Forced to quit my job because of CSA demands

May 22, 2010

I received a letter from csa 18mth ago tellin me I owed £3500 arrears for my 20yr old son. I contacted them and agreed to pay £20 a wk but asked for a break down of my account so I could understand where the arrears were from.

After aprox 30 phone calls and gettin no where with sue WIDDOWS, the person dealing with my account, I told them 5 wks ago I wasn’t prepared to pay anymore money cos my breakdown had not even been ordered. 2 wks ago I spoke to Aroona, a very helpful csa agent, who assured me she would order my breakdown. I received that last wk.

On doing so I contacted the csa and asked them to explain the arrears, again I spoke to a very helpful agent called Gina, she explained the arrears were from 93-94. I asked her to send me a standing order mandate and i would set it up. I received the mandate last Friday 14/05/10 at the same time I received a letter from csa saying they were taking an attachment of earnings for £133.61 a week.

This is absolute madness. I am now going to give my job up because I just can’t afford to live or pay my everyday bills. Can’t believe the csa r fucking my life up for £2000 which is now what I owe.


  • Brokenfather says:

    …… and how will quitting your job help the situation exactly?

    The CSA debt will still be there and you will get no benefits because you voluntarily made yourself unemployed!

  • martin dell says:

    if you get more on benfits then you do while you work this happens when people cant pay there bills because they csa unlawful steal money from hard working fathers its not the best option but if you need to do it to protect your home so you can have your kids somewhere to come then what do you expect

    your life still goes on and because of the cold sick arse staff at do inculdle all the facts

  • chall says:

    Hi Alan fitton,

    Make yourself aware of ALL the facts.

    1) If you quit your job there could be delays of up to 26 weeks before you qualify for state benefits.

    2) Alleged arrears will still remain.

    It would be more beneficial to apply for your Data Protection file (click on my user name and go to the down load section for a template letter) and establish if the alleged arrears are correct ~ mistakes are not unusual !!

  • Keriou says:

    Alan, and others, I am also considering doing the same, for the simple fact that it just isn’t worth being an upstanding, tax-paying member of society. I have been lucky enough having never had to claimed benefits but there is always the posibility or working for cash in hand. That way you get a little more of what you are worth and not having to give 40% to the CSA when the fat lazy benefit scrounging ex refuses to let you see your kids for the past 12 years!!! Sorry, some bad feeling there. However, the very system which purports to be doing this in order to alleviate the financial suffering of parents-with-care and their children, also causes otherwise normal people to take drastic action which reduces tax income as people try to reduce their visible income. Self employment is a good way to go. Life does go on – but it’s pleasures are reduced. There is an unwillingness to firmly deal with obviously evil ex-partners as it will be a total vote-loser. I felt quite calm until I started this note. Apologies again.

  • chall says:


    If you still have ongoing liability and the agency deem that you have given up income to avoid making child support payments, your calculated liability could still stand regardless.

  • andy mason says:

    i am going throught he exact same for areas of £7000 and a payment of £36 weekly because some lazy lady naming no names in the csa had my case on there desk for 3 years from 2006

    i am having to quit my job and trying to go for hardship allowance looks to be the way forward to stop them chasing £154 pounds a week from me i only earn £184 a week so if i stay in my job i have £30 to pay all bills and live on thats would not even cover a 3rd of my rent

    i wish you guys all good luck as my luck has just ran out

  • Lisa says:

    If you have arrears which pre-date 12th July 2000 those arrears are NOT enforceable via a liability order, ensure you check the dates on your liability orders as it is not unknown that the CSA will fabricate the dates on the liability orders so they can get them processed through the magistrates courts. If you believe that they have fabricated the dates on the liability orders do be sure to get as much evidence as possible against the liability orders. Just be aware that in the court they will try to pull the section 33/4 of the Child Support Act 1991 which takes away the jurisdiction of the court to inspect the evidence and the court has to process the liability order. Obviously this is a breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 Article 6 The Right To A fair Trial. If this does get done to you ensure you raise a formal complaint and Appeal email ICE, your MP the ombudsman, the secretary of state, ministers etc as per the email list provided in our files.

    SI 1992/1989
    Regs. 26-29
    Supplement No. 37 [Sept 2007] 3217
    Application for a liability order

    28 (2A) An application under paragraph (1) may not be instituted in respect of an
    amount payment of which became due on or before 12th July 2000

  • Chris says:

    andy … noticed your post in december and wanted to know how things were going with you .. I totally feel for you … csa leave us with nothing to live on .. I am in same boat .. cant believe there is no way to stop this madness called the csa … who the hell wants to work 50 hours a week for £30 … its not possible to live on that .. please message me back .. the nore of us who fight for justice the more we will be counted … I AM WITH YOU ANDY … I to want to pay for my child but not at expense of living on the streets sod that . I am worth better than that … and so are you my friend

  • Chris says:

    If I went along to a high street bank and presented my life as a business plan the manager would laugh me out of their office and the words would be .., you cant afford to have a life sorry … so how come the child support disagree with this and say I can have a life in my present situation with what they are taking off me.. ie. pay rent . utilities .food . transport for work and something in place for un forseen emergencies to keep my life going if something crops up .. if the child support can answer me and show me how to lead a normal life and pay them at current level i will bow down to their superior intelligence … it aint gonna happen though is it .. all this crap about child support being a priority debt is a load of brain washing garbage .. your roof over your head in the cupboard and the means to survive so you can go to work is priority …if you dont have any of these you dont function properly … like trying to run a petrol driven car on water it just dont happen …. sorry csa gooders and all you barmy mps your living in cloud cuckoo land and got a problem with basic maths …. you cant pay out what you dont have to give ….. think to many people have been eating dodgy burgers if they think u can do all these things live normally and pay 40 percent of your money out to the agency .. PLEASE PLEASE CAN WE HAVE A NORMAL PARTY RUNNING THE COUNTRY THAT KNOWS ITS FIGURES AND HOW MATHS WORKS … or do we all come corrupt like the MPS AND fiddle our figures and expenses to make 2 +2 = 5 and cheat the system like they do to live … not what I want to do thanks but no one at the csa can do simple maths so maybe it is the answer ….

  • Chris says:

    only when you can function yourself then you can happily pay towards your children ..I think it borders on child abuse if they see you depressed deshevelled and un worthy .. only good thing is hopefully they will see its a crime to fall out of love with a partner when you have kids and they will decide not to have any .. END OF THE HUMAN RACE ………… not really teaching kids the right thing here are we if they see how we are being hounded into poverty … If i had my time again i would not have kids … ever …. sorry to say .because if i got divorced i get all all this crap ….. single life for me and all my monrey woudl be for me and my partner … not some government run blackmaiiling agency

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