CSA calculated my income wrong and rejected my appeal!

April 13, 2021

My ex recieved the live with order for our two children G13&b9… I became unwell in 2017 and until that point I was the sole care and financial bread winner looking after my children and working full time as a nurse. The lack of support myself and my children received from my ex, their father caused me to have a breakdown. He wouldn’t contact for days and would only have them over night every couple of weeks, in addition to this he was often late or “forgot” about the child maintenance I asked their father to step in and take over for my childrens sake and so that I could recover. He refused to let me see them while I was poorly and fed lies to anyone who would listen, this prolonged my poor mental health and took longer for me to recover. While I was poorly my ex seized the opportunity to start his new life with his new partner. Many, many hours of court battles later and much financial ruin he received the live with order and I was given contact arrangement, every other weekend, fri-mon overnight in the week wed-thur and we split all of the half term somewhat equally, I get more time in the term and don’t lose my weekends in his terms. It averages out about170 nights per year.

During the start of covid, I worked in the hospital in ED. My ex stopped contact between myself and my children because of my job. He, my children and his partner were not clinically vulnerable or at risk, thus I did not have contact with my children for 111 days during first lockdown and even when lockdown ended. He made me have to take him to court so a judge would tell him he breached the court order and was in the wrong. Again he told lies about me and I was subjected to alcohol testing at a cost that needless to say I passed! In the time I wasn’t seeing my children I occupied my self by working hours at the hospital during the pandemic. It was tough but I was either to sink or swim. As a consequence I was earning more money. I get paid £13.79 per hour and an insentive of £75 to pick up shifts working in the front line in the emergency department.

My ex informed the CSA that my income had changed and I was no longer having our children (no fault or wish of my own) The then calculated an annual review, which I disagreed with. It went from £23 per week for 2 children to £88 per week for each child. When I challenged it they performed another annual review, for the weeks I had been earning extra during the pandemic. They calculated that I earn £907 a week (which I did on a small amount of occasion, working a 60 hour week and having nothing else to do in my life) and therefor they said that i earn £47350 thousand a year, meaning that I now have £219 per week coming out of my earnings. My ex told the CSA that I was refusing to pay and they decided to do a deductions from earnings. This in spite of me sending them evidence that I had been paying for my children, their school uniforms, bank deposits, food shopping and treats that I was sending for their whole family whilst they were in isolation.

I challenged the CSA and explained that I am on a zero hour contract and my weekly earnings change dramatically, for instance, last week was £500 and this week was £66. they seem to take this into account when I speak to them on the phone and they say that they can see my earnings are not always the same.

I have to provide for my children when they are with me, food, clothes activities etc as their father refuses to let them bring anything to mine when they come to stay, so not only do I pay a percentage based on a fictitious wage I also have to pay double to feed and clothe them. Most of the items I buy for my children are never returned from their fathers. Their father also refuses to admit the actual over night stays my children are with me, so the CSA base it on the lowest amount going. I have them for the next 2 months at least a month worth of nights due to half terms etc.

I cant enjoy my time with them because we have no money, and I have to work while they are with me just so I can afford to pay my own bills. I pay for both of their phones and I give them pocket money each week otherwise they have nothing. My children are always coming to me to ask for things and I cant say no, but its truly not fair at all.

CSA will not listen, I have launched an appeal but that was months ago and Iv had documents back but no court date. I have spent so much hurtful time in court when it shouldnt have been. I would never imagine that anyone could be so nasty and spiteful as my ex.

I am not sure what else I can do? I have started a new contract, which I will work full time in ED for £26970, I have told them, when I looked on line today it said, parent income change rejected!!

what is going on and what more can I do, iv considered MPs and News papers… I am sick to death with worry that my first salary wage at the end of the month will be gobled up with DEO! I v already been late with rent and phone bill payments not to mention all the solicitor bills that I am still paying just so I could see my own children! What is going on with this world?

Child has been adopted but I still have to pay!

April 12, 2021

In August of 2013 £3210.00 had been stolen from my Bank account. I was subsequently informed that this money had been taken by the CSA! I had received no prior written notification of this. A SAR revealed that it was their policy not to notify me of their theft of my funds, a situation which continues to this day!

Further investigation has lead to me finding out that the child was around 15 years old at that point, but I had never heard of him! Fast forward to the present day, having wasted time writing to the not so “Independent” Case Examiner, and the equal waste of space aka the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman, I am unable to obtain any information about this child.

I am still being subjected to the theft of my wages, which I only ever find out about after the event! The Ombudsman suggested that I should go to Court which I am happy to do. I have written numerous letters and emails to the CSA, which are always ignored. I have found out that the Mother is MARRIED, and that there is NO RECORD of the birth of the child in question. I have reason to believe that the mother has RELATIVES who work for the CSA, or whatever they are called now. I also believe that the child has been legally adopted. Is there anyone out there who knows what steps I need to take in order to get this heard by a Judge?

Many Thanks


Child maintenance: total incompetence from CSA!

April 8, 2021

Now after 2 1/2 months this is a total joke.

Started off with covid I lost work, For a start I was not claiming as my partner was working, then she lost work so we got universal credit.

I started paying my ex on payment direct as I have done for the previous 3 years. Then I get a letter saying I owe nearly a thousand pound, after many threatening messages sent by them , pay within 3 days , and the other iff you do not make your payment we will take you to court and seize your assets, finally after numerous calls they finally agree that the amount is wrong and I have in fact overpaid, but it will have to go to collect and pay.
Many more calls later bank details gave to them for my refund which I never received they agree for me to pay direct payment which I am already paying for less than I’m paying but now I’m £80 in areas.
In the meantime as me paying maintenance direct, they are taking money on collect and pay through universal credit.
The whole system is a disgrace, they are incompetent, if there’s any advice? At present I am waiting yet another call from them.

CSA sent me to prison and still expected me to pay!

April 1, 2021

23yrs ago, ex accepted £27,500 as settlement of divorce. CSA got involved and you cannot imagine the amount of paperwork you have to fill in back then, you always felt it was a waste of time as they never seem to take much notice of you circumstance’s. however agreement was reached for weekly payment, always keep up to date. ex appealed, turned down, ex appealed again, turned down. independent hearing ex turned down. whilst this was ongoing, ex always withheld my access to the two children awarded by the courts, she was warned that the CSA should not be used to stop access.

my solicitor provided all documentation to prove the payments were up to date, it was the CSA that had not paid her. From then on it just went out of control the CSA were in a different world, claiming that the arrears were now £78,000 when i believe if my memory is correct based on a weekly income of about £250 per week. The CSA claim to have a protected income rate, so that you have enough to live on this was and is utter nonsense. When they deducted monies from wages, left me £130 below their protected earnings rate, As this would mean my out goings were more than my income and the CSA were not interested and would never accept their claim of £78,000 left the UK.

10yrs ago CSA said I would go to prison if I did not pay £42,000 went to prison for the maximum 6wks. Didn’t know at the time that if you are a murderer or rapist, when you come out of prison you are a free man, not so the CSA, you still owe the money. This is why the CSA is set up so wrong, in their Ivory towers lost all reason with the real world. They want you to pay, how do you earn in prison, threaten to take away driving license, probaly no work

The CSA made my life hell!

March 25, 2021

My exe partner cheated on me with another guy. I left her not know she was pregnant until the csa wrote to me saying I am a potential father. I requested a DNA of the csa my exe refused the csa replied I won’t hear again off them. I then received another letter when the child was 4 saying I am a potential father of the child again I demanded another DNA test she refused that one too the csa said I won’t hear again.

I then received another letter when the child was 7 I told the csa I done too DNAs for this child not doing nowt els. The csa threaten me saying there will attach my earnings and freeze my bank accounts so I had no choice but to do a 3rd DNA test the DNA test came back as my child then the csa contact me saying I owe over 7K in areas from when the child was born and say I have to pay 380 a month. I said I carnt afford that I have 2 children to support and bills and rent to pay then the csa say to me register me and my family in a YMCA there money is more important than my rent so I had no choice but to pay it could afford to pay solicitors for help.

The child is now 18 the mother has never let me see this child but still holds her hand out like a dirty begger in the street. The csa are saying I have to pay till this childs 21st birthday, I tried to tell the csa I have never seen this child because the mother won’t let me, there say go get legal advice.

How can us parents pay for legal advice when the csa take so much money of seperated parents? I think if one parent stops us seeing are children we shouldn’t have to pay, I have basically paid for a radom person I don’t know and still have to till there 21. I think the csa is fully responsible for the high rate in male suicides us males are treated unfair and the csa say its all the man’s fault.

CSA won’t accept pay cut because it’s 1% off the threshold!

March 15, 2021

Every year when the annual review comes round I start to lose sleep, get anxious, go off my food and that if everything is ticking along normally. The issue is that my ex made her claim against me (10 years ago) in the second week in April. So when CMS do my review they ask the tax office for my last complete year, which is never the year just before because they haven’t completed their records yet and so is always the tax year before last. Last August I took a new job and had to take a pay cut of 24%, I contacted them and they said no change, its not 25%.

Now I have looked up my tax records for the year they are going to use for the upcoming review, and my payments will increase, my current pay is now a 24.2% pay drop. So i explained that I am finding things really difficult and that could they possibly ask the tax office for the records for the year 20-21 specifically. No they said. Can i send my payslips and you use that instead? No they said. What help is there for me if I am struggling to live and make payments? No reply. So, I rummaged around the back of my mind and thought I could pay into a private pension, just enough to hit the 25% barrier so I asked would that be ok? No they said, we wouldn’t take it into consideration until we use that years tax records. So, I asked what I could do? No reply.

I don’t mind paying and have always paid, they took the money from me when we first separated even though i was the mortgage on the house I wasn’t living in, my ex wife took 70% of a house she didn’t pay for, took two years to sell the house whilst I was driven in 20k of debt. She took everything, plates, bedding, furniture I literally had to start all over again and at -20k.

Thieving CSA tells me to use food bank!

March 8, 2021

Personally, me and the CSA have never seen eye to eye, mainly because if I did, I’d probably poke them out… Around 2 years ago I had the luck of landing a better paying job from the dead-end plastics manufacturing place I had spent 5 years testing the durability of my soul! Brilliant, I went from £28k to £34k then 6 months later to another place for £44k (rough figures). Unfortunately being a number on a server did not suit me and I dropped back to £34k closer to home in a firm who treat me well.

Anyway, back to CSA being bastards…. Whilst I was moving jobs and the wages rising, the wonderful, joy filled folks over at the CSA could not do enough to alter my case and give me higher and higher figures to send to my 2 timing, lazy, benefit devouring, layabout of an ex-partner. Which was fine, I was not happy with the situation as she was the one who left for a better paid individual but being the bigger man, I swallowed my pride and did it for my kids. So then I end up dropping over £10k in salary…cue the CSA, I call (this is before they went onto ‘good luck contacting us hours’) I inform them of my mahoosive drop in salary and can hear the bashing of a keypad before getting ‘computer says no’. The (deep breath) wonderful individual on the other end of the line informed me that I hadn’t passed the 25% threshold and that payments would stay the same and promptly put the phone down on me as I was working up to my Tazmanian Devil impression.

Now I am no Einstein but even a country bumpkin like me quickly worked out that there was in fact just over 25% difference in said wages and contacted them again. This time I got an Angel of a more mature lady who listened to my problem, confirmed my findings and altered my case accordingly. She was lovely! Fast forward 15month of non-stop pandemic spanning days at work with 8 days off all year and BOOM! The heaviest envelope of the year…The renewal!!! Thinking I’ve been on the same salary all year with little to no change, ill just continue with the usual payments…’Our survey says’…. big fat X! They have gone off the earnings of year ending April 2020 from HMRC and my payments have gone up over £100…Once again the phone leaves the safety of my pocket and within seconds, I hear a voice, dear lord, have they finally employed someone who can answer a phone, could CSA have become the next wonder of the world? NOPE! A recorded message saying they are opening times are Monday to some other day I am working between the hours of unlucky Dan you are not getting to us by phone o clock you stupid working cash cow! That is what I heard anyway…. So, the super-duper sharpshooter never working online portal it is…After 3 hours of turning my paperwork upside down I find my login details I have not used in over 12 months. I write a particularly polite message asking why their figures are so ridiculous and does not match their own calculator or my current wages…

All I receive 2 days later is ‘send by POST yes POST 2 payslips and a paragraph explaining what my issue is’ This is done in record time I send said documents off by carrier pigeon to some god forsaken office somewhere in the UK, 3 days later my payslips return, unharmed but there is no yey or ney on their decision? Day’s pass, days turn to weeks, weeks turn to a month, the day my first new ridiculously high payment goes out…I get the long awaited reply, I rush onto the portal, to see if my hard earned pennies will be sleeping in my bank tonight…. computer says no!! Because there is not a 25% difference in your current salary to the figure, we plucked from the sky for sh1ts and giggles you still must pay this extortionate figure, if you want to appeal go to directgov. You are the weakest link, goodbye!

The following Monday on my break at work I tried to phone them to try and put right this injustice, nearly an hour of recorded messages later (did you know you can save time by using our online portal….) I got through to a young woman who quite frankly sounded like she was ready to give up on life herself, had the usual name, D.O.B, kids D.O.B, inside leg measurement, Britney Spears bra size when she was 29, I’m sure you all know the drill. She told me to appeal, there was nothing she could do and that if I can’t afford to live and feed my kids with my current partner, there is always food banks…. F**KING FOOD BANKS!!!!

Well, the forms are filled out, envelope is stamped and sealed and my carrier pigeon is ready to take it to the courts… Wish me luck!

CMS holding my money and blaming my ex’s employer!

February 8, 2021

When my case was set up in 2018 all was good, I was informed my payments would be paid monthly on the 19th. Since day one this never happened, I was paid weekly, a text message would arrive to me on a Sunday from CMS, informing me a payment has been received, then on Wednesday the payment was in my account.

Then in September 2020 this all went very wrong, payments & texts stopped weekly & payments either arrived two weeks apart, then in November I had to wait 6 weeks, then December four weeks for a payment.

I used the message service from my online account with CMS, which I must stress will only hold 600 letters! Hard when you are trying to get your complaint across.

Each reply was “Your payments are paid monthly & until we are in the next month after 2 weeks from missed payments we cannot investigate”.

In these messages to them I told them on more than one occasion I have never been paid monthly, even though the first letter from set up did say this.

Then in December 2020 I managed to speak to an advisor who told me the pandemic was causing problems & that the employer wasn’t sending payments on time.

I told the advisor that my Ex husband hadn’t ever been furloughed & why can no one see my point that I have never ever before all this went wrong had payments monthly.

He basically couldn’t answer instead he told me they work a month behind, I asked him if he could see any sign of a payment in the pipe line, he replied No.

But the next day I received a payment from CMS for three weeks money.

This payment by the way is £40.27 a week.

We are now in February and it’s all still up in the air, I had two payments in January 2021 & now it’s 6th February still no sign of payment.

I contacted my EX husband he told me he has a deduction of earnings every week (forgot to mention his pay is weekly always has been).

He spoke to his employer this week who showed him proof that they send payment EVERY MONDAY to CMS.

So I believe CMS have lied and are holding onto payments, and are blaming the employer.

I’ve over the weekend sent another online message telling them about what the employer has told my EX & that I’m dissatisfied with the responses they have sent in the past to me.

They seem to have no interest in complaints & use Covid or employers as excuses.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Thanks for reading,


Why am I paying £20,000 to not see my daughter?

February 3, 2021

My ex wife is claiming nearly £20,000 from me through csa. I haven’t seen my daughter for nearly 20 yes. The reason being my ex met someone else when my daughter was 3 years old. l was paying cm up till then. Then my ex refused maintenance because her new partner wanted to bring my daughter up as his own. My ex refused me to see her and they moved away.

My daughter tried to see me when she was 16 but her mother put a stop to it. She is now just over 20 yrs old with 2 children of her own. I have been denied access to my daughter for 20 yrs by her mother. She made all the decisions years ago so why am I having to pay for the privilege of not being able to see my daughter. The csa always works in favour of the mother no matter what the circumstances. She took everything from me 20 yrs ago and now she,s doing it again. The csa should look att facts before they decide who is in the wrong.

CMS taking my money even though I’ve already paid!

January 4, 2021

I have been getting treated and harassed from CM. For the last 10 years treated with jail sentence etc.

I work offshore. I have 4 kids to 2 woman 1 which I have an agreement and the other has gone to cm I paid both of them £600 a month then 1 of them got greedy.

I paid the money into her bank under maintenance but she went to cm and said I had not paid anything and they accepted that as I had a good wage. Because I did not put child maintenance I have to pay her the last 10years of arrears which I already paid her.

They work it out on your wage before tax so I get taxed 40% they take 40% of what is left and I get 20% of my wage I’ve tried to deal with these people but there is no talking to them. They don’t take into account my agreement I have with the other mother or that I have a new partner which is pregnant I now have to give up my house as I can’t afford it so myself and pregnant girlfriend are now homeless.

There is no point going back to work I get £600 out of £2,200 a week I then have to pay my other ex partner which leaves me £300 a week as I am on a 2 on 2off rotation I don’t get paid when I am off I think they have breached my and my pregnant partners human rights but they just want there money they also take 24% of payment as a process fee. I took out loans and credit cards to pay them now I can’t pay the bank they have now drove a wedge between myself and ex partner and I hardly get to see my children now but she has a new car a nice new house on my expense. I don’t even have a place to live ha ow is this fair?!!!!!

Some times I wonder what is the point but I have to keep going for my kids it’s not there fault if any one has any advice please get in touch

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