Court order vs CSA!

December 14, 2021

Background information my ex left me for the 4th times x2 adultery. We was together 15 years married 12 years. I have 2 children aged 8 and 3. I have had constant problems getting access to my children and went to court to get this.

I am cutting this part very short it’s unbelievable what she’s done and doing I could write a novel.

Just like the many cases I have read on here, my experience of the CSA is very similar.

I have a court order stating I have equal joint custody although it is made up of 5 overnight stays and x2 evening. Over 2 weeks. So 50% custody.

The CSA in my experience are a law of there own. Every person you speak to gives you different answers, there advice has been wrong on numerous occasions. It is a very 1 sided service, I contacted October about my court order it is still unactioned. I purposely with every intention of paying back my arrears did not pay this month, so my ex would contact the service as they was not responding to my messages. I was contacted the day after she contacted them, yet my request had been ignored for 2 months.

I have sent numerous messages and evidence supporting my claims of how and what I do for my children. Including my court order.

I then finally get a response and my letter does not indicate any details on what it was about how they have investigated or anything really, it basically just said we have investigated your claims and your ex partner does not agree with your claims.

So basically the court order I sent in is fake and I am a liar as my ex said its not true.

(if my ex said the world was flat it must be true because she said it is).

If you don’t agree with this letter you can appeal.

That’s great if I knew what I was appealing against and could resubmit the evidence.

I am getting nowhere with the CSA. My next step is my local MP.

Any more advice would be appreciated.

The CSA are the worst organisation I have ever been involved with, the staff are rude, unhelpful and like I say can make up there own rules. I will keep battling.

Good luck all.


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