I am left with nothing after CSA payments

July 20, 2015

i have £1400month after tax. £600 comes of to CSA. £450 rent. £160 council tax £140 gas and electricity. Then food for the month and a pregnant partner and kid to provide for. Plus car to run and fuel for work which is about £60 a month. I am left with nothing. I pay £600 to CSA. And they don’t care I have more going out than coming in. Car insurance the lot. They will not reduce this amount.

Where does it end. This is for 2 children and they get £300 a month each. Each child should have a fixed price of maintenance. £40 from the father £40 from the mother. I can’t win


  • Aaran says:

    Thanks for you comments Joanna and James.
    I don’t grudge a penny. But I struggle just to get bye myself from day to day. £300 each is sickening

  • Aaran says:

    Thanks for comments everyone.
    It is a nightmare. And I hope that every1 gets sorted.
    It can drive a father to suicide. Everyone is happy to provide for there kids. But when you can’t provide for urself and can’t get fuel in ur car to go to work. What is the point in trying. It’s a shame it’s all wrong. Like I’m saying. I pay £300 each child. And if the mothers put £300. That’s £600 a month to keep a kid. That is ridicules. But it seams like my £300 is keeping her and her whole family. Good luck folks. Thanks for ur support.

  • Julie says:

    That’s funny….I am a single mum. Never had anything like £300 a month from my son’s father….maybe £100 If he even bothers to pay anything. He has been called a ‘job hopper’ by autborities. Maybe there are fees he has to pay but that would not be in place if he bothered to help with costs at all when a “family arrangement” was in place.

  • Aaran says:

    Julie. I never said I pay you 300. csa, take 600 from me. Not a job hoper, you are the one that doesn’t let me see my son. If you didn’t go down that route then it would be different. You can’t be civil even tho it’s been 8 years. The csa don’t give you what they take of me. I don’t know what they do with it. But that’s what they take from me.

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