How have the CSA got a hold of my bank details?

April 10, 2014

I separated from my ex 5 years ago and pay money into her account each month for our 2 children. All was going well until she contacted the CSA.

They have been involved for the last 12 months, The payments remained the same up until I contacted them regarding the birth of my 3 child with my new wife, I now find the payments have changed but also they’ve taken money out of my account without my consent.

I was paying my ex via standing order so the CSA never had my bank details nor have I ever disclosed them to the CSA. How have they got my bank details and is this legal?


  • John Green says:

    My daughter was receiving payment from her ex partner via CSA. Because of some issues with his work he wanted to start paying her direct by standing order.
    He spoke to CSA and they have given him her bank details, even though she hasn’t agreed to this change, or given permission for her bank details to be passed him, is this legal?

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