CMS hell: the worst organisation!

June 28, 2021

I have equal shared care of my son since he was 4 now 16 and still battling on with cms. They don’t believe it have equal shared care even though I have a county court order in place for the last 18 months my son s been living with me full time and still they don’t believe me and getting stung by them all the time.

It’s cost a small fortune which would be better going to my son and daughter instead you can’t talk to them or get hold of them there services are appalling it should be shut down I am on with my mp and also the independent case examiner and the government body that my mp has written to as they are costing me money taking money with out my concert and you can’t actually go somewhere too sort the mess out face to face they are scum of the earth sjwils.

CMS not taking pension contributions off gross earnings

June 21, 2021

My CMS review came round at the end of February 2021 and to my surprise even though my earnings had gone up £2,000 I was hit with a monthly increase of £125.

Unfortunately I had received shares from my company that had matured and I sold some of the shares to pay the tax. The rest has stayed invested. Very little money came my way. Also when I did the calculation on the CMS figures I found out the pension contributions had not been dedicated. The two amounts had added £6,000 to my assessment for the year. My P60 was showing over £33,000 gross pay.

I phoned CMS to query the figures every week for a month and added messages on the online forum. Documents were provided with breakdowns. More calls followed. Was directed to HMRC wrongly for a fix. Letter was sent, followed by another to appeal decision.

Now over 3 months later and hours of calls and messages latter written and also sent online, there is still no fix. CMS want the figures re-submiting to HMRC by my employer who has no idea how to do this and payroll department is in India. Again, hours of time spent on a fix. citizens advice had no answers. Employer’s would not send a breakdown to HMRC as CMS said they needed. HMRC did not reply to my letter asking for help. P60 only shows the tax paid and not a breakdown of all earnings as CMS said they needed, despite me forwarding my payslip for week 52 that contains all this.

I have now sort an accountant to see if we can re-submit using UTR SA302 and ask HMRC to register for a self assessment. I will be writing to CMS telling them of my actions and informing them I wish to go to a independent court of appeal. All this has taken its toll on me and affected my work and relationship with my girlfriend. It is costing me money I don’t have and I now don’t sleep and suffer from depression. I was also in an abusive relationship when I was married and this situation not being fairly dealt with in a timely manner brings back all the painful memories of why I had to leave.

I don’t know if this can be fixed and eventually I may leave employment. Their booklet highlights the pension contributions should be dedicated from the gross figure but they will not do this. I have missed lots of relevant info in this read, but wanted to highlight the barriers and poor service cms give and the tricks they use. My employer Amazon is of no help either and lacks care or compassion. Hopefully I can get a fix but I doubt I like so many will achieve it. Something needs to change as the system is unfair.

CMS taking mother’s side despite evidence!

June 18, 2021

My partners Son attended college for just 8.5 hours a week and we had written confirmation from his college tutor which we sent to both CB and CMS by recorded mail . CMS will not remove his Son from the case all the time CB is being paid and CB have not responded to 4 letters.

We filed an appeal at tribunal in Dec 2020 , involved our MP ,complained to ICE and reported CB fraud . In the meantime CMS have issued a deduction order against my partners bank even though we have been disputing maintenance liability for over a year. CMS ALSO FAILED TO RESPOND TO COURT DIRECTIONS TO FORWARD A RESPONSE TO HIS APPEAL WITHIN 28 DAYS LAST DECEMBER AND HAVE NOW BEEN ALLOWED A FURTHER 28 DAYS TO APPEAL SOME 5 MONTHS LATER … What a joke!!

We have so much supporting evidence to prove national eligibility rules which are clearly defined on GOV.UK which state CB will pay for a child up to the age of 20 who remains in full time education of more than 12 hours per week.

There is a serious flaw in CB POLICY which doesn’t require any evidence from the receiving parent that the child attends college for more than 12 hours a week.

My partner has been desperately trying to resolve this dispute for over a year in an attempt to avoid wasting valuable court time.

By receiving CB the receiving parent is then entitled to working tax credits , child tax credits and child maintenance.

This benefit fraud is not being recognised.

We have spoken to CB helpline several times and they always confirm we are correct and that CB is not eligible under 12 hours per week supervised study, but that’s as far as it gets . They cant even provide an email address or direct postal address for us to send all the supporting evidence again to ensure the facts are acted upon.

CB and CMS simply believe the Mother is telling the truth based on ZERO evidence.

Still hoping justice will prevail eventually , but the stress and anxiety this has caused is overwhelming.

CSA: a thieving, government-run scam!

June 1, 2021

What a total fuck up this csa is, as to be expected it is a government run scam, that takes monies from fathers, sometimes mothers too i hope bank accounts. WHY!!! Because they think they have the right to do what they want when they want with no repercussions.

WELL!!!! Its about time that all government employees stand up and take responsibility for their actions be they right or wrong. With CSA it appears to be more in the wrong. How you bastards can move the goal posts when it suits you tells me two things, one is that you are incompitent in your job roles, or two, you like to ri[ hard earning people off, by taking what isnt yours you thieving bastards.

Be reasonable – 25% of your wage is fair!

May 24, 2021

I feel the 16% I pay for my two Children which equates in reality to 25% of my wage once tax is deducted is fair!

Thats right guys 25% of your wage for your Children to live a healthy and good lifestyle makes absolute sense.

But I also pay the Mortgage which means I don’t have enough to live on myself, but hopefully the courts will settle the matter soon.

I guess what I’m getting at is even if I was to go self employed I would still give my ex 25% as I will feel like I have failed as a parent if they didn’t have a good lifestyle.

I just wish my ex took a bit of pity and Mercy in my current situation and gave me some financial relief, as if I was a different person I may have quit my job or committed suicide by now.

But I know it won’t be forever and if my kids have a good roof over their heads and all I’m paying is 25% of my wage, then I can finally and almost emotionally move on with my life, just a shame its taken 4 years to get to this point!

Just try and be reasonable and when emotions run high, remember your children matter most.

Greedy wife earns twice as much and is financially crippling me!

May 17, 2021

I split up with my wife February 2020. We came to an arrangement of £255 a month maintenance I have two kids who are three and one she asked me for a recent wage slip so she knew I was paying the right amount. She asked me for £285 another which I cannot afford so I decided to go through CMS get it sorted properly…. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE… they worked it out to £291.91 and told me she had no right to ask me for a wage slip and advised me not to make a payment in May 2021 and start paying her by direct debit starting from June 2021.

I informed my wife of this she wasn’t happy and asked CMS to recalculate it that are now saying I have to pay £295 a month with £374 arrears… after I’ve paid my rent together with CMS payments I’ll have less than £500 a month to live on and that’s before utilities and food is taken out its gonna cripple me… my wife earns nearly twice as much as me and tells me she is struggling for money but sends me pictures of my three year old daughter having her ears peirce costing £50 and a new car on finance and is going on holiday twice this year I just feel like I’m being taken for a mug.

CSA: men-hating feminists!

May 4, 2021

Having spent over £12,000 to actually see my kids, the mother of the children then went running to the CSA to see how much more money coud be extracted from me, even though she said she wouldn’t..

The CSA have been persuing me for years now, even with threats of prison, they put a charging order on a property I was investing in for the kids and even stole over £8000 from a bank account and are still persuing me,even though the kids are looked after financially by me and want for nothing.

The property I had the charging order slapped on was an investment for the girls but even so, I stopped paying the mortgage as I thought this was a massive injustice. When you speak to anyone of the arseholes that work for the CSA, it soon becomes pretty clear that they are not at all interested in the children, just money, pretty much like the mother of my kids.

As with every institution in this country, men are seen as the lowest of the low and consequently are treateed with absolute contempt.Facts and the well being of the children are irrelivant where the CSA is concerned, just as with most of the claimants.

I would like someone in government to do a study to find out how much the CSA has actually cost the tax system in this country, because I know of people who are prepared to sacrifice their jobs and careers just to escape the clutches of the CSA and its grasping ways.

The CSA should be disbanded immediately as all it does is ruin lives and relationships and I dare say with some conviction, costs the country as a whole millions in the tax take.

High CSA payments mean I might have to quit work!

April 16, 2021

I split with my wife jan 2020, first 4 months I gave her 180 for my 2 sons. Then lockdown happened and I was furlonged and also lost my shift allowance in work.

We were on speaking terms then and because I took them out everyday and treated them she agreed that was fine as she didn’t need it as her social life was zero. I then lost my job then got another one as a keyworker. I immediately got my own little place for me and my 2 sons. I work everyday Monday to Friday then I have the boys Fri, Sat and Sunday night. I clothe, Feed them and make sure they have the usual things. The ex has never asked for money and we have always said if the enevitable split did happen we woukdnt go down this route.

She has a new bloke how is moving in with her after 6 months so she will loose her universal credit.

Seems like I’m the cash cow.

She has them the 4 nights during the week. I cant as I work shifts and it woukd mean them being on their own which I woukd never do.

And she has everyweekend free to do whatever. She never calls or text the boys. Out of sight out of mind.

So I’ve been hit by the csa for just over 500 per month. I earn 1600 a month. After my rent, car (which I need to get to work) bills, petrol, food cloths im just about getting by without this CSA payment.

Do they listen though? No.

Its no wonder there is so much mental issues and suicides.

I have to probably quit work as its just not possible to pay.

It all seems unfair and it seems there’s no help whichever way you turn.

CSA lying to my face!

April 15, 2021

So until October 2020 I lived away from my son I still saw him whenever I could, weekends, school holidays etc. We had an agreement in place that I’d pay £125pm which I know wasn’t a lot and that’s why I asked more than once if she wanted more to which she declined.

After the 2nd lockdown I moved back to my home town to be closer to my son and since then I have had 50/50 care of him. School uniform has always been split 50/50 and the day to day care is also split 50/50 so when I mentioned about possibly stopping the monthly payments she immediately opened a claim with the CSA.

I’ve had several phone calls with them stating the arrangements of care of my son and each time they have agreed that I shouldn’t have to pay anything. Then at the end of March I received 3 letters the first dated the 26th stating I was to pay £45pw then 31st I received 2 more one saying I was required to pay £54pw and the second letter was a DEO saying they have asked my employer to deduct £350 a month, which doesn’t even add up.

I feel like I’m being lied to my face when speaking to these people and discriminated against for being the father.

CSA calculated my income wrong and rejected my appeal!

April 13, 2021

My ex recieved the live with order for our two children G13&b9… I became unwell in 2017 and until that point I was the sole care and financial bread winner looking after my children and working full time as a nurse. The lack of support myself and my children received from my ex, their father caused me to have a breakdown. He wouldn’t contact for days and would only have them over night every couple of weeks, in addition to this he was often late or “forgot” about the child maintenance I asked their father to step in and take over for my childrens sake and so that I could recover. He refused to let me see them while I was poorly and fed lies to anyone who would listen, this prolonged my poor mental health and took longer for me to recover. While I was poorly my ex seized the opportunity to start his new life with his new partner. Many, many hours of court battles later and much financial ruin he received the live with order and I was given contact arrangement, every other weekend, fri-mon overnight in the week wed-thur and we split all of the half term somewhat equally, I get more time in the term and don’t lose my weekends in his terms. It averages out about170 nights per year.

During the start of covid, I worked in the hospital in ED. My ex stopped contact between myself and my children because of my job. He, my children and his partner were not clinically vulnerable or at risk, thus I did not have contact with my children for 111 days during first lockdown and even when lockdown ended. He made me have to take him to court so a judge would tell him he breached the court order and was in the wrong. Again he told lies about me and I was subjected to alcohol testing at a cost that needless to say I passed! In the time I wasn’t seeing my children I occupied my self by working hours at the hospital during the pandemic. It was tough but I was either to sink or swim. As a consequence I was earning more money. I get paid £13.79 per hour and an insentive of £75 to pick up shifts working in the front line in the emergency department.

My ex informed the CSA that my income had changed and I was no longer having our children (no fault or wish of my own) The then calculated an annual review, which I disagreed with. It went from £23 per week for 2 children to £88 per week for each child. When I challenged it they performed another annual review, for the weeks I had been earning extra during the pandemic. They calculated that I earn £907 a week (which I did on a small amount of occasion, working a 60 hour week and having nothing else to do in my life) and therefor they said that i earn £47350 thousand a year, meaning that I now have £219 per week coming out of my earnings. My ex told the CSA that I was refusing to pay and they decided to do a deductions from earnings. This in spite of me sending them evidence that I had been paying for my children, their school uniforms, bank deposits, food shopping and treats that I was sending for their whole family whilst they were in isolation.

I challenged the CSA and explained that I am on a zero hour contract and my weekly earnings change dramatically, for instance, last week was £500 and this week was £66. they seem to take this into account when I speak to them on the phone and they say that they can see my earnings are not always the same.

I have to provide for my children when they are with me, food, clothes activities etc as their father refuses to let them bring anything to mine when they come to stay, so not only do I pay a percentage based on a fictitious wage I also have to pay double to feed and clothe them. Most of the items I buy for my children are never returned from their fathers. Their father also refuses to admit the actual over night stays my children are with me, so the CSA base it on the lowest amount going. I have them for the next 2 months at least a month worth of nights due to half terms etc.

I cant enjoy my time with them because we have no money, and I have to work while they are with me just so I can afford to pay my own bills. I pay for both of their phones and I give them pocket money each week otherwise they have nothing. My children are always coming to me to ask for things and I cant say no, but its truly not fair at all.

CSA will not listen, I have launched an appeal but that was months ago and Iv had documents back but no court date. I have spent so much hurtful time in court when it shouldnt have been. I would never imagine that anyone could be so nasty and spiteful as my ex.

I am not sure what else I can do? I have started a new contract, which I will work full time in ED for £26970, I have told them, when I looked on line today it said, parent income change rejected!!

what is going on and what more can I do, iv considered MPs and News papers… I am sick to death with worry that my first salary wage at the end of the month will be gobled up with DEO! I v already been late with rent and phone bill payments not to mention all the solicitor bills that I am still paying just so I could see my own children! What is going on with this world?

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