How long can the CSA chase for payment?

CSA Answers

  • Julie Anne Munn says:

    A CSA assesment was done on my ex husband Mr J Temlett of £230 aprox in 1994 95 but he nevrer paid, He indicated that he would give up his job if i forced the issue. He paid me £100 a month that he said i would not get if he gave up his job. Altough this was a long time ago can the CSA get me outstanding payments

    Julie Munn Re Temlett

  • C Hellyer says:

    Yes they can they making my husband pay for his 4 older children debt from 17 yrs ago and they are all in thr 20 with jobs

  • Gary says:

    Yes, they say i owe 55k arrears going back from 1993 for 2 alledged never proven by dna kids.

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