How can CSA investigate me on figures I have absolutely no idea about?

October 3, 2019

I won’t drag this out and go into the behaviour of my ex partner and lies she has told.
I am self employed as a Landscaper, earnings are hit and miss.
As a result sometime good, but mostly way below average.
Long story short, my Ex went to the CSA and as they do, they’ve been hounding me at every opportunity.
I had an August review this year and as a result my payments went to £57 per week.
One would think all is settled, but no.
Yesterday I had a letter form the CSA Finacial Investigations Unit.
Asking to explain my earnings fro 2016 to 2017.
They have figures listed of what I’m supposed to have earned that year.
Which I find totally baffling as I had’nt entered a tax return as I had no earnings in that period other than a minor pension draw down.
I’ve not responded as yet, but how can they investigate me on figures I have absolutely no idea about.
I’m wary to respond without advice as everyone knows they are like a dog with a bone and won’t let go.
Any ideas/advice please.

I have 50% shared care, but the CSA won’t listen

September 25, 2019

I have been sperated from my children’s mother for 5 years. It was for the best part amicable but recently the relationship completely broke down and she stop contact with the children. Solicitors were involved and we are now back to a 50% shared care arrangement. 5 days on 5 off arranged around the children’s mother’s shift pattern. She involved the CSA when access was denied but we are back to a 50% shared care arrangement.


The CSA will not listen to me and I have to appeal their decision that I am still required to pay even though I still have a 50% responsibility on all the financials surrounding the children. I have just started to compile evidence but they have said that because I do not receive the child benifit payments I won’t win any appeal. I have also applied for the child benifit to be split 50% but that could take several months and I do not know if I will be successful. If anyone has any advice on this kind of situation I would be extremely grateful. Unbelievable stressful dealing with the agency.

I’m entering a 4th year of hell with the Child Maintenance Service

September 23, 2019

So, back in 2015 I contacted the child maintenance service for the first time. All seemed well and good. They got things moving pretty quickly, payments weren’t accurate, but I half expected this as my ex husband was being very awkward and worked offshore as a self employed contractor. However, he pulled a good wage through his bank and it was all there in black & white so I didn’t feel too worried things would be inaccurate for long. Boy was I wrong! My ex husband started diverting his income, claiming he was earning £8000 per annum! He was earning this for 3 weeks work! I was straight on it, made the CMS aware of what was going on and they agreed to help me look into things. Put in me in touch with one of the HMRC investigators. Perfect! My £39 per week payments for 2 children should increase soon. Fantastic. Obviously this did not happen.

With a £650 per month mortgage to pay (with no income as I had a always been at stay at home mum, my ex husbands job didn’t allow for this really)

CSA problem as two children living with me don’t have enough

September 20, 2019

I have 3 kids 2 live with me and my new partner and I have my 3 child with my ex that we broke up after 4 years with her always cheating on me and I have agreed to pay like 30 pound a week cuz that is all I can afford on top of bills and my other children and csa take of about 60 70 pound off my wages which leaves me with nothing for my other 2 kids and they don’t seem to care anyone no what to do

CSA have disclosed my full financial income to the other parent

September 11, 2019

Hello, I’m a paying parent in full time employment.

It seems that the csa have disclosed my full financial income to the other parent. Is this not a breach of privacy or private information? I would never of consented to this information being shared and feel totally exploited now. Also the whole thing is ruining the relationship with my step son as the csa system totally disregards him and everything I’ve done and continue to do for both the kids, not just my biological one.

CSA are giving me a headache!

September 2, 2019

I have had an ordeal of paying mutual payments – never missed a payment as don’t refuse that it’s my duty to. Pay toward care to the parent with overall day to day care.
Then the CSA was instigated and had an absolute head ache – went to court for a court order to have the number of nights set out to reduce the payments – courts are very much on the parents with care side too, wouldn’t wish this on anyone!

CMS does this after husband was supposed to have clean break

August 2, 2019

I don’t know if you can give any advice but when my husband got divorced 15 years ago, he had a clean break meaning his ex wouldn’t have any claim on his pension. He is never allowed to have any contact with his daughters and now they are older they still don’t bother. The CMS have sent him a review and reckon that including his pension he is on £463 a week, I wish! So they are doubling his maintenance. We can’t afford for him to do this and it would mean that his ex is getting some of his pension money. He doesn’t want them to take it from his wages, what does he do?

Husband’s ex married a millionaire and still lets us struggle

July 1, 2019

My husbands ex, who he shares a son with (13) is married to a very wealthy man – his parents are millionaires. They constantly rub it in & send the lad with comments etc about how poor we are & how much they do / afford… She has given the lad her husbands surname, she’s forbid him to call my husband dad. We did tell him years ago its OK to call him dad when he’s with us & we won’t tell his mum… But it soon stopped. The lads mum & stepdad are always planning days out or holidays when he’s on our weekends… Which, more & more, he’s telling my husband he doesn’t want to come. We’re pretty much skint, we live in a council house, struggle to pay our rent & bills, we eat cheap food most days & have never been able to have a family holiday.

I have 2 kids from a previous relationship (we get on & I don’t get any maintenance)… So when it comes to competing with days out, holidays, gifts etc, we struggle to afford extras. She basically doesn’t want my husband to be the lads dad, but she wants every penny she can drain from us. She lives in a detached 4 bed, 4 bath mansion, the child has his own en suite bedroom & a cleaner… They both drive brand new Mercedes each. The lad attends a private boys school, with his step brother – from her & his 2 step sisters – from her, attend a private girls school.

Is there any way we can get a fair calculation for means tested or similar? I don’t see how it’s fair we’re living hand to mouth every single day & they clearly are buying the poor lad… Sometimes I cry with frustration & have to remove myself from my own living room, when the poor child starts about what his mummy & daddy have said about us… Usually that we’re scruffs with no money always along them lines. It’s really putting a strain on our marriage & my sanity. I’d love to afford a family holiday with all our kids. But it feels like we’re never getting out of my husbands debt to this horrible controlling leech. Thank you to everyone who can offer any advice.

CSA letter shows up out the blue despite private arrangement

May 29, 2019

I have just received out of the blue a letter from the new CSA say that I owe £6668 . I can’t believe this as my son is 26 now I have a good relationship with him now . My ex is a really nasty person and years ago we agreed I pay her with cash o cheque for his maintance but I can’t prove this to the CSA as it’s her word against mine can the CSA go back well over 15 years for this payment I don’t owe think I’m in for a long legal battle..

I’m being victimised by others for being a biological father

May 17, 2019

I find it very interesting that I have done a DNA for a disputed paternity case and I have paid the CSA and yet I have become a victim of very serious hate crime for being a biological father and had so much shit thrown in my face by other people who have nothing to do with me or the DNA and yet they have literally invited the world to kill me for being a biological father and now I’m homeless because of other people interfering with my life when it’s not their business to interfere with my private life at all. This includes the local authorities in Cheltenham, the DWP and other people who have caused ASB towards me and yet nobody has ever been evicted from their homes. So much for doing a DNA for a disputed paternity case and now I’ve done the DNA and paid the CSA, I’m being victimised by everyone who thinks I have to talk to them to make them happy again when they are too busy stirring up the hornet’s nest. How interesting is it to be a victim of hate crimes for being a biological father.

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