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  • Philip Josephs says:

    I have been told by the CSA and my child and her mother that payments made on a deduction from earnings order will cease on 5/9/2011. The payments continue, whilst the mother of my child no longer claims child benefit for my daughter who turned 18 in June 2011 and has been out of full time education since June 2010. Whenever I telephone his agency of hypocracy, I m confronted with lies and outright incompetency. I called them on 15/10/11. They said they have a note on their system to check with child benefit agency on 5/9/2011. They could not explain why this had not happened, but the jobsworth that I spoke to advised that she was making the electronic enquiry as we spoke… and that they’d wait for a response from child benefit. Inside sources within the csa advise me that it takes no more than 5 minutes for them to obtain an electronic response from child benefit, so I knew that the imbicile that I spoke to was lying when on 1/11/11 another like minded individual advised that the child benefit enquiry was made on 22/10/11 and that they’d as yet had no response. More lies. Coupled with this fiasco is the fact that my employer missed a payment via the deduction from earnings order in May 2011 and had agreed with the csa to make 2 payments for June 2011 to cover May and June. To date, whilst this so called clerical department in Bolton have admitted receipt of the double payment for May and June which they received in July 2011, they have since maintained that the double payment is “in cyber space”, conveniently forgetting that they are refering to their own cyber space and not that of my daughter and her mother who have now been told that no one has physically got round to cancelling the deduction from earnings order, whilst still not being able to account for a double payment for which they admit receipt of. This is nothing more than theft…..as well as calamatous incompetence! .

  • Mark Pollard says:

    These people have overuled the Court Of law in Scotland also doubled maintenance i seemingly owe for my 19 year old son. Ouch bye bye CSA Bolton

  • paula says:

    new claim told 4-6 weeks as absent paent aleady on attachemnt of earning, merely update wage slips and recalculate and divide by 3!
    ung up 6 weeks late to bve told timescale now 12=18 weeks!
    phoned again and told after waiting 14 weeks, it will be at least another 12 weeks as case being sent o bolton totally of almost 6 months,crazy so complaint in process!
    1)advise if you wish to complaint they have 15 days to reply,do by email and recorded delivery
    2)if not responsed in time scale contact you local mp and if a response not within the 15 days fom the chief exective contact the independant case examimner and they will investigate for you,
    3) keep a list of all emails letters phone calls as you will need to put all infomation for independant case examiner

  • shell says:

    if i hear one more time”your case is clerical” ill scream..exactly what does it mean.All that i get is the same answer and they dont have jack **** to tell me as they have no info infront of them Arrggg!ive had the same since i first asked csa to help with payment.never once have they tried deduction from earnings and yet ive given them more information than i care to remember.to keep calling costs far to much as ive only the mobile phone which calls are not affordable.can anyone tell me the avenues to the Ombassman as i cry with frustration as my ex gets on with his new life knew homes and family ,slipping threw the system as i continue to struggle,he pays the minimum,thats when i get it…not fair someone please help

  • wilf says:

    Shell:- Clerical case means your details are all on paper not on the computer system.
    Which means when you telephone the person you speak to will not be able to see details of your case because they are all on paper in a file somewhere and not on the computer in front of them as is normally the case.
    You need to ask for the telephone number of the office which deal with clerical cases then get the number of a caseworker dealing with your case.

  • Chris says:

    They are quick enough to take your money off you but when you want a refund off them or you want them to ring you back because the calls are so expensive… They don’t….. They have got a nerve to call them self a company… CSA you make me sick.. Who ever the director is.. You need to be sacked because u have not got a clue what the hell you are doing with the company, get staff that care about the person that pays the csa

  • Kraig says:

    Clerical they told me that aswell and I had to wait 3/6 weeks for files to come from where they store them… I even rang Bolton up and they try to fob me off by telling me we sending you section 24 out and change of circumstances and about a DNA test (which I’ve sai I will pay for) and 1year down the line am still waiting and they are still taking money off me for a child that might not be mine….. Also get different stories off different people also the timescales at csa are a disgrace they just keep saying 3 weeks but nothing ever gets done so I’ve come to the conclusion they are all a bunch of numpties and don’t have a clue I would much prefer them to turn around and say Kraig nothing has happened on your case and try chase things up then apologise that I’ve waited a year for all info that has not come but do they crap they even have the cheek to hang up on me the government need to look at the csa and change the system for the dads who want to find out if the child is theirs instead of still taking money off them without knowing the truth…….. The 3 questions they asked me were 1: did you have a sexual relationship with child’s mother?….2: we’re you in a relationship… 3: did you use contraception? So guess what hey presto am the DAD…….

  • david stokes says:

    bolton csa are a total waste of taxpayers money , i’ve been overcharged by 13 months and they wont refund the money saying ” you didn’t pay enough in the past ” even though i have a csa letter stating no arrears in march 2008 and set up fr money to be collected at source that same month !! all payments they told me to pay from day 1 of case were paid , even though my ex wife alleged i hadn’t paid , meaning i had to prove i had! , case closed in aug 2011 but they took payments till oct 2012 and now wont refund the 1600 they owe back , csa bolton is a total disgrace! run by total idiots!

  • Richard says:

    Well this is quite weird the CSA are taking me to the cleaners I had to give up my last job. They insist I owe so much money which after years of paying my children are convinced I never contributed due to me ex telling them I never did even though there are thousands of pounds, which I showed my son recently who after 10 years of being called knob head wanker the shit he wanted to talk to me and we have now a good relationship and I have showed him my payments and he was gob smacked…..The CSA creates an ora of fuck the father the mother gets everything with no input from a father because he has no say in the childs up bringing and who cares from that organization as they say we only take notice from the mother. Shame is no one bombs them as no one would give blood or sympathy and would like to see them bastards die a horrible death. My father was part of the armed force in Ireland when the troubles started he passed away year before last and he was responsible for the Ireland as is now but would turn in his grave knowing what these people do…………

  • sara docherty says:

    I have been dealing with the csa for 6 years last may this bolton area took over wat a mess…. deduction of earnibgs over ruled and now he pays wen he wants… soneone tell me is this place full of monkeys. . Manager call bk asked 3 times still waiting

  • Kirsty says:

    I have been with the CSA FOR 10 years, when my case went to Bolton it has been nothing but he’ll. my Ex owes £6000 in arrears on top of regular maintance. For the past 7 years I have not had many payments and Bolton do not care. We go to complaints at least 3 time a year, my MP has written to them on more occasions than I can remember ( to which they lie about the case) . Staff I Bolton have said to me “we are not a being its agency ” ” what do you expect us to do” ” try talking and reasoning with your ex” we use the agency because we have no communication!!!
    At the moment I have missed our court day because someone I Bolton didn’t do they job properly and now we are going around the same hoops again and again no payments, no help no one cares!!!!

  • Mike says:

    Been paying £500 per month for my 3 kids I am in debt through this because Bolton CSA say I have to pay this much even though I live on my own they are taking nearly half of my wages…I am looking at giving my job up because I can’t afford to pay….but do they care do they hell

  • David Royle says:

    Hi I am wondering if anybody can help me I am looking for the telephone number for the child support agency on manchester road in Bolton, the job centre said there were jobs going there.

    Hope to hear from somebody soon.


  • Paula says:

    The CSA couldn’t organise a p*** up in a brewery. They have on numerous occasions withheld payments due to me for weeks before releasing it meaning I have had months where I have not received any payment at all… Even though my child’s father has made payments every month through his employer! Currently, the CSA have had March’s payment since the 10th March and I still have not received it today’s date 11th April!!! That are taking the piss and need reprimanding by the government for their incompetent misconduct! Essentially they are stealing as I will not see any interest that they have made off the money they are failing to release to me, and I can only imagine if other mothers/fathers are in my situation then they probably have a bank account full of other peoples cash that they are gaining daily interest on and thy are supposed to be a not-for-profit company!! I am seriously at the end of my tether with these incompetent monkeys and out of pocket as they are clearly witholding money meant for my son so they can make interest of it! ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL and needs IMMEDIATE ATTENTION by the authorities to stop them getting away with what they are doing!

  • Salu says:

    I can’t believe some of the idiots they have working there. One breached data protection numerous times yet even though the CSA know this they are happy to keep her on.
    Rude manor in the phone, higher than tho attitude and a general hatred towards men. This member of staff G is extremely sexist and will not admit when she has made a mistake.

  • Ray says:

    One must learn that all departments of Work and Pensions, CSA included are omnipotent, and any attempt to try and get this lot sorted will just not work,on many occasions for my son for whom I act as advocate I have complained both verbally and written letters to try and sort the CSA mistakes out,it generally ends up worse though as in the case of recent debt my son is supposed to owe them,.debt accrued over three months nothing was said, yet my son has no control whatsoever in payment of his debt as they at the CSA know it is deducted directly from his benefits at source. When one rings and enquires despite their demand your told the situation is at a standstill until further notice. Eh ! they send the demand,you act within their timescale and they tell you its at a standstill, whats more they get away with it too, as there is nothing you can do except wait, unless of course you want half your life consumed with letters to and fro to this set of idiots,

  • Salu says:

    Shockingly they have head hunted the chav called Gayul and brought her back to work here. She is a nightmare to work with, uses harsh words and bullies colleagues, she breaks every rule going. No wonder it is going down the pan when they employ wasters like her. She also has not come out of the closet as they say. She has a raging hatred towards men (and they employ her here!), she is definite lesbian but can’t admit it and I think this is why she has such hatred.

  • Tosh acott says:

    I had recently contacted this shower of pish with regards to my deductions that were being TAKEN from my employer to pay my CSA. This has been ongoing for years. That’s another story however I contacted this joke of an Agency a few moths ago knowing my child had been at college in 2013. I was informed that they would assess this and it was my responsibility to contact them!!!! Eh I don’t even know the child or where she lives or what she does but it’s my responsibility? However they told me that they were only an administrative agency? I’m in Scotland the child is scottish but case sits it England WTF!!! Anyway turns out these bastards have been arresting my wages for the past 15months and claim it was my responsibility?? Who do they think they are. I top of This they continue to take money from me saying some shite about 90 days? I want my cash you pile of shite

  • b jennings says:

    i am stunned ….my daughter lets her ex have their 3 children every weekend because he askes to have them….up till recently my daughter has been providing food to help him feed the children plus she has found out he has lied about his wages he receives and therefore the cma as it is now called are looking into it …..when my daughter complained to cma about this she was told it is actually up to her provide her ex with food to feed the children……so a bloke that constantly buys drugs with his money and drug growing equiptment and doesnt set up the correct standing order to pay his maintenance now is living on food that my daughter provides for her children on the weekends he has them.Also he has decided he doesnt want the children every weekend as he always requested but wants them every other weekend,which was originally agreed by them both ..because she refuses to provide the food which she knows the children are not eating as he is giving them sandwiches and such like for a meal and keeping the food for himself and then becomes abusive to her when questioned about the food going to the kids..i am utterly disgusted with ex son in law but even more disgusted that the cma see it as my daughters job to provide the food each weekend when he has lied about money he should have been declaring.

  • David says:

    Hi there my name is David I earn about 317 a week how much money should I be paying each week for my child

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