Two years battling with CSA!

June 21, 2022

I have posted on here before, unfortunately it’s still not good news! I am still constantly battling with the CSA. I completed a mandatory consideration which the CSA purposely delayed and was always going to reject. I have sent numerous complaints and evidence of dates of extra nights I have my children stay over night, if anything I have them more than my ex wife does.

I am now at the mercy of the tribunal services Birmingham I have waited 6 months so far for my case to be looked at. I have written asking for a date of my hearing no response. I started with a debt of £5000 which my ex left me with. With court and everything else I am now £17k in debt and still paying £181 a month in maintenance. Doesn’t sound alot but when your over spending £250-£300 each month due to the cost of living and debts it’s just getting harder and harder.

I am a fantastic dad to 2 children and I am very lucky compared to a lot on here.

Saying that I didn’t do anything wrong my wife left me after being together 15 years and me supporting her with 28k worth of debt. So she repays me with 2 affairs. Tries to stop me seeing my 2 kids which she knows means the world to me. She’s made my life hell and continues to do so.

I just want to get on with my life with the kids. But it’s looking like after working for the NHS for 16 years I will have to leave my job and probably lose my kids forever.

How can the CSA do this to hard working dad’s, yet they support mums who are narcissists.


  • John says:

    Just a quick update it’s now 10 months since my tribunal request was made and I still don’t have a date. 3 months delay from the CSA. So it’s over a year now and I am still no further forward.

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