The other side of the argument!

May 9, 2022

My daughters ex has barely paid anything in CM for 5 years – he never worked in the 4 yrs she was with him but and after he went out one night and didnt return as he’d found soneone else – he miraculously got a job which he as soon as CMS contacted him, he quit. This meant my daughter received £7.50 a week for the 2 kids not each but between them as he was unemployment benefit.

We have been battling all this time since to seek maintenance arrears as we know he IS working- I’ve got photos of him in his work uniform, on various sites, in the work vans and his facebook profile has no end of comments and photos of him at work yet we’re told he is not on HMRC database as working.

He was never stopped from seeing the kids, until 2 weeks into the arrangements set up to come visit them, he didnt turn up and then all the excuses started. The only time he showed up after this was a year later, drunk and shouting, bashing on front door (while kids were there) as he’d found out my daughter was in a new relationship. This scared them all to bits so my daughter sought a NMO against him – no doubt the excuse he needed.

Now he’s got a 7mth old with another woman and she’s 6mths pregnant with second and we are led to believe he has left her? So now CMS have gone and got a liability order but can’t serve it as we can’t give them an address (he’s NEVER given an address, and daughter has no means of contact apart from messaging him on Facebook which she won’t do and anyway, what is she supposed to say “hey sperm donor, you owe your 2 beautiful kids thousands, give me your address please”!?)

It’s ridiculous and downright criminal that this guy is just off the radar apparently DWP HMRC and now CMS can’t trace him and they won’t act upon all the work details and evidence we have on him, yet my daughter was late with council tax payment and threatened with court!!!

So all you dad’s on here moaning about your paying (and i realise there are genuine mistakes, false calculations and no doubt lots of maladministration going on) just think about all those poor mums (and dad’s who are pwc) who don’t get a penny for their kods to enable them to do the things they can’t afford to give apart of course from the most important things, UNENDING LOVE AND STABILITY


  • Dadbodguy says:

    I’m really glad you don’t get anything from him. Sounds like he’s switched on to entitled leeches like yourself who think men should pay and men should work and you should do fuckall

  • Featbell says:

    Doing fuck all, other than financially supporting AND caring for the children full time…

    Funny how people think looking after children is doing fuck all but never take them with them when them leave. Fuck all is too much work for them!

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