CSA Complaints

CSA: a bunch of robbers!

My ex wife refused to accept maintenance from me 20 yes ago for my daughter. Reason being she met a new partner who wanted to bring her up as his own and that meant if I paid maintenance I would have access to seeing my daughter which my ex didn’t want. She made all the decisions when we divorced. (Yes she even lied to the court to try and get a divorce as well but they told her she had no I divorced her for unreasonable behaviour) l did speak to my daughter a few times on Facebook but she was worried that her mum would find out as she was supposed to have nothing to do with me so the texts stopped.

What I am trying to say is the csa and the courts have no regards for the dads that have tried to do the best for their kids providing their exs let them. I can assure you their are many more women out there that will jump on the band wagon to bleed their partners dry. I know I met some. They want me to pay 20k for my child I hadn’t seen for a decision my ex made…yeah right. She robbed me once before and she ain’t doing it again. The csa are robbers and the courts should look at the bigger picture.

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