Press need multiple complaints to run a story!

January 24, 2022

I have been paying for my children by 2 different mothers via direct payment. The original calculation from CSA did not take into consideration my pension contributions and therefore was paying over the odds. CSA told me that the difference in pay has to be 25%drop for thrm to recalculate the payment! Eventhough it was their fault in the first place!

Then my daughter commenced University in September so I paid the last payment for her in August as my ex was no longer entitled to payments. She then decided that I still had an obligation to pay and told CSA that I had missed a payment. CSA did not contact me in regards to this and just put a deduction of order on my wages until May! In addition they have raised the payments for my son so now I am paying more than ioriginally paid when I had 2 children entitled to CSA!

I have been off work sick for 3 months and can no longer do overtime ( the P60 wages they base their calculations on include a lot of overtime from the previous year) so now I am in financial hardship. Since covid every time I call them I am on hold for over an hour, then when someone answers they say I need to be put on hold for a case worker, another 15 minutes on hold and they cut the phone off!

Finally got a call from clearky a man hater stating its my fault and because my ex reported missed payments then I.must pay! I have uploaded all the proof of my payments to the online portal but no response and their calculations in the breakdown do not make any sense whatsoever! They don’t even apply as have always paid direct transfer to my exes accounts! So how would they know if I missed a payment unless they asked me to prove my payments! There are loads of charges on the breakdown that couldn’t possibly apply!

I have even tried to get a solicitor but nobody is apparently able to deal with it. Have written to MRS and no response! Even tried to contact the press but they stated they need numerous complaints from men otherwise they can’t publish an individual story. Something needs to be done urgently as this is totally unacceptable.


  • Andy says:

    Been enough on twitter from people suffering the same treatment for them to run a story on this maladminstrating ruthless agency..I suspect there’s a media black out on the dark side of this agency .

  • Jay Hamilton says:

    Hi mate, sorry to hear. Please email me at [email protected] as I’m trying to do the same thing.

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