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No access to daughter, do I still need to pay Child Support Agency?

I have been through a 3 year battle through the courts to see my daughter? CAFCAS and my solicitor fought hard for me to see my daughter. However my daughters Mum did not want me to have any contact and made things very very difficult? the advice given to me by my solicitor and CAFCAS after spending £10000 in court fees was to walk away from an unbearable stressful and very costly situation. CAFCAS and my Solicitor provided me with all the documentation needed including a signed of agreement that I should have parental responsibility and that non of the above was created by me but my daughters Mum. CAFCAS and my solicitor advised me to pass on the information to my daughter at a later date.

On top of that for the last 8 years I have been paying the CSA monthly without fail. My ex is now to remarry she is not and will not let me see or communicate with my daughter at all? its been 5 years! however she is happy for me to pay the CSA so that she can fill her pockets for boozing and clubbing? information gathered from a handy source called face book!!

Given the above and that she is to remarry in the next couple of weeks am I still liable to pay the CSA for my daughter that I will never see? your help is really appreciated!

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  1. so because of your ex's behaviour you will punish your daughter? Regardless of what she is spending it on you are morally in the right because you are still currently providing for your daughter.Access and maintenance are 2 entirely different things and one should not be used as blackmail for the other

  2. I completely disagree with the above, if payment was stopped when access is denied i think children would be more likely to be seeing both parents, as less mothers would use there children as weapons of hurt if there was a financial consequence. Easy to use the blackmail on fathers of why are you not providing, the spotlight should be turned on the mother who has no regard of her Childs right to see her father and usually fathers family. My son is in the same position in fact we are in court again this morning, she hasn't turned up twice and re the money he pays for his daughter, it does and should matter that it being spent on the upkeep of the child….

  3. Completely agree with you Melanie – but the CSA would never go for that because it would cost them money in lost payments. They don't care about the welfare of the child, only how much money they can get.

  4. i had access to my princess till my ex wanted more money i used to give her £35 a week cash with receipt signed for prove of payment then she found out she could get 55 a wk. she got it then stopped me seeing my lil girl been 3 yrs now im depressed lost my flat and down to 7 stone my ex told my daughter i was dead so she calls other bloke dad now. some women r evil nasty money grabbers but no one cares about dads like us left to rot

  5. Troy Love The only way we can fight this is together. We can harp on all year but together we can take action. We must get this page known and then we are a team of people. At the moment we are isolated and suffering alone. Maybe the owner of this page has some idea's how to beef the numbers. I am a good dad. But my right to be a better dad is taken away from me. I gladly pay money to their mum but it is at a cost of my freedom to parent them which is wrong.My children want a good dad who can afford to take them out and buy them things. CSA money is just one big huge stealth tax.

  6. This stealth tax comment would most definitely be the comment that everyone should see. and its the PWC who benefits from it and not the child. Any PWC who feels the need to grab more money from the NRP is only thinking about themselves, have you noticed, if the PWC is male the male makes do, if the PWC is female, every action is taken to grab more money from the NRP. Luckily I have my system under control, apparently I'm nearly a grand in arrears, and I aint payin a penny to the CSA, I'm disabled. and my 13 year old child finds it abismal the way the CSA try to take his money from he as that money provides towards his joy of fishing, camping and his desire of chocolate…etc…..when he is with me every weekend and holidays!!. The CSA do not wish yur child to have fun while with me his dad the NRP.

  7. They are the biggest thieves in this country, i've had money taken out of my salary whilst paying through the bank system, when i found out they were not even ashamed and refused to give my money back even though they acknowledged it and then called it a clerical error. When i threatened them with legal action and they knew they didn't have a leg to stand on, they suggested that i dont pay for the next few months. There are ways to dela with them. thank God the training i received at the citizens advice bureau when working as an advisor helped. There are specialist lawyers who can and are able to deal with their crooked ways, people need to explore other avenues to get justice. You can also stop a deduction of earnings order, i didn't know this but it is a useful hint. Good luck to all.

  8. Any further information regardingthe stopping of DEO's, I am sure there are many who would appreciate this knowledg, lets really put these Confused Stupified Ass's under the pressure of closure of their greedy sticky fingers who aim to cause our children nothing but upset by seeing their NRP's crack to the point of suicide, therefore destroying our children with hurtful emotions caused by loss of their NRP parent either mentaly or physically. This is emotional terrorism upon our children, say "NO to CSA Power" Stand up against this terrorist organisation who call themselves the "CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY"

  9. Wow! got an email from the followingas Copied n pasted for your entertainment and as information;New comment on your post "CSA should stand for 'Corrupt Sanctamonious Agressors'"Author : Karen Bedford (IP: , : karen_b_121@hotmail.comURL : Whois : I dont endorse what you say, yes I agree the CSA are useless but so are many of the other government agencies too! But this one affects the children. So I do not agree and think you should be ashamed of yourself to tell people to go onto benefits to avoid paying. If parents could agree to do the best for their children by both supporting them in all ways, financially included – then maybe the CSA wouldnt exist but that is in an ideal world, which unfortunately we are not in! So even though the CSA have done my children and me wrong, their father (my ex) has done more wrong! I hope people do not endorse what you say and put the child/ren first! I'v replied the following comment:Dear Karen Bedford,It would appear that you mis-understand the comments as to going on benefits as being an instruction, the fact that it is an example of sarcasm from my viewpoint but an informed instruction from your point of view.I would most certainly like to work but am only qualified in the field of work for which I have had no choice but to refrain from, due to my disability.In respect to the financial situation, my ex has her new husband working two jobs and also recieves child benefits both for my child and her eldest to another NRP plus additional tax credits and therefore is very financially stable,However! you will understand due to the fact that I have shared care of my son during weekends and through the holidays and as a loving father to my child provide entertainment, food, warmth, clothing etc from my benefits of which I am not provided any additional income by example of tax credits, child benefits or the multiple additional incomes that my childs mother recieves in her household income.I do present my experiences and additional personal perceptions of the CSA, however! It is yourselves that have to decide how you intend to resolve your issues with the CSA.Marcus King managed to find his own solution at the cost of his freedom in Preston by causing mayhem from lancashire to Cumbria by bringing the lot to a standstill, I was a driver among that standstill and had to rebook an interview appointment at the job centre to which I was on the way, so therefore, as a personal example I am not exactly promoting the action of being on benefits but providing a possible alternative with due sarcasm.I personaly would love to build my own business in photography but due to the poor income that has been caused by CSA's greed and the greed of my ex for the desire of MONEY, Money is not love, money does not buy love. Money is the promoter of greed. The fact that I was paying CSA for my child is not an issue with myself and CSA but the fact that Iwas supporting my ex in her benefits as due to deductions made from her benefits as my CSA payments were additional income, so not only did I support her benefits by taxes I supported a high percentage of her benefits by CSA payments, this in no way was in support to my child…FACT!I became unemployed during the recession, the following day after recreating my CV for search in employment, I attended an incident for a neighbors child's safety and in that cause did have a severe fracture to my left clavicle, I was unable to work from that day, further during healing process I was rushed into hospital, Diagnosis now prevents my ability to do manual labour, a more energetic approach to work than sitting in an office at a phone or PC. what is your position in employment?Either accept the consequences or accept the comments I make as intended, rather than attempting to make a personal assessed judgement upon my character as an NRP in relation to money provided for the care and welfare of my child, the very child who is angry with the CSA causing conflict between myself and his mother! due to the difficulties caused to myself by the CSA and their draconian terrorist system.Money is not everything, what our children really need is; love, compassion and understanding that is what our children require. If the money is taken from NRP, how do we support our child financially when with the NRP? I have no help from PWC. I do not ask for help from PWC. Ask yourself,Why is it the female PWC's always want more money? I never hear of this action from the Male PWC's.MONEY is the god of Greed, unfortunately, it is ussually the female PWC's that constantly put the Male NRP's down especially to the child involved, Is this in any way supportive to the Childs welfare?

  10. It depends why you are being stopped from seeing your daughter. If your ex was just doing it to be spiteful then that is out of order, but if you were violent or something (not saying that you are so dont take that the wrong way) there could be a good reason to withhold access. Whatever the situation you should still pay for a child as the money is for the child not the parent to go out partying…when the child is older they will be able to make up their own mind and they will see that they had a respectful absent parent who paid and the person they lived with may not have acted in the best way. I dont like the CSA as they have been really incompetent when I have dealt with them in about 90% of the dealings we have had but it sounds like you are really angry more at the person withholding the access to your child than the CSA making you pay for the child if that makes sense.

  11. I put like on this even if I do appear as vain as some may like to state, but I thought this answer was straight to the point, In the best interest of the protection for our children, Make your voice heard, stand together as one voice, be strong and be firm, lets control these greedy dogs, the CSA, the true government agency infidels in the UK!!!!

  12. let's all look to the inspirations spoken by Winston Churchill. We shall fight them…….etc.

  13. We shall fight the from the pages of Facebook. We shall fight them from the seats in front of our computers. Never in the field of anti CSA has so much been owed to so few from so many. They have made it so difficult for us to group… any suggestions?

  14. I love the play on words Troy hehe, its nice to have something on here to make us smile as it sounds like a lot of us are stressed out most of the time on here. Thx 🙂

  15. helen Battray that is such a load of poppycock! Access and Maintanence SHOULD HAVE A DIRECT LINK! — The CSA Encourages the PWC to give as little access as possible, so that they can get the most money !! makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH to hear such bile and vitriole!My ex moved to Ireland, took the baby, didnt even TELL ME SHE WAS GOING in an attempt to remove me from my child's life.. How fair is that eh ???Shame on you!!!

  16. In an ideal world 'pay per view' would be a good thing..but it is quite abhorrent when you REALLY think about it…

  17. jay, have you considered contacting the relevant authorities that the PWC has removed your child from this country without first consulting yourself about it, I believe this could be considered as child abduction but I would seek as to the legal implications of the PWC's actions. The CSA have no authority in southern Ireland I believe. I would seek as to how you stand legally in regards to your conflict.

  18. far too often the PWC use the CSA as a point scoring system without regards to the implications of the effects caused to their children and use the CSA as a legal crutch for financial gain for their own entertainment, often the PWC will boast about how the CSA are taking money from the NRP in order to support a lavish lifestyle rather than compliment the NRP in providing through CSA payments!How many PWC's recieve a CSA payment from NRP and say, looks like I'm gonna av a good weekend,rather than, the little one is looking forward to going to the zoo, fair, theme park or the pictures or shopping for some new clothes? However! it is more likely the PWC purchases their own new clothes ready for a good weekend, contacts their babysitter rather than the NRP saying would you like to spend some quality time with your child while I have quality time with my friends, new partner or one night stand?

  19. I remember my husband's heartbreak when fighting for contact. He eventually got the minimum every other weekend, and 'any further contact to be agreed between the parents'.Well of course no extra was ever agreed, and when his ex went on her 2 holidays per year she would often leave my stepdaughter with her grandparents..who only lived up the road and saw her all the time anyway! gutting…

  20. I am still waiting on the results of my PWC's actions driving my son to be inclined to want to be in my care. especially as to how she makes negative comments about me to him and in front of me while also commenting to him " your just like your father", and also commenting to me, "he's so much like you, I feel like swinging for him coz he's got an answer for everything", not the best comments to make to a teenage child. the PWC I refer to also comments after a dispute, " I hope you crash on the way home". Is this also in the best interests for our child?

  21. Good luck Allan :-)Oh yes, been there done that. My husband is 'going to hell' according to the ex and her family. That is what she told her daughter too…nice, eh? there are other terrible things she has done & said too, but not appropriate for a public forum.Let's just say I hope Karma is gonna get her..

  22. Karma will get her for sure, the child will come of age to see reason and make applicable decisions.

  23. I too have heard many comments not suitable for a public forum and most certainly not suitable for the ears of my child either. Unfortunately! social services seem not to be wanting to get involved!!

  24. Oh don't mention SS..a very appropriate abbreviation for them, I think ;-)When court officers involved SS over ex wife's drink problem (she was found passed out drunk, in the care of a 2 year old) she was given a slap on the wrists and told to get therapy. She didn't, and it was never followed up.When she decided to retaliate with a sexual abuse charge, husband was hauled into offices and interviewed, his daughter was physically examined. He received a letter of apology from them 2 months later as 'no evidence was found'..ex wife has never mentioned it again.Disgraceful…

  25. Sadly under the “rules ” you are still liable try to get the courts involved again….I know money is an issue, contact your MP to see if they can help. Unfortunately your situation is very common many women do this with impunity and get away with it….good luck

  26. The government is corrupt. Mp’s are corrupt bastards who get away with stealing tax payers money. Pwc does a bunk yet we still take responsibility to pay with no help to find our children. I’m glad this country is in suit state,and hope it goes belly up. Then everyone can pay more tax ni and it is who’s fault? Our own government.(paying through no fault of our own) I have no problem paying for my children but its the Pwc own choice to dissapear. She should then no have access to money if we have no access to kids. Sorry for ranting but something needs to change. Surely there is something against human rights involved in this situation.

  27. This morning I have had a phone call from c.s.a saying I need to pay £20 a week for the next 2 years and 3 months to get my arrears up to date.
    I have given them all the relevant information needed and I have no idea how they have come to this figure. I was in receipt of job seekers until approx. 5 months ago when I went into huge debt starting my own business which is ticking over and paying its way and the bills (just).
    My wife and I are living on family working tax credit as we have no money coming in from the business as yet as it is still starting up.
    What do they expect us to do go back on job seekers allowance or take the £20 a week from our lad who will suffer , my ex and my little girl wont suffer they are doing ok they have just returned from their 2nd trip to florida in 2 years .
    Whoever calculates the earnings and payments out needs to get their head out of the sand all cases are different and all the situations are different you cant do a text book calculation and that’s the end of it surely.
    What do I do now give my business up and become a statistic on the jobseeker list again , I cant give up smoking or drinking and pay my arrears because I don’t do any of them I cant sell a vehicle I don’t use and pay it because all I have is the van which I lease for work.
    To be honest with you all I don’t even get to see my little girl any more my ex will not answer my calls if I go near her house I get told she will call the police I have to wait until she stays at her nans house (my exes mum) and drive past until I see her out playing and stop and chat and tell her not to tell her mum, its a farce its stupid my heads battered with it all if I let it get to me then I will go under I can feel the depression starting to get to me then I have to block it all out before I get the sad feelings.
    Why does it seem like you move 2 steps forward then all of a sudden its 4 steps back , why is there no help for fathers in the same situation (mothers too ).
    The only people who will suffer in the long run is the children that’s why I have always backed down to their mothers needs and wants just to keep the peace .
    Thank you for reading this ive had my little rant now ive got it off my chest and its nice to be able to tell people my ongoing story. I know some of you will disagree with things I have written but as I said before all cases are different and they are all different situations so anyway thank you for your time reading this.

  28. I feel your pain. 2 sons that i adore not seen for 5 years. £1,100 per month for One the other is 21 so guess the previous bill and as a result lived in cheap rented accommodation for this time as visa take it direct from source. fucking joke

  29. This country has no moral standards I’ve not seen my daughter for 4yrs and still pay csa. Complete joke.
    We have rights but there no use.
    The system fails.
    That should be our right ✅ but scum like the csa want there £20% so support the parent refusing access although they claim to take no sides.
    The laws in this country stink, are out dated and cause more damage than good!

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