Does the CSA take tax credits into account when calculating maintenance?

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  1. Hayley on January 6th, 2014 9:15 pm

    I agree with Shelly. At the end of the day, the resident parent is the one putting a roof over the child’s head and paying all the other bills that you need to live. The total of that each month can be triple or quadruple what a non resident has to pay, but they still moan. And what about the Parent with Care who wants to work so they can give their children that bit extra, the non resident parent is not asked by the CSA to fork out £800-£1000 a month for nursery fees. The non resident parents usually are the ones who look like they give so much to their children by showering them with gifts and taking them nice places, while the PWC struggles. I went a few months with no CSA pay because the ex lost his job though his own fault, but I was so proud that I could get through the months all on my own, no help, no benefits, no CSA, nothing. Yet I nearly cried when all I could get my son for his birthday and Christmas was one tiny present. Everyone sees it from their own point of view…. I would say , why is my sons CSA payments being reduced because hes new wife has her own child (who the dad pays maintenance for). She earns her own money and gets her own CSA as well as benefiting from being married with an extra wage , but yet im single and they are reducing my CSA payments!

  2. emma on January 23rd, 2014 7:21 pm

    Did you know that csa can only take child tax credits into account if you mention it to them! It is not asked for on any forms and is only calculated if you inform them yourself! This was told to me by several different people that work for csa. My advice, move your partner out, stop claiming and then if you choose to let your partber move back in, do not answer their questions. I was told “its up to you what you tell us, but once you’ve given us that information we can use it”. I said my partner never mentioned tax credits, and they had to check phone recordings to make sure he did, and if he hadn’t they were going to remove it from the claim. They do not need your partners name or children in your household (unless it would benefit you to tell them). They will pretend they are helping you out, in order to get the info they need to steel from your children. And for those who are saying men should pay for their children! Yes they should, but not from other childrens money! And kids that receive csa should also be allowed to see the parent paying it, unless its extreme circumstances

  3. Amy on January 25th, 2014 8:33 am

    Me and my partner are in the same boat as most of you lot, £250 a month, because she lied to csa and said we only have the child once a week when she stays with us Friday – Sunday and in school holidays she doesn’t even go home, she stays with us. While her lazy drug taking cannabis smoking mother sits at home all day. Never buys the child a new uniform when it’s a new term and in fact the child has still got the same scruffy shoes on from the beginning of last year which we bought. The systems a joke I wouldn’t mind if she bought new clothes ect for the Child but she doesn’t, walks around looking like a tramp so when she comes to puts we are forking out to put decent clothes on her back ( which stay at ours) they should be given vouchers for food and child’s clothing, then she can’t spend it on cocaine, weed, fags and alcohol!

  4. Shelly on February 4th, 2014 6:04 pm

    ‘Lisa on January 1st, 2014 3:26 pm
    To the above poster, there are children involved on both sides, does it mean that the PWC children become more important?? Nope didnt think so, so doesnt give you the right to come here and tell people not to moan, why not do yourself a big favour and look at the bigger picture’

    The point is if ‘there are children on both sides’ don’t moan if you’ve put yourself in that position. If you have chosen to reside with someone who has children from a previous relationship and together you choose to have more children or bring the children you already have into such a union, then you chose that situation. Do not complain about provision for the children from the previous relationship, because they are not less important than your children. Your comment suggests that you believe your children would be more important than the PWC children. So who isn’t looking beyond the end of their own nose and emotional attachment? Obviously everyone believes their children are the best and deserve the best, but that should not be to the detriment of other children. Current CSA regulations already make the new children of the non-resident parent more important than those from previous relationships. Why do you believe that is fair on the PWC children?

  5. Lisa on February 5th, 2014 4:25 pm

    @Shelly, Im assuming your another woman that would gladly take food out of another childws mouth for your own personal greed? Every child who lives in a low income household is awarded tax credits, would you let the CSA take from your children? Nope, probably not, so why do you think its right to take from another child??? Yes take a %tage of the NRP wage, which is a fair amount, because at the end of the day, the NRP is allowed to move on, unless of course you want to destroy the ex because you cant handle the fact he didnt want you!!!!! Get a grip woman and realise this is the 21st century, we have rights, our children as second family kids have rights, and now we know how to fight back, we are going to do that, even if its to show how greedy and nasty a pwc can be,

  6. jo on February 5th, 2014 6:57 pm

    @ shelly… husbands daughter gets 106.00 a week (she’s nearly 21) in csa and my children are awarded 6.93 discount for 2 kids!! Plus our tax credits and child benefit is included (old case) when a pwc has full entitlement to hers, do you think this is fair?

    No child just because one was born first should be treated differently and costs worked out the same and no tax credits etc should be included in any calculation as this is used to top up a low income anyway who probably get no other benefits (like us) for housing etc.

    Yes, I knew my husband had a responsibilities before me but nothing is stopping a pwc from moving on either so why should an nrp have no life and be dictated too and kept below the minimum?

  7. Bill on February 5th, 2014 8:33 pm

    No discounts for children are given for children on CS1.
    The allowances ( about 67 pounds )used on CS1 are the same for children in the NRP’s household as that used for the QC.
    See the letter detailing the assessment.
    Working tax credits are used in the assessment to determine the actual liability if the NRP is the higher earner.
    CTC & CB are only used to determine the total income for the household to work out an affordable amount using the protected income.
    The affordable amount is compared to the liability and if it is greater then the liabily stands, if it is less then the affordable amount becomes the liability.

  8. Emma on February 5th, 2014 8:55 pm

    I agree nrp should pay for their children. What I disagree with is my childcare element being taken into consideration. I’m a single parent of 2 children and earn 530 a month, that gets topped up with benefits but I’ve been assessed to pay 50 a week. My ex paid nothing to me when our kids lived with me, but since my teenager went to live with him for college, it has been constant. I even offered him 25 a week on a private arrangement but he won’t even discuss it.

  9. PAUL on February 11th, 2014 12:02 am

    Well I have been following this thread from Sept 2010, It still looks like a lot of family’s are still under pressure. I hope suicide wasn’t the only option as stated earlier by some poor soul.(though I empathise).

    I hope I am reading right..

    .Step 1 – working out income

    The Child Maintenance Service will find out the paying parent’s yearly gross income from information supplied by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and check if they’re getting benefits (tax credits, student grants and loans don’t count as income).



    (lets hope the new reformed cmec will sort all this shizzle out)

  10. Shelly on February 19th, 2014 10:26 pm

    @Shelly, Im assuming your another woman that would gladly take food out of another childws mouth for your own personal greed? Every child who lives in a low income household is awarded tax credits, would you let the CSA take from your children? Nope, probably not, so why do you think its right to take from another child??? Yes take a %tage of the NRP wage, which is a fair amount, because at the end of the day, the NRP is allowed to move on, unless of course you want to destroy the ex because you cant handle the fact he didnt want you!!!!! Get a grip woman and realise this is the 21st century, we have rights, our children as second family kids have rights, and now we know how to fight back, we are going to do that, even if its to show how greedy and nasty a pwc can be.

    Feel free to explain what you mean by ‘your own personal greed’? I do not live in affluence or even slight fortune.
    Please don’t assume anything about me (assumption is the mother of all f*** ups), as you know nothing about my situation and I’ll try not to assume anything about yours because I do not know you.
    I have not expressed the opinion that all forms of tax credit awarded to the NRP’s new family should be considered income when calculating the amount of child support that should be paid to the PWC. My opinion was merely, do not complain about the fact that the first family deserve a reasonable amount of support. Bringing children into the world is a choice on all sides and therefore a responsibility for all involved. If you choose to freely enter into that responsibility then suck it up.
    The fact that you believe that a PWC has the easy task of ‘moving on’ to a new life when they have full care and responsibility for children of a defunct partnership shows your own blinkered view. There can be lots of reasons that can not and does not happen, many of which you have probably never considered because you’re lucky enough to never have experienced them. Let’s hope that your partner doesn’t leave you with sole care of your children and you have to discover how difficult that can be. God forbid that it doesn’t turn you into one of those ‘greedy and nasty’ PWCs (I’m thinking that is a very generalised opinion of yours and based entirely on your own experience of one side of a story). Your partner was clearly blessed to be able to move on to a new life without anything to limit that movement, lucky them!

  11. @sammy on March 11th, 2014 9:12 pm

    Hello… please can someone help? My ex partner has moved in with his new girlfriend. She works part time from what I can gather and apparently he works 4 days a week. She is claiming WTC as a single parent as they have declared not living together. What should I do about payment? At the moment he only pays 50 pound per month. He also expects me to meet him half way when he wants to see his child even though our new house is only an hour away. What should I do? every time I try to talk about money with him I’m a money gabbing [email protected] and I’ve only started being like this since I had my baby. I don’t want my child to hate me for not dropping her off half way but his money doesn’t even cover her dinner money and after school activies. I know I have money too but I want what’s fair and what I’m owed by law. I’m sick of the arguing and name calling. My current partner says I’m soft and he travels 240 miles round trip every 2 weeks and pays maintenance on top so why shouldn’t he. HELP

  12. jo on March 12th, 2014 7:22 am

    Right take the new gf out of the equation she has nothing to do with you and your ex’s children, why should she? You don’t really know their situation so assumptions shouldn’t be made.

    Are you going through csa at the moment or is it private agreement? If you haven’t made a claim then you’ll be put on the new system which means you and your ex mediate a reasonable payment and if neither of you agree and it goes through the agency a percentage will be deducted with every penny they deduct…also if I recall tax credits are now excluded on the new system, which in my opinion should never be included in the first place.

    Also what’s wrong with meeting half way, seems fair to me but 50.00 a month isn’t alot if he’s working but if he goes on benefits you’ll only get 20.00! Plus if he has moved in with his new gf maintenance calculations would include a child in his household and a % deducted as such. You current partners case also might be different to yours but has he asked for a variation on his travel costs and included children within your household to reflect his payments?

  13. karen on April 16th, 2014 8:30 pm

    I waited for six months after finally getting away from my daughters father before contacting the csa. Every single week he had a different excuse why he couldnt put money in the bank for his daughter. I told him i would have no choice if he didnt help out but he didnt believe me cos he thought i was still too scared of him.
    I gave him the choice of buying her clothes and things she needed rather than cash or even setting up an account in her name that would be her money when she reached 18 but this offer was turned down cos simple fact was he just didnt want to hand over any money.
    He has been living with his new partner for about 5 years and they have 2 kids now with him saying he wouldnt mind having more. He owns a two bedroom flat but they claim shes a single parent so she got housed and recieves all the benefits while he earns £400 plus cash in hand work every week! Obviously i dont have a problem with what he does with his life. someone elses problem now thank god but what causes me anger is when he spends the whole of the couple of hours he spares my daughter going on and on at her to get me to cancel csa payments. He bullies her saying she is 16 so she should go out to work and forget about college, shes making her new brother and sister go without and shes being selfish. His girlfriend has now banned her from her house and wont allow him to even talk to my daughter over the phone. She says she cant handle the fact my girl always looks perfect and she cant afford anything!
    GET A GRIP YOU STUPID LITTLE GIRL! my daughter has new clothes and her hair done cos i go to work! maybe you should try that? how much do you think £100 per month gets a teenager? not a lot. She was around a long time before the new bird was so why the fuck have kids if you cant afford them? did you think my daughter would just go away? What sort of people have kids with someone they know has got a kid already and then moan about csa taking money to support the kids he had first? Why should they go without? It was your choice to have more when you knew how much money you had coming in. TOUGH SHIT! GET A LIFE!

  14. jo on April 18th, 2014 1:57 pm

    @ karen….I’m an nrps wife (apart from the new gf in ypur case banning your daughter from her father which is wrong and makes him a very weak man indeed for putting up with it) it’s hard when our own tax credits are used in an assessment that’s meant for the children in our household, why should any child lose out whether one was born before the other and most likely a pwc has full entitlement to theirs which isn’t means tested….of course an nrp should contribute to their child(ren) but it should be fair to both parties and child tax credit left out of it, which is how it is being assessed on new rules coming into force soon.

  15. melanie parton on June 21st, 2014 11:26 am

    wat annoys me with readi g these stories why do u expect a woman or man as tge bew partner of yr ex to pay for yr kids loaded or not yrs kids are not their rexponsibility……….they cud win the lottery you gav NO claim for yr kid to it that perso did not sleep with you…… the law changed in 2003 to stop this happning new partners do not hav to pay for yr kids y on earth shud they……

  16. melanie parton on June 21st, 2014 11:28 am

    wat annoys me with readi g these stories why do u expect a woman or man as tge bew partner of yr ex to pay for yr kids loaded or not yrs kids are not their rexponsibility……….they cud win the lottery you gav NO claim for yr kid to it that perso did not sleep with you…… the law changed in 2003 to stop this happning new partners do not hav to pay for yr kids y on earth shud they…… n as for tKing other kids money to pay yrs is disgusti to say the least………n u wo der wby pwc are termed mony grabbers

  17. Ribbo on July 7th, 2014 7:35 am

    Csa are a joke,I have a son which I have never seen yet they still want money,I have spent thousands of pounds goin through court DNA etc,but because the sill cow of a ex hasn’t put my name on the birth cert I have no p.r
    I’ve payed ever week since he was born not like some fathers,now I have a serious back issue and have spoke to the csa about this they have now upped my weekly payment wich I can’t afford,they are now threading me with court action I have offered the usual weekly payment and a few pound extra to pay arrears off,but they won’t accept,they don’t give a monikers about the welfare of my wife and my two kids as long as they get there money,I have got to the stage now where I ain’t bothered what they do,threats of passport driving lice to prison not bothered any advise would be grateful as if they can do this, we are getting wtc as a joint but my wife earns more than me, I thought the csa would take this into considerTion only if I was the higher earner

  18. sammy on August 20th, 2014 9:53 pm

    Right my partner pays for his children, was 200 a month. He moved in we foned csa and told them, we now pay 400 a month. They took all our working tax and a percentage of child tax. It states that they do not, and if you fone and ask they tell you no, but when u are assessed they phone for partners child benefit number and take the tax credits. If they tell you no they are lying. I have a letter here telling me how much they take from it

  19. Tara on November 30th, 2014 7:49 pm

    I split with my Ex Husband 8 years ago (our child is nearly 14 now) I worked 2 jobs to support us and pay off the debt we had been left with.
    My Ex is a Alcoholic and generally a nasty individual, so you have to ‘play nice’ or face the constant threats and extreme unpleasantness.
    We arranged that he would pay the cost of our sons school meals, £7.50 per week directly to the school. The school was made aware of this, he paid 5 weeks then stopped. I wasn’t made aware till the amount reached £500. I paid this off at £20 a week.
    I gave my ex one more chance when our son started senior school, he would pay for his bus pass (£6 per week) he needless to say didn’t.
    I moved in with my new partner who works (low wage) and had to give up work myself due to having a baby and ill health, but we try and manage. I mentioned to my Ex (as he had started working at a new job with more pay) how he would have to contribute to his son as it is incredibly unfair my new partner is basically providing for a child that is not his.
    His reply was along the lines of ‘go to the CSA and I will burn you out’ he’s quite the charmer. Eventually I have finally contacted what is now the Child Maintenance Service a couple of months ago, gave them every piece of information I possibly could.
    He refused to answer their letters/calls so they went to HMRC. Bear in mind we are now in 2014, they could only trace him to 2009 when he was earning £106 per week (alledgelly) so I’m entitled to £7.77 a week starting Oct 2014. Almost laughable! Which he hasn’t paid (surprise surprise) yesterday I had 5 letters (all exactly the same) stating now payments will not start until January (no reason given) As I have no option but to let my Son have contact with his father, he was taken out yesterday to choose his Xmas present. A £3500 motorbike and £500 of safety clothing. His delightful Father thought it would be nice to send my partner photos (showing the price) just so we can be impressed with what a top dad this man is….
    I’ve spoken to the CMS regarding the issue to be informed that unless I can supply proof my Ex is earning more than HMRC info I’m basically stuck. I asked what they meant by ‘proof’ do they expect me to steal wage slips from his letterbox? They gave me a vague answer and suggested I ring HMRC myself (she helpfully googled the number for me) Why would HMRC help me? Surely Data Protection would mean it would be a complete waste of my time. The CMS has no interest in helping me uncover his true earnings. Never mind, yes we are living on the breadline but we have each other. Come christmas I am giving my children £15 each in a card, as its who is with you round your tree and not what you have under it. But I will admit it would be damn nice to have a few nice things but I don’t see any point I trying to deal with the CMS any longer, it’s a joke. P.S yes, if I ever do receive my £7.77 a week I will be paying 4% fees on even that pitiful amount

  20. Katrina on November 10th, 2016 12:34 pm

    Reading some of your comments regarding CTC, it says that CSA doesn’t take second partners income or CTC into account. I disagree, they do take second partners income into account along with CTC. We had to pay the other parent from our CTC when it’s for the children living with us. The children are from previous marriage , yet they are taking money from them. CSA also told me they take partners money into account yet when it switches to child maintenance then partners income is not included.

  21. Louise on August 11th, 2017 11:54 am

    Is the drop in child tax credits not to do with the joint claim that would be made?

  22. Tamsin on October 4th, 2017 5:03 pm

    My husband walked out on my 6 kids to be with a girlfriend with 3 kids. She don’t work their dads pay. I’m Gona get my csa halved even though I work full time. So I don’t see why I should not claim against their joint claim on tax credits. He is not a dad to any of her children. I had to get a detachment on his wage as he spends his money on her and her kids. No I’m
    Not bitter. I’m fine. But I do not see why she gets my husbands income plus her baby dads maintenance. So I will claim their tax credit if it’s classed as income. I I worked with all 6 why can’t she work. Lol

  23. Ricky on November 15th, 2017 12:34 pm

    @Tamsin, if your claim started after 2012 you would be on the new system.. which means they do not calculate child tax credits or working tax credits in the calculation. I have spoken to them about this myself and they cannot do it. I personally think it’s greedy to go after another childs tax credits anyhow regardless of your baby daddies choices and his new partner.
    I agree with the fact that she should be working to provide for her kids and not just expect a father to pay because apparently we live in a society where it is just a fathers responsibility to pay and allow women to claim child maintenance and use having a child as an excuse not to work.

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