CSA: a bunch of robbers!

July 19, 2022

My ex wife refused to accept maintenance from me 20 yes ago for my daughter. Reason being she met a new partner who wanted to bring her up as his own and that meant if I paid maintenance I would have access to seeing my daughter which my ex didn’t want. She made all the decisions when we divorced. (Yes she even lied to the court to try and get a divorce as well but they told her she had no grounds..so I divorced her for unreasonable behaviour) l did speak to my daughter a few times on Facebook but she was worried that her mum would find out as she was supposed to have nothing to do with me so the texts stopped.

What I am trying to say is the csa and the courts have no regards for the dads that have tried to do the best for their kids providing their exs let them. I can assure you their are many more women out there that will jump on the band wagon to bleed their partners dry. I know I met some. They want me to pay 20k for my child I hadn’t seen for a decision my ex made…yeah right. She robbed me once before and she ain’t doing it again. The csa are robbers and the courts should look at the bigger picture.

Two years battling with CSA!

June 21, 2022

I have posted on here before, unfortunately it’s still not good news! I am still constantly battling with the CSA. I completed a mandatory consideration which the CSA purposely delayed and was always going to reject. I have sent numerous complaints and evidence of dates of extra nights I have my children stay over night, if anything I have them more than my ex wife does.

I am now at the mercy of the tribunal services Birmingham I have waited 6 months so far for my case to be looked at. I have written asking for a date of my hearing no response. I started with a debt of £5000 which my ex left me with. With court and everything else I am now £17k in debt and still paying £181 a month in maintenance. Doesn’t sound alot but when your over spending £250-£300 each month due to the cost of living and debts it’s just getting harder and harder.

I am a fantastic dad to 2 children and I am very lucky compared to a lot on here.

Saying that I didn’t do anything wrong my wife left me after being together 15 years and me supporting her with 28k worth of debt. So she repays me with 2 affairs. Tries to stop me seeing my 2 kids which she knows means the world to me. She’s made my life hell and continues to do so.

I just want to get on with my life with the kids. But it’s looking like after working for the NHS for 16 years I will have to leave my job and probably lose my kids forever.

How can the CSA do this to hard working dad’s, yet they support mums who are narcissists.

CSA: absolute sharks!

June 6, 2022

I was going through a custody battle and my ex James David Allenby when my daughter was living with me decided to go self employed and started a LTD company (Technical Studio Services Ltd) who he registered his income to his girlfriend at the time and paid £30.00 per calendar month yet was driving a £30,000 car and taking holidays to center parks in Belgium. The CSA never investigated and yet when the role was reversed, I was earning £18,000pa and even though I was paying him direct the amount that the calculator stated he complained and slapped an attachment of earnings on me of which they took £300 per month! I was suicidal at that point and did try and they had no empathy and although I have had Legal advisers say they were incorrect they still refuse to bother to investigate.

I feel for anyone that deals with these rogue Traders.

The other side of the argument!

May 9, 2022

My daughters ex has barely paid anything in CM for 5 years – he never worked in the 4 yrs she was with him but and after he went out one night and didnt return as he’d found soneone else – he miraculously got a job which he as soon as CMS contacted him, he quit. This meant my daughter received £7.50 a week for the 2 kids not each but between them as he was unemployment benefit.

We have been battling all this time since to seek maintenance arrears as we know he IS working- I’ve got photos of him in his work uniform, on various sites, in the work vans and his facebook profile has no end of comments and photos of him at work yet we’re told he is not on HMRC database as working.

He was never stopped from seeing the kids, until 2 weeks into the arrangements set up to come visit them, he didnt turn up and then all the excuses started. The only time he showed up after this was a year later, drunk and shouting, bashing on front door (while kids were there) as he’d found out my daughter was in a new relationship. This scared them all to bits so my daughter sought a NMO against him – no doubt the excuse he needed.

Now he’s got a 7mth old with another woman and she’s 6mths pregnant with second and we are led to believe he has left her? So now CMS have gone and got a liability order but can’t serve it as we can’t give them an address (he’s NEVER given an address, and daughter has no means of contact apart from messaging him on Facebook which she won’t do and anyway, what is she supposed to say “hey sperm donor, you owe your 2 beautiful kids thousands, give me your address please”!?)

It’s ridiculous and downright criminal that this guy is just off the radar apparently DWP HMRC and now CMS can’t trace him and they won’t act upon all the work details and evidence we have on him, yet my daughter was late with council tax payment and threatened with court!!!

So all you dad’s on here moaning about your paying (and i realise there are genuine mistakes, false calculations and no doubt lots of maladministration going on) just think about all those poor mums (and dad’s who are pwc) who don’t get a penny for their kods to enable them to do the things they can’t afford to give apart of course from the most important things, UNENDING LOVE AND STABILITY

How can I get help?

April 6, 2022

My x partner is stopping me seeing my child she has reported it to the robbers (CMS) who are taking more than my mortgage off me a month. I have debts wich needs to be paid they are not taking my outgoings in to consideration. I can now see why single dads dont work. If i dont get help soon this will be me. The robbers has sent me a increase letter on the day which my standing order has gone out on. The letter also says its in arrears by more than my online log in does.

Five months of incompetence!

February 28, 2022

I had 2 jobs, lost one in oct so took a big financial hit and lost over 25% of my income. submitted numerous payslips and the CMS kept saying my payments wont change as I haven’t lost enough!! they said they go off HMRC records which is slightly delayed…yeah right! I clearly had.

They’ve recently admitted an employee messed up on my last mandatory reconsideration aswel so have reopened it. I haven’t had an acknowledgement from my complaint 2 weeks ago aswel. still paying money based of 2 jobs for 5 months now! I’ve had to take on another job in order to survive. the whole system is infuriating!

Press need multiple complaints to run a story!

January 24, 2022

I have been paying for my children by 2 different mothers via direct payment. The original calculation from CSA did not take into consideration my pension contributions and therefore was paying over the odds. CSA told me that the difference in pay has to be 25%drop for thrm to recalculate the payment! Eventhough it was their fault in the first place!

Then my daughter commenced University in September so I paid the last payment for her in August as my ex was no longer entitled to payments. She then decided that I still had an obligation to pay and told CSA that I had missed a payment. CSA did not contact me in regards to this and just put a deduction of order on my wages until May! In addition they have raised the payments for my son so now I am paying more than ioriginally paid when I had 2 children entitled to CSA!

I have been off work sick for 3 months and can no longer do overtime ( the P60 wages they base their calculations on include a lot of overtime from the previous year) so now I am in financial hardship. Since covid every time I call them I am on hold for over an hour, then when someone answers they say I need to be put on hold for a case worker, another 15 minutes on hold and they cut the phone off!

Finally got a call from clearky a man hater stating its my fault and because my ex reported missed payments then I.must pay! I have uploaded all the proof of my payments to the online portal but no response and their calculations in the breakdown do not make any sense whatsoever! They don’t even apply as have always paid direct transfer to my exes accounts! So how would they know if I missed a payment unless they asked me to prove my payments! There are loads of charges on the breakdown that couldn’t possibly apply!

I have even tried to get a solicitor but nobody is apparently able to deal with it. Have written to MRS and no response! Even tried to contact the press but they stated they need numerous complaints from men otherwise they can’t publish an individual story. Something needs to be done urgently as this is totally unacceptable.

CMS pushing me into a corner – what can I do?

January 20, 2022

About 20 years ago I had a relationship with a girl and we had two children The relationship didnt last and we both ended up with other partners. My new partner and I saw the children regularly and for a while it was civil until she decided to get the csa involved I was not in a good place mentally back then and didnt deal with this as I should have done.

Myself and the ex had many heated discussions during which she told me the children werent mine and she was still seeing her ex husband and had been all along I received a letter from the csa saying that the pwc did not wish to pursue the case any more.

About two years ago I had a letter from the cms saying the pwc is owed £11,000 and she would like this money collected also the debt was made a liabillity order some 18 years ago and therefore it was up to them to just collect or enforce.

At the time homelife was on a bit of a knife edge and rather than fight this and cause more issues I agreed to pay £100 a week which I did.

Recently I changed jobs and started a francised position which involved me putting money into before receiving a rise in my earnings I explained this to the cms.

Unfortunately with pretty awful timing I caught Covid three weeks into my new position which meant that with no income and expenses ongoing I ended up with my first months money I owed the company £500.

Again I explained this to cms but since then they have just taken money from my bank accounts.

I have less £100 in each account at the moment and will struggle to get by this month I have asked friends to help out but one put £100 in my account but cms took £40 of it before I could withdraw it.

Now my council tax and other direct debits are bouncing Im guessing my credit rating will take a dive and that in itself may mean I will be inelligable for renewal of the francise contract when it comes round.

I have tried to keep the cms informed of my situation and I am the low hanging fruit that others speak about as I have tried to cooperate but the cms are just not approachable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had to leave my property – what now?

January 10, 2022

CMS taking £900 a month. Won’t drop from my earnings my company car benefit saying it’s £15,000 a year, but I don’t take that home! I actually pay out of my wages for my car.

Paid for my child all her life now her mum wants it going through these animals a month as she knows she will get more.

Had to leave my property and move in with my parents who are almost 70 years old, covid around and I have to go out for work endangering my parents. How is any of this fair? Surely there is something we can do to end all this?

CSA rejecting our claim – help!

January 7, 2022

Not sure if you can advise, we are at our wits end with the CSA. Grandaughter’s father stopped contact back in July and has not paid for her since. The CSA are going around in circles telling us that as he was not working for 1 week in August (he has been ever since) they are rejecting our claim. They can see he is working and have also confirmed to us that they can see this. We also know where he works. The CSA now want to raise yet another change in circumstances (4th one so far) which will take even longer for them to tell the same thing again. Any advice would be appreciated. Even getting through to someone is a minor miracle and if they don’t cut you off, that’s a bonus!

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