CSA: absolute sharks!

June 6, 2022

I was going through a custody battle and my ex James David Allenby when my daughter was living with me decided to go self employed and started a LTD company (Technical Studio Services Ltd) who he registered his income to his girlfriend at the time and paid £30.00 per calendar month yet was driving a £30,000 car and taking holidays to center parks in Belgium. The CSA never investigated and yet when the role was reversed, I was earning £18,000pa and even though I was paying him direct the amount that the calculator stated he complained and slapped an attachment of earnings on me of which they took £300 per month! I was suicidal at that point and did try and they had no empathy and although I have had Legal advisers say they were incorrect they still refuse to bother to investigate.

I feel for anyone that deals with these rogue Traders.