DNA test proved I wasn’t father but CMS still pursues me

November 27, 2018

I am named on the birth certificate as the father. Found out 6 months later after a DNA test he was not mine. I obviously grew attached and loved him even though he wasn’t mine. Paid her money every week and had him every weekend.

When I started a new relationship 2 years later she informed cms I’m not paying enough money. Now I’ve got a fight on my hands. I’ve got prove I’m not the father and pay for another DNA test through them. I’m going to appeal every bit of crap they put my way. Can’t stand the mother now should have listened to everyone when first done DNA and got birth certificate changed. Mothers abusing the system and the CMS help them.

CSA owe me money but kept taking it from me!

November 18, 2018

I was paying csa for my two sons through my wages which was not a problem.My eldest son started work with me after leaving college in the same job as me.I never checked whether payments had stopped for over a year,but they hadn’t.I reported this to the csa they told me they stopped payments when my sons mother stopped claiming child benefit,which she carried on claiming illegally for 13 months after my son started work.This has been proven by the child benefit office and my ex has to pay that back.

I told the csa this and explained that they owe me payments of £1,030 overpaid by me over 13 months.this is over 3 years ago and I have never recieved anything.Sorry but I have not finished yet I carried on paying for younger son,he went to college up to being 18 in February when he left and stopped going to college.I changed jobs and thought everything was over untill I recieved a letter that another attachment to earnings order had been made not noticing because I had savings in my bank that the csa were still taking money yet again amounting to over £530.

I rang them last week to report this but as before just keep getting the run around.This has now gone to far and I am £1600 outstanding owed to me because my ex never reported these things to the csa.I feel that as a father we are never listened to and if this has happened to me how many other dads out there is this happening to or happened to before and they had not even noticed.Thank you for listening and any help would be appreciated.

CSA closing my case even though I am still owed money!

November 6, 2018

My daughter is nearly 21 years old Csa rang to say that my case with her dad wld be closing down n that I have got 3928.90 in arrears owing I’m so mad as I’ve struggled for 10 years being a single disabled mum financially and Emil tally not hving anything from her dad I argued for years in he shld be paying but they always said he did due to being married and having 3 kids they said do I want to written off or transferred to child maintabce options obviously I want the money but I don’t know how to get my arrears and I think I shldhet comebstion from Csa as thinks it’s disgusting it’s taken them how many years advice please.

How to beat CSA’s fraudulent arrears!

November 2, 2018

IMPORTANT – CSA ARREARS – Csa are currently transferring all their fictitious arrears to Cms for collection. Csa is being closed down due to false accounting, the big factor being that they were inventing arrears on father’s accounts, and as many are now experiencing, they failed to close accounts properly on their computers. There have been thousands of cases like this, so you are not alone. Csa spent years inventing billions of pounds of fictitious arrears on father’s accounts and now they are trying to collect. Even if you have a case closure letter from Csa which confirm that there were no arrears outstanding, you are still liable to receive letters from Csa or Cms demanding payment of arrears. You need send a copy of the case closure letter and state that as there are no arrears on your account when your case was closed, then these arrears have been invented by Csa and that there demand for payment is a fraudulent one and and any attempt to take this money will be treated as theft. Demand that they send an immediate letter of apology for harassing and threatening you and that you confirm that there are no arrears outstanding. If they believe that there are, then they need to supply a full account audit, all transactions, full details of all assessment calculations and proof of any arrears within 14 days. Send this headed Formal Complaint to [email protected] head of Cms with a copy to your MP and the National Audit Office, clearly marked, and get an urgent meeting with your MP. You can add that you are fully aware of the Fictitious Arrears Scandal and that Csa has been closed down due to fraudulent accounting. Confirm your email 14 days later, that as they have been unable to provide any evidence of these arrears, as they were invented by Csa, you confirm that there are no arrears and the matter is now closed. This should also be copied to your MP, NAO and [email protected] For further information read my post Fictitious Arrears. Just type Fictitious Arrears into the Search box on here.

Be warned, once you receive the arrears letter from Cms, Cms are acting promptly to either do a DEO on your salary, or to seize money from your bank accounts.

So play safe, warn your employer that Cms may attempt to fraudulently take money from your salary. Similarly, move any money in bank accounts to other accounts not in your name, and get a letter off to your bank immediately that you do not accept liability for any money taken from your account without your authorisation or for any overdraft charges incurred and that you hold the bank fully responsible for returning any money taken from your account without your written authorisation.

CSA upped my payments and are now ignoring my calls

November 1, 2018

I received a letter from CSA in may 2018 to tell me my ex wife had been in touch to say I had unearned income back in 2014. I have been paying for my two children for the last three years. The CSA sent a letter back in 2016 to say they had checked with the tax office and told me that I should have been paying more and said I had arrears of £13000 which I have been paying for the last two years which is £740 a month, now they are going to increase to £1140 a month, I am devastated and now can’t afford to live.

When they sent the letter in may I had 14 days to reply which I did with a letter and evidence but I didn’t hear from them until the September saying they are deducting the £1140 from my wage.

I have been ringing every day and I get told different stories until I speak to my case worker who says that I need to send in evidence for tax year ending 2014/2015. I have been paying back pay for the last 2 years. Also ever time I have phoned requesting a call back from my case worker I never get a call. I have given my ex wife nearly £130,000 from the sale of the house so does this not go towards anything?

Please help me.

CSA just take your money and give lie after lie!

October 31, 2018

Where do I start, they sent letters to my old address, said they tried to phone me and that they left a message on my answer phone,which they never did.

They started to take the money out for my wages without asking me if im the father because im not on the birth certificate, ive given them my new address and phone number which they got wrong yet again, I phone them to ask for the case worker to phone me back which im still waiting for over 3 weeks and counting, its just been one lie after another, when you phone up your told one thing then you phone up and they say that’s wrong you shouldn’t of been told that, you cant get a straight answer from them.

My daughter is 19 – She isn’t a child anymore!

October 24, 2018

I helped my daughter for 16yrs and said that she could be alright but her money grabbing mother wanted more what broke all ties and the csa got there corrupt hands on me my daughter is 19 and apparently in education till 20 how can she still be a child as this government has there wires crossed 18 legal to vote legal to drink legal for sex and marriage can someone explain to me how she still allows her mother to get child benefit when Cleary she is not a child?

Am totally bemused with this scam she can lift arms and join the army please really we are getting royal and truly taken for fools what is higher education does anyone know what it in college or so called not working the government can’t fund this as plenty don’t even go to it but she can work part time and go to college and her lazy mother can still receive child benefit can anyone please put me right on this one as she is not a child.

CSA is letting my ex lie and are both wrecking my life!

October 3, 2018

Child maintenance send me a request I pay just over 8000 pounds my I had my children on wkends and brought them all clothing and trainers took them out the ex wasn’t happy because I was with some one else my daughters are now 21 and I have sent prove that 1 lived with me and the other moved out of her mum’s do to the drinking habits she had still having to fight them thing is they are demanding money from me and I’ve only just brought my house and have a child of 5 and 1 of 11months to look after how can we change this system of how they get away with the lieing and bull they give with out thought for reckin people’s lives.

CSA decide to bill me for arrears that I dispute and can’t afford!

October 2, 2018

I have had shit from the child support agency scum since 2002. My ex took my house stopped me seeing my son and I paid her maintenance by cash. She still took me to the csa. Then a one night stand landed me another child who I have to pay for. The csa wanted too much money so I couldn’t afford to pay my bills. I paid what I could afford and still have the giro slips as proof. I went to court 3 times this Prick called Peter Towler from Newton Aycliffe who represented the csa lied his ass off and did a runner quickly from the court lucky he did…

Now I pay for 1 child a monthly payment which I can afford but had a letter now saying I have arrears of £16,000 which I dispute and will not pay that amount I agree there may be arrears of maybe £2,000 due to lack of work but I can’t get anything from the csa to back up this arrear amount what do I do ? Any reasonable judge will see I am paying I am self employed and just been sent a deduction of earnings form so I can dock myself money wtf ?

Crooked CSA finding loopholes to steal my money!

September 10, 2018

I have been to court recently over a shortfall of £275 in payments from 2006 till £2010 which I accepted and had no problem paying.Now I have received a bill for over £4000 claiming that I have not paid a penny since £2016.I told them I have proof of payment through my bank and I will gladly send it in to them to prove I have paid.They have told me even with this proof it won’t make a difference as I haven’t paid through them.

They have said any parent is entitled to their help to sort issues with payment regardless of which parent it is,so I said “I’m asking you to help” which they responded with the answer “well your in the wrong because you should of payed through us”.So I said the easiest way to sort this is for me to send in my bank statements and my ex to send in hers.Apparently she doesn’t have to do this as it’s me who has the burden of proof.They said that the money I have been paying her could be for anything even tho the reference has CSA maintenance.The agency are crooks and I am going to fight them all the way.I think the reason why they are doing this is because they want there £800 that they have added on in collection fees.The whole system is unfair as I have been a paying parent but to them I am a way of them extorting money in an underhand, unjust,and illegal way.

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