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Don’t be a degenerate loser father

I just laugh at all the fathers who complain, my partner has to deal with her abusive ex husband, a total junkie loser who would rather spend all his money on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and not pay for his kids. She had to go through the CSA to get money and now he is saying he won’t pay for the oldest as he is 16, but he is still at school… he has never bought any clothes for them or taken them anywhere, we do. And the loser told “his” kids what he gives is enough to take them on holidays lol. Another waste of space who doesn’t have a clue about what it costs to raise kids. if you don’t want to pay for your kids then keep it in your pants.

2 thoughts on “Don’t be a degenerate loser father

  1. @ December 15th comment.

    Who the hell do you think you are? You judgemental simp! Most men going through CSA were once either happily married or in a relationship. Relationships break down and that’s when ex couples have to co-parent in best interests of child. Because your own personal circumstances don’t tarnish us all with a brush. The CMS is a corrupt organisation which lets down both paying and receiving parents. Whenever there involved they usually make things worse. This organisation is about one thing extracting and extorting parents. The CMS/CSA is responsible for over a 1000 suicides. Instead of trying to be a righteous knight in shining armour or simp, get your finger out of your bum and check yojr facts!

  2. I think the problem is the child support system is barely ever fair. Men and women are complaining about it all the time.
    If a couple has children, neither of them thought one day they will part and go separate ways.
    Both men and women should be responsible enough to find an agreement in regards to support for their children.
    But as so often when the government gets involved things turn to shit.
    And yes, if a child was born because of a casual hookup then the above doesn’t apply.

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