HMRC confirmed my ex’s lies to CSA

May 14, 2018

My ex was not being truthful about his income and only declaring £800 a month as he is self employed. So he was hiving me £15 a week. I called the CSA who checked HMRC which showed even less for some reason £68 a week so they put the amount down to £7 a week. Why HMRC is showing this amount I don’t know as I used to do his admin and he definitely was declaring £800 a month. I sent them a bank statement for an account you can only have if you pay in £1700 a month. The mortgage statement showing his current mortgage is £452 a month. And the latest tax credits declaration where he declares (to HMRC!) that he earns more than £68 a week.

But they said this is not enough evidence! So I’m not sure what else there is that anyone could get. They also told me at each stage that they will write to him asking for evidence of his income but of he doesn’t provide it (who Would???) Then there is nothing they can do. He has now taken on 130k further borrowing on the 5 bedrooms house, bought a new car and is apparently going to buy another one which makes 3 on total. All the while I am struggling on tax credits and part time work and expected to provide everything for my son as he puts it I get the child benefit!


  • I am in a similar situation, My ex-partner has requested mandatory reconsiderations 3 times since 2016 & each time the payments have been reduced. the CMS state that the documents my ex-has supplied are of the required legitimacy. I have been trying to inform the CMS for 19 months that the income they have calculated is not possible for my ex to earn given their profession.

    I have this week exchanged financial documents with my ex which shows my ex-partner has been earning £46,000.00 for 2017 & not the £18,000.00 that the CMS has accepted my ex-has said they are now earning

    I have a signed statement of truth by my ex-saying that the new job they have taken up, was taken 3 months before my ex-says they did to the CMS. The CMS say that my ex-was claiming state benefits for the 3 months that I am saying my ex-has admitted to starting the new job.

    I have bank statements showing my ex-has earned £46,000.00 in 2017, the CMS is not interested in revisiting the decision for 2017as they say, they are now using HMRC figures, never mind that I can prove by my ex-partners own financial document, that they deliberately mislead the CMS

    I too am struggling on benefits & part-time work & I get the same “you get working tax credits”, like that gives our son the life he had before our separation.

  • miranda allen says:

    The system is a complete joke isn’t it. Having read your story I can’t see the point in me bothering to persue my case at all. Completely pointless organisation.

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