Is there any point carrying on?

December 13, 2021

So I have been forced out of my home, because my wife decided she didn’t love me anymore (denied me sex for 3 years, forced me to work a 2nd job while she cut her hours down) I only see my kids for one weekend in two, they can’t stay overnight because of the awful council tenants causing noise 24/7 above my father’s maisonette (where I am staying.

I am paying off debt accrued during my marriage, and trying to save for a deposit to move out.

I paid, in a private arrangement, 400gbp per month for my two girls (who I miss so much) and I stopped for one month in an effort to get my wife to sign the Financial agreement I had drawn up as part of my divorce.

She has been stalling for months, and I have had to take such a paltry amount (after she lied about getting legal advice on the monetary amount she was due to give me).

She refuses to communicate, yet I withhold payment once, in a desperate effort to get her moving on the finances and lo and behold the CSA get in contact within 24 hours demanding.

Why on earth is the receding parents’ income not taken into account? She earns twice what I do, has a permanent roof over her head??

I had to cancel taking my girls to Peppard pig World as I couldn’t afford it, but the 400gbp I had to give my wife meant my daughters won’t instead with her. I was devastated.

If I get a promotion at work; I end up paying more (for whatever reason) if she gets paid more; it has no impact.

Who on earth thinks this is fair? The whole system is ramapantly semester, even the examples in the booklet the CSA provides is about a man giving a woman money – as if its a god given right?

It does not coat 400gbp a month to cloth and feed two children, who comes up with this garbage?

So currently I’m in a home that can be taken away from me whenever my father feels like it, I have no money to save for a deposit and can’t see my kids overnight due to the mongoloids that live above me.

Any point carrying on?