Extortionate arrears with CSA – help needed!

January 26, 2021

It started in 2010 but I never knew about the csa until 2016,as I was paying for my children through their mom.

2016,I received a letter stating I owed £40,000 in unpaid csa. I phoned them and they wouldn’t listen so I asked for the sar,which I did receive,so then I started the complaints process,which did nothing only them telling me I owed that large amount.

The star was saying that I had a liability order which I never received as it went to an address I wasn’t living at and phone calls that I never knew who’s number it was as not mine.

There was a load of letters that was sent to addresses I wasnt at so I couldn’t fight against any of it.

I then got my full work history from HMRC’s,as I knew I told csa at some point I was claiming benefits but they had put me down as working. I sent them my work history but they never wanted to know just telling me I owed this ridiculous amount £40.000.

I cant see what I’m supposed to do next and I’m beside myself with worry as I’m in a new relationship but I have this over my head and will do for the rest of my life.

I have been in touch with ice but they cant do anything as the csa wont write a letter saying they wont look into it any further although they’ve told me that over the phone.

Why should I have a huge debt over my head that I dont owe,I have my work history to prove I was never earning the £600 a week they said. I was on benefits and can prove it.

If anyone can help please I’m desperate!

I am having a nightmare with the CSA

October 4, 2019

Hi i am having a nightmare with the csa who are re assessing me from october 2018 but using my income from my previous years tax return. Obviously my situation is a little more complex than just this but is anyone able to advise me if i provide full details of my story on a one to one level?


I really could use some advice and if that isnt available from you do you have any details of someone around the Leeds area that can help me. Any help would be really appreciated as i am struggling with the csa myself.

I’m writing about the CSA and I’m looking for items from 1994

January 21, 2019

I’m currently writing about my experience with the csa in 1994, a dark time in my life to say the least. Because the children were split up between both parents it caused massive confusion to an already useless system. say no more, I survived and the children have all grown up in spite of the csa. I’m trying to view some csa items from 1994, envelopes, letterhead, leaflets etc. [painfull reminders!] Is this anything you can help me with? There is just about nothing on the net from this far back. I remember the logo as being the word CHILD with a freehand line in it! I could even post the items back after viewing them / taking copies or just viewing some colour scans would be good. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

It’s absolutely ridiculous!

October 5, 2018

So my partner and his son moved in with me. We was discussing how we was going to make things work financially when he told me his ex partner rang child benefit over a year ago to put it in her name. Which I then pointed out she CAN NOT do this. So he rang child benefit and she for the last year had been receiving payments into her bank in my partners name !

Over a period of 65 days he was with us for 44 and mum for 21. She then put in a claim for CSA! Csa awarded her £20 a week from my partner KNOWING the days he was with us was more than he was with her. His basic care needs was kept here at home, CSA were contacted numerous times and they still continued to award her the money. Until today he has contacted child benefit and explained to them where they have agreed it is benefit fraud and now because my partners ex knows about this she has denied all contact! It’s absolutely ridiculous! How does and better yet is it possible to get my partners money back??

It’s the good people that get screwed by the system

November 23, 2017

My story is a short one. Got a job and notified the CMS before starting. No payment calculation sent out, nevertheless I paid my ex based on my last payment. They sent letters to an address I didn’t give them, then I called up and asked what was happening and updated my contact details. Months after the sent me a calculation with months of arrears. I have not missed a months payment at all. The new payment is £50 more and has been under a year so not sure how I have racked up thousands of pounds of arrears. They sent me a letter threatening leagal action, I paid and they said issued a deduction of earnings. Now they want more than double of what I should be paying.

Like someone above i was tricked into a baby, but I never held this against the baby as it’s not his fault. I want to provide as that is the right thing to do. She has not worked since she had him and is treating me as an ATM.

I am at a crossroads of quitting my job as I can’t afford to live and pay unjust arrears whilst she sits and gets everything handed to her.

For all the women on here slating men, it’s the good people that get screwed by the system. The bad ones play the system well.

I’d appreciate any help with this.


My ex is refusing to pay for my son

October 1, 2017

My ex is refusing to pay for my son. I have now been told that he has moved to a different country & they can’t chase him but he worked for a governor based company in Scotland & now gets a pension from them. Am I right in thinking his wages can get arrested before it goes to him? They have also closed my case for a few months without even telling me & when I called up to speak to them about my case there was no mention that they had closed it & happily discussed my case. Something isn’t right at all.

They call it back pay, I call it robbery

August 9, 2017

I have had two children, one is 28 yrs and the other is 33 yrs and I am still paying child support they call it back pay I call it robbery, they have been taking 250.00 from my wages for 7 years with no proof I am the dad they are only charging me for one child and I have two of them I would love to go to court but can’t afford it, I have been to prison, for four years, I am not on the birth certificate and all of this has been going on since 1996 and its still going on I have thought about ending my life, but then they win and I loose CAN ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE

The more I earn, the more they take

August 4, 2017

I havent seen my children in 5 years, my ex has an order on me thru false information, im currently paying 130 perweek and have had to leave my flat, sell my car, and give up lots of things, i have no bother paying for them even tho it would be nice to see them, im 6000 in arrears as the payments are getting higher, i cant afford to pay, now im renting a room at 30 per week and am barely affording to live myself, im on debt up to my eyeballs and seriously struggling, she has a new boyfriend and the child maintenance service have literally said they dont care about me.

I know that the payments i make are going on drink and drugs and now they have a DEO that im now stuck with…the more i earn the more they take….what the hell am i supposed to live off

Does owning 3 businesses affect how much CSA you pay

August 21, 2016

I am enquiring on behalf of my girlfriend, she is looking to use CSA against her former boyfriend. He has his own businesses but presumably only pays himself enough in wages to avoid paying much tax.

Would you happen to know if owning 3 businesses would have any effect on the amount of CSA payable? I wonder whether the value/assets of the businesses are taken into account.

I would really appreciate your help in this matter.

Many thanks,

Ex stopped him seeing his son when he got a new partner

August 20, 2016

I myself have never called csa for money off my sons dad Purley because he’s never wanted to bother but my story is about my partner and it absolutely breaks My heart so if anyone could help please please please reply…

The mother took everything away from him when she cheated and he walked in. That’s where it all broke down.. he then pulled the engagement ring off her finger she then manipulated the situation and got him locked up over night and a restraint order on him.. he was seeing his child regularly and all was fine until he got a new girlfriend….

She then stopped him seeing him demanded money that she would spend on other things than their child.. he stopped paying. Regularly I see him break down because he can not see his child! It makes me sick how Read more

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