts in a fraudulent application – well the CSA say not the CSA problem its the Applicants problem and we not going to discuss that with them or do them for fraud or investigate fraud, but then say how you the male going to pay else we take all your money, house, car, passport, driving licence and your life ?

    This is my personal experience and hell with the CSA, even thou I have Court Orders to prove it. CSA think they are above Court Orders too.

    Complaint system – no working CSA complaint system works.

    Good luck !!!

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