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On hold with CSA for 35 minutes and then cut off

I am disgusted with the lack of customer service I have received from the CSA. you firstly tell me that the idiot father of my child can only pay £5.00 for some unknown reason when he works full time and then I ring to find out more information as to why he is only paying £5.00 when he owes over £500 in back pay for my daughter and some asks if they can put my on hold.

I was on hold for 25 and no one came back to me after 35 mins someone picked up the phone and put the phone down on me and cut me off. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

After ringing back I have found out the father of my child has only delcared some of his earnings. how is it that people can get away with this sort of thing.

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  1. Welcome to the world of the csa. I have every sympathy with you, it doesnt matter if you are a parent with care (PWC) or non resident parent (NRP) the lack of customer care in the csa is well documented. This is a branch of the Department for Work and Pensions, a civil service department paid for by the taxpayer which doesnt seem very ‘civil’ and offers poor ‘service’.
    Usually an NRP gets to pay only £5pw if they are on benefits so I understand your frustration. I suspect the two of you are not talking so thats one avenue for co operation closed. Try the CAB initially but better still try and get formal legal advice from a csa specialist or a local family law firm. Meantime try not to rely on phone calls which can be denied, instead put everything in writing, send by recorded delivery, keep the receipts and insist on a writen response. Good luck.

  2. Why are people posting email links on here for the CSA when it takes 10 days for a reply. I have been hit with a deduction of earnings order when my case is being appealed as we speak. They have used incorrect wage slips and have not taken into account all the days I have had my son. But they will take into account evidence given by a known benefit cheat who has a ppolice record. they promise call backs withijn 24hrs and guess what ……….no sign. Its discrimination against honest hard working people who arent trying to dodge tax or benefits by being self-employed and they are all a waste of space, as one agent says one thing and another says another thing. Let me know if you know how I can stop a D of Earnings order with a chnage in situation. I have 2 days or I am nopt going to be able to pay my mortgage, eat or run my car to go to the work to earn the wages they are deducting from????? any help wpould be gratefully appreciated.

  3. Jackie, it could be that some people still try and ‘promote’ the csa in a good light, makes you wonder…
    From my experience I would not give them an email address as I simply dont trust them.
    They did have an old email address for me once, they then took action without contacting me first for information, my MP wrote and asked them why they had not emailed me, they wrote back stating that it was ‘not their policy to communicate by email’, this is despite the fact that they had emailed me on another matter and openly state that you can contact them by email. I think they were just trying to put my (useless) MP off with a feeble excuse. Now I only communicate with them by letter which I always send recorded delivery. Meantime see a csa specialist as soon as you can for formal legal advice and good luck.

  4. Quote jackie; ‘Why are people posting email links on here for the CSA when it takes 10 days for a reply.’

    Why not, shouldn’t people be allowed to makes their own choices?

    Personally, I have received replies between 3 – 7 days , which is quicker than letters via Royal Mail.

    Re; the rest of your post.

    It’s doubtful you’ll achieve much in the 2 day deadline you have. When did you initially learn of the DEO?

    There are certain situations that allow a DEO to be removed, but an application would need to be made to the magistrates court.

    Why have the CSA impose the DEO?

    Re; ‘incorrect wage slips’ you say they have used ~ did they take your income from a different period?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  5. Jackie,
    Any letter you send the csa via recorded delivery should get there the next day (mine do) and you can track them. Any response from the csa can take a few days, or weeks or months or even never in some cases. Part of the delay (I’ve found) is that you write to a published address in somewhere like plymouth but get your answer from a DWP office in belfast. (the reply will still have the plymouth address on the letter but the envelope wont) Despite that I’ve had letters in 2 days so it could be to do with staffing, urgency etc. An email does not mean a quicker response, it depends on when someone at the other end takes the time to read it, act on it and eventually respond to it.
    Its fair to say you are unlikely to get anything done urgently. Magistrates cant look at disputes about calculated amounts (which the csa will claim the DEO relates to) and you really need to make representation to the court that issued the DEO, likely to be your local county court. You could try asking for the matter to be ‘set aside’ and you need to have good reason to ask for this with at least a fifty per cent chance of proving your position.
    Best option of course is to get bona fide legal advice from a solicitor that is a csa/family law specialist.
    Keep fighting

  6. Quote j, ‘and you really need to make representation to the court that issued the DEO’

    INCORRECT – The CSA issue their own DEO’s !!

    Accusations at whim and NO understanding how the system works…


  7. As someone who is both a PWC and a NRP I understand both sides ( I have twins and one lives with their dad) In my dealings with them they have frequently blamed the other side for their mistakes. This has led to my ex and I arguing as we have both believed the CSA when they have said that one or other of us is dragging their heels , not supplying info etc. One example is that my ex was told I was not sending in my wage slips when in fact I had to send them four times as they kept losing them. Try talking to your ex and maybe come to a reasonable solution. The CSA just makes matters worse.

  8. Jackie – YOu can’t get a DEO overturned. You can argue forever with the CSA but you have to bear in mind they are right even when they are not, and legislation allows for this.

    DEO is not granted by the Court. CSA impose them theirselves. If there is an error on the DEO such as incorrect name, address, ni number then you can apply to the Court to have it overturnedm but all that will probably happen is another one will go in its place.

    It is very bad system that leaves nrp and 2nd families without enough money to live on.

  9. I came off the DOE today that Ive been on for the past four and a half years and back on direct debit. Ive still got to pay an extortionate amount to a pond life female thats never worked in her life and always sponged.
    Not sure if they’re any benefits coming off a DOE ? Maybe being on direct debit Ive got half a % control over my hard earned money thats stolen from me every month.

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