About Us

CSAhell.com was founded in 2008 by a non resident parent (NRP) as a means to offer advice to other people caught up in dealing with the Child Support Agency. Rather than being a website for NRPs, CSAhell.com has become a site dedicated to offering advice to both NRPs and parents with care (PWC) in their dealings with the CSA.

CSAhell.com features daily news and stories about the CSA, with comments and advice from both sides of the coin. We feel that one of the main success stories of the website is in the teaching that the CSA isn’t necessarily biased towards the PWC, as many absent parents believe. The CSA in fact treats both PWCs and NRPs with equal disdain, managing to fail both.

Promoted by Wirral based SEO company Engage Web; CSAhell.com has managed to reach thousands of people suffering at the hands of the Child Support Agency in the UK.

If you have a tale to tell and feel that the CSA isn’t listening to you, you can tell it here. We will happily listen to you and help to publicise your story to the community as a whole, and get you the valuable CSA advice that you need.

By reading some of the stories on our website you will come to realise that you are not alone, and thousands of people are going through the exact same thing as you. Their battles, their experiences and their advice could prove invaluable in your own plight against the Child Support Agency.

We’re here to help, and good luck!
CSAhell.com staff