How much CSA should I be paying?

November 26, 2018

I’m 18 years old with a 3 month old little girl but also a 1 month old little boy both with different mothers I am in a relationship with my little boys mother we live in a 2 bedroom house so have rent and bills to pay for , the mother of my little girl has only just started to let me see her properly and is demanding money even tho I never get to see her.

I just wondered how much csa I would pay for her monthly as I have an income of approximately £1,300 a month but I of course have lots of bills going out every month also which I’m not sure if that is taken into consideration when it comes to how much I would have to give the mother?

How to beat CSA’s fraudulent arrears!

November 2, 2018

IMPORTANT – CSA ARREARS – Csa are currently transferring all their fictitious arrears to Cms for collection. Csa is being closed down due to false accounting, the big factor being that they were inventing arrears on father’s accounts, and as many are now experiencing, they failed to close accounts properly on their computers. There have been thousands of cases like this, so you are not alone. Csa spent years inventing billions of pounds of fictitious arrears on father’s accounts and now they are trying to collect. Even if you have a case closure letter from Csa which confirm that there were no arrears outstanding, you are still liable to receive letters from Csa or Cms demanding payment of arrears. You need send a copy of the case closure letter and state that as there are no arrears on your account when your case was closed, then these arrears have been invented by Csa and that there demand for payment is a fraudulent one and and any attempt to take this money will be treated as theft. Demand that they send an immediate letter of apology for harassing and threatening you and that you confirm that there are no arrears outstanding. If they believe that there are, then they need to supply a full account audit, all transactions, full details of all assessment calculations and proof of any arrears within 14 days. Send this headed Formal Complaint to [email protected] head of Cms with a copy to your MP and the National Audit Office, clearly marked, and get an urgent meeting with your MP. You can add that you are fully aware of the Fictitious Arrears Scandal and that Csa has been closed down due to fraudulent accounting. Confirm your email 14 days later, that as they have been unable to provide any evidence of these arrears, as they were invented by Csa, you confirm that there are no arrears and the matter is now closed. This should also be copied to your MP, NAO and [email protected] For further information read my post Fictitious Arrears. Just type Fictitious Arrears into the Search box on here.

Be warned, once you receive the arrears letter from Cms, Cms are acting promptly to either do a DEO on your salary, or to seize money from your bank accounts.

So play safe, warn your employer that Cms may attempt to fraudulently take money from your salary. Similarly, move any money in bank accounts to other accounts not in your name, and get a letter off to your bank immediately that you do not accept liability for any money taken from your account without your authorisation or for any overdraft charges incurred and that you hold the bank fully responsible for returning any money taken from your account without your written authorisation.

No-one will tell me if daughter is still in college and whether I still need to pay CSA

September 7, 2018

My daughter is 19 and told me she was not going back to college. She has failed GCSE English for 3 years in a row. She told me she was not allowed to finish her course. She is on a 2 year level 3 Health and Social care course. She repeated the first year and led me to believe she failed again. I do not know if she did, she won’t show or discuss any results with me. So I stopped my CSA payments.

Then the CSA contacted me saying she is still at College. They said her mother says she is doing another year at College. I have paid up due to charges/fines etc. They said it is up to me to prove she is not in college. That I need to continue to pay. However if I over pay they will not refund me any over payment and I would need to approach my ex wife. However my daughter and ex wife won’t communicate with me over the matter. I have contacted the College who will not tell me whether she is registered with them on a course due to data protection. I do not know what to do. I can’t find out the truth and on the word of one woman (whom I know well when it comes to money, I overpaid for 18 months with my son. She told me I had to pay whilst he was on an apprenticeship and I believed her at the time – money is very tight for me on minimum wage.

Do my payments alter if son is sent to a private school?

July 31, 2018

I pay child maintenance every month for my soon to be 15 yr old son I haven’t seen for six years. CAFCASS were utterly useless as I have taken my ex to court twice to gain access but they decided they didn’t want to coerce my son to see me. I have moved house to be closer to him in the vain hope I may see him, but she moved nearly fifty miles away to disrupt any attempts to reconnect with my son. After sending letters to gauge how he is doing I finally received a limited response. She informed me that she had opted not to send my son to school after the move citing he was being assessed for autism which i find difficult to believe. Reference the continuation of payments must I still pay if he has been removed from state schooling?

Daughter is moving in with her boyfriend’s family so who do I pay now?

June 19, 2018

My 16 yr old daughter (still in full-time education) who lives with her mother is stating that she is going to live with her boyfriends family. My question is how does this work with regards to maintenance. I am assuming that both myself and my ex wife will have to pay maintenance to her BF family? Would the child benefit also need to be moved over to the BF family? My ex is telling my daughter that she will not have to pay anything and she still gets to keep the child beneft too, which I am sure is incorrect. Any advice/guidance would be really appreciated.

My advice to combat the CSA after a 20 year battle

April 20, 2018

I was going to put my sorry case on this site. I’ve read countless stories on here that all amount to the same thing.

I’ve been fighting with the CSA for around twenty years and at times ive used a solicitor.

Here’s my advice:

Whatever the CSA state that you owe, do the very best deal that you can with them and just pay it.

With all the will and knowledge in the world, you will not beat them. It doesnt matter how honest you are.

You need to understand this:

The CSA have free rein to do as they please. Nobody you know can touch them. The most you can hope for is to come on these sites and vent.

Here’s the clincher; If you do get the chance to appear in front of a tribunal. The Judge will F**k you over anyway. He/She will dismiss your evidence, bully you, double count, basically anything they want to do, they’ll do. If you appeal, the same judge will reject it . If you appeal to the upper tribunal, you will be F***ed over again.

Solicitors: forget them, They’ll wring you for a few grand and in the end, they’ll shrug and tell you that you have a case but theres nothing more they can do.

I’m in talks with a paper, not about the CSA but the tribunal judge that acted illegally in his own court.

Failing that i’ll be donning a batman costume and climbing onto a motorway bridge.

While we all sit moaning on here, nothing will ever change.

Can my husband claim back historical CSA payments back due to age?

March 6, 2018

My husband was 15 when he fathered a child with a 21yr old woman. My husband was hounded by the CSA to pay for this child. Surely upon reading prehistoric cases, this woman groomed and had sex with a minor? There have been statements written and proof that she started having sex with a 14 year old boy! We are thinking about seeking legal advice, could we get our money back which we paid, my husband is 51 now and the child is in his 30’s. No contact has been made.

What are my rights against abusive CSA?

February 6, 2018

I pay direct to my daughters mother her maintainence weekly by standing order but mother is denying I am paying and I have to show bank statements to prove I am paying. CSA are now threatening me with court action, seizure of my belongings and driving license and i feel stressed and intimidated by it. What are my options as I regard this as abusive from both her and them. Do I have any rights ?

CSA taking me to court as I won’t pay out of date calculations to my drug-ridden ex!

February 4, 2018

The csa have recently taken me to court to get a liability order to try to get £2000 out of me.The problem is the csa are useing out of date end of year tax figures and will not change any details ive supplied.I told the csa i have been selfemployed sinc april 2017 and have been told by the hmrc not to fill in a tax return until april this year 2018 as then i would off been self employed 12 months. i now have a baillift notice come through the post. The other reason why i hadnt been paying my ex is she and her new partner are currently going through the court for 1/4 million tax fraud and illegal things they have been upto, and when i heard drugs and not so nice things were going on around my children i refused to hand over money to pay for that shit to go on around my kids. now iam worried as the door is about to be hounded by marstons.

Can ex go to another CSA agency because ours won’t benefit her?

February 3, 2018

My Ex never married, spent 6 years running away and hiding my daughter I spent around 160K in court costs getting access. I was fully engaged with the UK CSA.

After I had attended 3 interviews with the CSA and one with DSS Fraud and CSA joint, they made my maintenance 0. I had given up my job to have shared care (her way of stopping my wage and therefore access to court).

She then moved to Australia, in the FC hearing she swore under oath her and her husband could afford everything and they would pay for a trip back every year. She was 8 at the time.

Then the next year they applied to court to make it every year; once they had that they then approached the Australian CSA; bearing in mind the English CSA had dropped her case as she repeatedly lied.

My question, if I was fully engaged with English CSA and all the court stuck is English. Is there any principle that says you can’t change the CSA? Once you’re engaged with one.

Thanks for any advice.

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