My ex doesn’t have a fixed address and it’s causing problems

May 16, 2013

I for one have two different cases with the csa. One for my ex husband that won’t pay and hasn’t paid a penny in 5 years and one with my step daughter where we have to pay her £120 a month for one daughter we have her every single day from school and 3 full nights per week. We pay for her food intake for most days ad the csa still class my partner as the absent parent when if we work out we have her more care hours than her mother does.

Her mother has her from 6pm most wed/thurs and drops her at school at 8:40 and sleeps for most of that we buy her clothes for school and leisure we deal with most home/school contacts. Her mother works full time (why I an my partner do the hard work of raising this beautiful little girl and its a shame she has to be stuck in the middle of all this at 7 years old) and so does her current husband and earn loads more than we do and I’m still wondering why we still have to pay this stupid amount resulting in us having to struggle to pay our mortgage. On the other case with my ex husband he apparently doesn’t have a fixed address so all court action fails straight away. This grinds on me everyday that we do live life legally and were punished. I wish there was more I could do. Any advice would be brilliant thank you


  • Alice says:

    Kimberley – has your ex supplied a correspondence address that the agency is able to send letters to? If not does he work? If the agency have an employer they are able to send correspondence (sealed and marked Private & Confidential) along with a covering letter asking his employer to hand the enclosed letter(s) to him, there will be a reply slip enclosed for the employer to confirm that they have passed on the correspondence.

  • Macon says:


    My work sacked me because I was bring problems to my work when I had no fixed address and the csa sent letters to my work so this is a flawed CSA practice that causes more pain and heartache to the NRP and the children who are scared by this in humane practice , one phrase spring to mind bring the blood hounds out and hunt the criminal down 🙁

  • Alice says:

    If a person has no fixed abode it is common place for them to provide a correspondence address – this could be an address of a relative or friend, alternatively it could be their works address or their local benefits office if they are signing on. If no correspondence address is supplied the agency can send letter to an employer or a benefits office that they know the client will attend.

  • Macon says:

    As I told you Alice i got sacked because of this another flawed CSA process lost my home staying at a homeless unit and after the CSA interference sack from my job GOOD JOB it took me years to get my self on my feet and get another job maintenance went for 80 quid a week to 5 quid all because the CSA got me sacked !

  • Alice says:

    If your employer sacked you due to CSA sending a letter to them to be handed to you then I would think you would have had grounds for unfair dismissal. Did you not provide them with a correspondence address?

  • Macon says:

    I didn’t have an address was in a homeless unit the CSA wouldn’t take that and only 2% of people win a unfair dismissal tribunal and as I was in he job for less than 2 years no solicitor would take it, Alice when will you finally admitted the CSA fail everyone bar the people who they employ they helped my ex who already had the house all the furnishings and the CSA hounded me out my job and it took me years to get back to semi normality and you wonder why I hate the CSA and everything and everyone accociated with them !!!

  • Lisa says:

    @ macon, just shows the CSA do not give a shit whether the NRP is homeless, see they send letter and job centres etc, that eyes is.unlawful hounding, the CSA and should be ashamed, first the poor guy loses his home then his job and they still.pursue for money they are like wolves, scum nothin else is fitting

  • Macon says:

    Mel N Tribe

    If you ex takes all the home and fixtures and fittings don’t you think the NRP deserves at least a 6 months brake in child maintenance to get a roof, bed and cooking facilities, self respect and a place to take his children just a bit of dignity a yes or a no would do ?

  • Macon says:

    I have payed every week for 13 years 5 on private arrangement and the worst 8 years of my life with those blood sucking CSA leaches !!!

  • Donna Brown says:

    My ex who i have 2 children with lives in a camper home so no fixed address and works cash in hand hes never payed for his two kids in 2 and a galf years but stays with his new girlfriend

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