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How do the CSA know if I’m working?

hi, i was wondering how do the csa know if im working?? have they got instant records to my new employer or will it be that my ex has to tell them?? only asking as im self employed atm but looking at working on paye in the near future, cheers

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  1. Your employer is not obliged to tell them anything.

    I say let them do the leg work and digging and in the mean time have a little work out of roughly what you think the payment is likely to be and start saving it to one side cause they will find you eventually.

    Don’t let them bully you with legal jargin as no one at the CSA is allowed to practice law they are not even qualified to start stating law and you can hold them in contempt for doing so.

    And in order for the debt to be classed a debt they first have to prove you are that person which you can challenge them as none of us are persons, the term MR is fictitious and does not exist so never admit to them that you are MR so an so.

    Also they can not take money from your wages this is against employment law just have a read of article 13 of employment law which protects employees from having unlawful deductions made without your consent they first have to seek your consent or they are again breaking the law.

    And before any woman jumps all over me for this you need to remember that the CSA is a company registered with companies house it is by all accounts a government run company run for PROFIT thats right they are exploiting your children for nothing but profit, if this is for the children why do they need to make a profit.

    There also alot of corrupt case workers.

    I have 2 employees that have trouble with the CSA but thats not really my problem and i will not enter into attachment of earnings orders on them, i am the boss i do not have a secretary or a payroll clerk its all done by me what and now i supposed to do this who is paying for my extra time and work doing all their paper work no one is so i will not do and i will invoke article 13 of the employment act.

    Do your own bloody work CSA you’re making an undeclared profit so use it and get some more staff, i offered them a desk free in my office once a week so they could come over and do the payroll of the said employees that have defaulted they declined.

  2. @Jeremy

    Well said, its well documented that the CSA are running rough-shot over your human rights and were reprimanded last year, as Jeremy said its all about consent, if you don’t give it, they cant use it against you.

    you have too remember that the CSA are writing to your PERSON and not your TRUE-SELF, when your person responds to them by CONFIRMING WHO YOUR PERSON IS, then you fall under their legalese spell, however if you know your rebuttals and what paperwork to send them then the LAW is on your side.

    People you need to wake up and stop letting the CSA lead you down a debt path.

  3. You should avoid the CSA all together if you can and try to come to a private arrangement with your ex. Both parents should support their children, the problem with the CSA is that they are not interested in the well being of children, they are only interested in their bonus.

    They play one parent off against the other and have been known to take money from NRP and then tell the PWC that they haven’t received anything… The PWC rightly gets angry and so the ‘amicable’ relationship ends…

    The staff at the CSA will lie, make the rules up as they go along and a couple have been sent to prison for theft!!

    Speak to your ex, if she decides to use the CSA then she may never see any of the money you pay!!

  4. “Speak to your ex, if she decides to use the CSA then she may never see any of the money you pay!!”

    Sound advice and very true!

  5. Im working for an agency at the moment so the hours are guaranteed. i’ve not told CSA. i am starting a proper full time job soon and will inform them of that job when it starts. my mate managed to get away with it, you think its ok to do the same?

  6. The csa are money grabbing fxxxs my ex bf as residency of my boys I paid him 40 a week yeah he wanted more so grassed me up they took 90quid a week of me I wasnt working for peanuts so had to give my job up people who go running to csa are money grabbers well most of them and you only see a faction of the money wtf

  7. The state of some of the mothers comments on here lol, you lot are quick enough too sit on your arse at home reaping the system for cash, reject the father of any contact and still expect money, close your legs and get a job

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