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Do the CSA have to leave me with a certain amount on which to live?

I have two children one who is now 18 and starts uni in sept I lost my job and have managed to get a low paid job I come out with just £870 per month.

The csa want now to take £240 per month off me including 40 arrears this will leave me not enough to pay rent etc how long will I have to pay for my son who is now 18 and could I get some form of credit to top my wages up. I was told they have to leave you with a certain amount to live.

Kind regards Davie

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  1. Hi Davie 2007,

    Is you case old OR new rules (did it commence on or after 03/03/03 OR before?
    Do you share care of the children?
    Does your household claim work/child tax credits?
    Do you have a partner that works?
    Do you have children living in your household?
    Do you have any other income?

    CSA is payable whilst the qualifying child is;
    under 19 (under 20 in some cases) and in full-time education doing a course that is not higher than A-level or an equivalent standard or on a Government-funded training programme, OR 16 or 17 and has recently left school and registered for work or training with the Careers or Connexions Service or something similar.

    chall –

  2. The CSA don’t care. they want you to be unemployed, homeless ..or better still dead ( as per the recent twerp from the CSA). I have mentioned this very thing to them & guess what…they ain’t listening..shut up, cough up & die…simples.

  3. I say this tio all the victims of the shambolic CSA here on this website.

    There will come a time when your local M.P. or Councillor will want something from you. It may only be an opinion or a vote.

    Stick two fingers up at them, and tell them why you will not lend them support.

    I have had all the good will and decency knocked out of me by the scum CSA and although I am law abiding person, I won’t be raising one little finger to help anybody who think that they are authority…..and they wonder why?

    What comes around goes around!

  4. they told us that they cant leave you with less than 500.00 per month,they dont give a dam whether you have to pay rent or have bills there words to us was csa is a debt and it as to be paid whether you lose your house or not or if you have a wife to keep.sorry !!

  5. Davie. I'm afraid that with ALL things CSA related it should be simple but it isn't.The bad news – there is NO consideration for the amount of rent that you have to pay or anything like heating or food. As far as the CSA are concerned they can take what they like and leave you with next to nothing, but that's OK.So, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that what they have calculated as your weekly pay is correct. It might not be. Once you have this figure, you now calculate how much you need to pay them – 15%, 20%, 25% as appropriate. You see the kids for 53 nights or more per year.The other important figure is 40% of your net pay. That's the MAX that they can take off of you through a DEO, LO or any other method that they choose. Make sure you get from them your PROTECTED EARNINGS figure.So, some figures:Let's say you make £200pw and you have 2 kids.You should pay each week £40 but you get a 15% discount on that = £34You have arrears though and the CSA will want to get thos arrears back as quickly as they can. The maximum that they can take is 40% of your net income, in this case £80pw. If they pressure you to give them more then state that this is what you can possibly afford.

  6. Csa don't give a shit how much they take as long as you on less than the other parent thats ok

  7. Well I don't give a **** either then. Besides which prison sounds warmer than my cave and I'll probably have enough to eat. I also think it will cost the state a lot of money. Save my elder kids a lot of cash as well, cuz care homes are expensive.

  8. Totally agree Michael, Because of the csa i can't afford to work either !and i have no remorse in fact i love being a burden to the state BECAUSE of one of there pathetic agencies !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Neither do I, my income is no more than £100 per week on book. I'm not prepared to let this agency stress me out any more but I am bothered about the affect it has on families and the poor nrp's, pwc's and children who are having to suffer at the hands of this agency! Why does the government keep giving them crazy powers…they should be reducing them and scrapping this agency altogether!!!

  10. Rather than fix this abhorrent mess all labour did was give them the power to enforce there incompetent decisions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are however earmarked for possible closure by the new government………….WE LIVE IN HOPE !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. pathetic agencies !!!!!!!!!!!A gross understatement. I consider the ideology behind it all to be insidious, malicious, deliberate and sinister politiccs.That applies to all the associated agencies.Remember a group of uniforms nodding and hmmmming to each other in acknowledgement? They knew exactly what I was alluding to.Don't answer, OKLee;- Why does the government keep giving them crazy powers.NOT because they are crazy, OK, now go look for reasons, political and historical. It's deliberate social engineering.

  12. CSA and other agencies and supports, run by indoctrinated sheep. Well versed and trained in group think and rank closing. Instigated by a hardcore group of deluded and misguided people cackling with glee at the big joke, that will backfire on them cuz they aren't even dimly aware of how their puppet masters tricked them. Or even who they are. Supported by the vast majority of chilalrous men. Ohh chivalry, the loaded gun to shoot yourself in the foot with.AND still, the majority of you try to abide by the 'rules' which are stacked against you. Fools (commendable and kind hearted variety) still try to be reasonable with a system which is totally unreasonable with you, and has probably caused irreparable damage to your children.It's all trickery, manipulation. the majicians art of misdirection. That's why you can't see it. You're just left with that slight feeling of being duped.

  13. To accept passively an unjust system is to cooperate with that system; thereby the oppressed become as evil as the oppressor. Non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good. The oppressed must never allow the conscience of the oppressor to slumber.

  14. From earning £999 per month they left me with £700 as £100 of that was arrears. But I think they have to leave you with minimum wage.

  15. Im sick off the csa! I was giving my ex £50 a week for my 2 kids and i was taking them every weekend! Then 1 day she decided that i wasnt to see the kids again unless i gave her more money! I refused cuz i simple coudnt afford to give her any more after i paid my bills! She foned the csa and they take £60 a week off me now and she still wont let me see my kids which i have explained the whole story to the csa who dnt give a shit as long as i pay! But i no for a fact that the money is goin in her back pocket for nites out on the town! Fathers are being descrimated against!

  16. I had the misfortune of meeting the spawn of Satan of a woman who I promptly distanced myself from…. 9 months later and I receive a call informing me that between us we had created life…. I had 2 years of on and off bonding with a beautiful, precious little girl who adored me… Whilst putting up with what can only be described as mental abuse that at sometimes even turned physical… Whilst paying a mortgage and living with a complete nutter and may I add PAYING CSA!!!!! After I left her and got my own council flat (cheapest available) I then spent 6 months living there often going without food, having no facilities to wash clothes, i didn’t even have an oven, lived in my bedroom as I couldn’t even afford to carpet the lounge let alone get furniture….

    And at the time the csa was taking more than 40% and still I had my baby girl every weekend….. Final straw was the nutter stopping me seeing my baby, the reason being at the time my father was in the final month of his life after a devastating battle with cancer and that she didn’t want her to be around stuff like that.

    I wasn’t in the right bracket to get legal aid to see my daughter due the fact I was working full time, my constant calls and letters to the csa proving they was taking too much fell on deaf ears, even suggested I sold my car due to the cost, didn’t matter that I needed it for work and more importantly to take my father to and from, doctors, hospital, family and eventually a hospice… None of that mattered… Anyway after quitting my job with stress and to more importantly be in the position of getting a solicitor to say more than “I’m really sorry but…….”

    Before meeting someone off another planet I was a young, healthy, very fit and happy person……..after initial contact to gain access my ex wasn’t traceable and I find myself in a hospital bed being treated for a heart attack….. Early 30’s.

    My case suddenly closed….. And until recently I’ve not heard a thing….. My life’s been pretty shit since in truth… Had a few relationships, met a couple of oddballs but gladly have spotted the signs and disappeared. Met a lovely girl almost 3 years ago and she’s a total diamond, sensible, kind, even tempered, honest… Perfect really…. I won’t speak to the csa… Won’t reply to letters or speak on the phone… It’s far too stressful… My babies mum got in touch out of the blue about 5 years ago, tried to apologise which I accepted through gritted teeth in the hope of finally being able to be a dad….. Only to have that door shut when it was discovered I was engaged…. Anyway the government want some money from somewhere because recently the csa got in touch with my employers and somehow it’s come to light that I owe money from over 10 years ago….. They have gone straight for a deduction of earnings and decided they will take £135.00 PER WEEK!!!!! This lasted about 3 months, the main effect on me is me and my partner had to pull out of taking a mortgage out on our first home together…. Now that’s finally over Ive just signed up for a mortgage. My partners quit her job and moved to this side of the country, at the moment we are living on my wag….. A massive £300 pound a week…. Only today I’ve received a letter informing me they want more…… As from next week they are again taking £135.00 per week…….. It’s criminal…. Oh and my daughter…? Last I was told was that she’s not even mine….. There’s some evil people in this world and the government just take the piss as do all large companies it’s all about what they can take from us……. Even when I had the heart attack…. The bank firstly refused to pay the payments for a loan I was paying that I took out before I was to be a dad…. They don’t recognise stress as a valid illness not to work….. And after the heart attack I wasn’t eligible because I had made an invalid claim… And yes I was paying ppi on the loan…… Basically we are all fucked….. The worlds just gone mad… And no one gives a fuck…… Sure have a kid and settle down…. Just make sure it’s with the right person….. Wear a condom….. Even when the pill is used…. Take responsibility and make sure unless you want a kid and are going to have the privellage to grow with it….. Condoms….. I wear a bloody boiler suit and even the. Rarely get past foreplay… And above all don’t speak to the csa…. They are totally and utterly RUTHLESS!!!!!

  17. I’m only earning 250 a week at the moment and the csa have started taking 65 a week off me, they have now told me its going up to 77 when i told them it leaves me less than a giro to live they basically said tough luck. I won’t be working for much longer and have told them this but they seem more interested in driving me out of work and getting no money than having a reasonable amount of money and getting the arrears cleared. There has to be an ulterior motive behind their actions because none of it makes sense

  18. this csa has not only killed any chance of my future employement but also realationships too after paying every week for the past 5 yeras never missed i got made redundunt recentkly got a job on minimum wage working 22-30 hrs a week no been hit with a deo and arerears of 1000’s the now leave me with a maxium working wage of 134 per week that is for 22hrs but if i work 50 hrs yet a agin they leave me with 134 how the hell does this give anyone incentive to work or even live

  19. i today got the dreeded letter from the csa that im to pay 85 pounds a week out my 220 wage a week, im allso paying a further 30 pound aweek to my other x parter but not via the csa { YET}, with the cost of my bills pus all the csa payments it amounts to 205 and thats with out my 50 fuel bill to even get to work, so i phoned them and i waz told the same thing fuck u pay us and did not give a flying shit about my cercemstances, i can no longer afford to go to work so im having to jack my job up, im 29 and the stress and anxiaty is taking its toll i think ill be heading for a heart atack b4 long if not SUICED. this agancie has got to stop its totaly wrong and discriminate against men, we all need to stick together and protest and get these fuckers closed down 1nce and for all,

  20. I am being left after bills and rent with 13.50 a week to live on ,ex is living with partner ,her daughter and her husband and being told I have to work 25 hours a month overtime to make payments they want
    So I’m doing 185 hours a month to live on £60 a month
    While she has her wages most probably working part time claimimg every benefit possible , her partners wage , her daughters husbands payments + most probably claiming housing benefit
    Is it worth me living or working????!

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