Will receiving child maintenance affect tax credits?

April 9, 2021

My step daughter is currently living with my husband and I. She is 39 and has two girls aged 2 and 4. She is working full time. Her husband is currently in Scotland. They separated last autumn. My step daughter tells me that if she seeks maintenance from the father she will be deducted by that amount from her benefit which I think is some form of tax credits. Is this correct. If it is and the father doesn’t contribute then the tax payer is paying instead. She says that currently she gets 85 percent towards child care which will be affected if she seeks maintenance from the father.

Can CSA take 50% of my wages without informing me?

February 5, 2021

I recently checked my latest wage slip, and much to my surprise, the CSA has taken the best part of 50% of my wages.
I admit, I have arrears, and do need to pay them, however, they have not sent any letters to inform me they would taking money from my wages, also I am on furlough at he moment, so getting less, and I am trying to get money together for somewhere to live.

I guess I just want to know if it’s right that they can do that, without letting me know it would be happening?

Advice to those dealing with the CSA

January 5, 2021

Happy New Year to all you poor bastards struggling to make sense of the CSA (or whatever they call themselves these days) and their actions.

It’s a particularly troubling time of the year for many. Bet you’re wondering will all this ever go away… ? For me it did but it only stopped 2 years ago and I was a ‘customer’ of theirs from the very beginning. That’s a lot of years and I cannot say I came out unscathed , mentally. Many of the situations in stories told here I have had happen to me over the years. I don’t trust the CSA. Even though I have a letter from the CSA saying they are no longer pursuing my case I am still looking over my shoulder.

If you are relatively new to dealing with the CSA and they are making your life hell, my advice is to emigrate. A big step, I know but if you want rid it’s what you have to do. What the CSA do to men would be against the Human Rights Act if the details were ever to be exposed properly.

Anyway, best of luck guys, and don’t let them wear you down.

CMS not giving me proof of daughter’s education

December 22, 2020

I have been paying for my daughter for over a year then told the cms she was no longer in education. Thay investigated it after a farder 6 months got a letter saying I didn’t need to pay from sep 2019 so stopped payment in June 2020. A week after the payment was due I got another letter saying a new case was started when got in touch with them thay said that she admitted she did not attend education the year before and was making the claim but as soon as the payment stopped shes suddenly back in education?

I tried contacting the local college whair she was ment to be at only to get told due to covet all college were closed and no new students were being invited to attend or enrolled I even got someone to try enrolle only to be told to try again next term. Iv even contact the child benefit Freud team after mouth of complaint from me I have to pay even though iv 2 grown up kids in the same town who sees her every day at different times ect and know shes dose not go to any form of education.

I am also wateing on the cms phoning me to claim back over 3k from the over payment thay got of me and have been told if it turns out to be the same as before that I can claim it back from them which is a joke thay only believe what thay want and no matter how much you tell them or home meny documents you send thay wont do a thing about it iv asked for proof of her education but it invades her privacy what about my life and helth ?

Advice needed on battle with CMS

December 7, 2020

The CMS have caused me so much drama over the years and they sent me a letter last year saying I owe them nothing then out of the blue are now chasing me for 6000 pounds of charges they wreckon I owe I have a letter to say nothing is owed they have sent a DEO order to my employer trying to claim this fake amount.

There is a flaw in there system coz when they did the switch over from CSA to CMS they are under a different name so they can try and make up fraudulent claims on closed accounts. They have made me homeless in the past because of draining my earnings by upping the amount every month I have also tried to take my own life and I was also told by a CMS case worker that they can take what they like and there’s nothing no one can do about it they have made people’s lives hell.

There was also an internal message leaked from the CMS saying that the CMS staff can now afford to have a group holiday from all the money they’ve took from people it’s discusting really. I have phoned them so many times only to be told I have no case and they can clean me out for good I’m horrified over this I’ve fawt back so I now have a battle with them so please does anyone have any advise on this?

CSA driving me to breaking point

March 13, 2020

These people are driving me to breaking point
I’ve been paying child support approx 6/7yrs now
CSA is trying to tell me I owe them £1400!!!!
Now csa set the cost and up till 2 yrs ago came out off my wage so basically my employer took it from my wage and meant to pay them
Since then I’ve gone to pay direct
Now I’ve sent them proof off payment showing bank statements
So how the hell are they getting this .??? I’ve been on the phone daily to them this needs sorted because they now adding this on to my monthly payments when as far as I am concerned I’ve already paid everything they have asked for???
Am getting nowhere with them
They now putting me back on to DEO which am fighting hard to get stopped and they won’t stop it
Am worried about this because if money is owed I can only assume it’s from my employer for all my payments show on wage slips at that time n since I’ve proven I have paid showing bank statements
Can anyone point me in the direction I need to go n get this sorted any help is appreciated

How does the CSA approach rental income?

October 8, 2019

How do the csa calculate payments on a small rental income i have? Can someone advise?

Basically after mortgage payments and other costs my profit from my property is £1200 per annum after paying tax this comes down to £800 of actual income.. How do the csa approach this? They are currently assessing this as my ex wife has recently found out about my huge additional income and they are now pushing a reassessment.

Can my partner get help?

September 30, 2019

Hi I wonder if any of you could help me with my enquiry. My partner split with his ex wife 12 years ago, in 2011 a judge ordered him to pay a regular maintenance amount and he has paid it fully and every month via standing order to her bank account He also pays for school shoes, school trips (£1000 for his son to go to Valencia and the football ground in April) and other things she says they need etc.He has his children from Friday after they finish school until sunday evening every other weekend like what was arranged in court,he has done this without exception unless due to illness, his dads death or an accident/emergency with his elderly mother.


He has done both pick ups and drop offs for the past 10 years she has done maybe 2 or three drop offs. He didn’t mind doing this because at the time of agreement she wasn’t driving and he was only living 20 mins down the road from her and only an hour and 20 mins drive from work every other Friday to hers to pick them up. So that was all good and it has worked amicably for all this time. She now drives and has done for past 2 years, is remarried, with 2 new children (toddler age), well about 5 months ago they moved roughly half an hour away from where they were living (due to cheaper rent cost and more work for him) this wasn’t a problem (more a bit of a pain in the bum) for my other half as them moving now added on the extra half hour drive to the hour and 20 min drive he already doing from work every other Friday to collect them. He continued to do the driving as normal, any how it came about that we got opportunity to move closer to my disabled daughters (not his child) special needs school plus bigger house but downside higher rent, never mind.


This however meant that my partner also had to change jobs due to needing to earn more to pay towards the cost of the rent, this job however is a 2 hour 50 mins drive away from her house (and that’s on a good Dartford tunnel Friday!!). He decided to call her (because they have been able to talk amicably about the kids welfare etc) and explain that now the ‘his driving to pick up’ every Friday situation has changed quite dramatically would she come and collect the children from our new house one Sunday a month. He will still do the 5+ hour return journey from hers to ours but can she help out and return the favour (one Sunday a month isn’t even asking to split it fairly halfway) Her reply was a complete NO. No thought, no fairness just a No I’m not driving that far

CMS wiped my savings even though I proved I had been paying

July 29, 2019

I was told a year ago that i was in arrears by £5900, i fortunately had proof of bank satements clearly showing monies that had been paid, and provided this evidence.
today i have had my savings cleared out by CMS without any warnings and really do not know what to do.

this money was my money and not for my child support which i have also been paying weekly

what can i do ?

How much CSA should I be paying?

November 26, 2018

I’m 18 years old with a 3 month old little girl but also a 1 month old little boy both with different mothers I am in a relationship with my little boys mother we live in a 2 bedroom house so have rent and bills to pay for , the mother of my little girl has only just started to let me see her properly and is demanding money even tho I never get to see her.

I just wondered how much csa I would pay for her monthly as I have an income of approximately £1,300 a month but I of course have lots of bills going out every month also which I’m not sure if that is taken into consideration when it comes to how much I would have to give the mother?

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